2007 Volkswagen GTI 2.0 turbo from North America


Outstanding "ride"!!!


It's engine protection software has kicked in for no apparent reason twice. It resets itself after turning it off for a while. Mechanic could not find a problem.

General Comments:

VALUE. No car I know can touch this for acceleration and handling for the money. The interior layout is perfect.

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Review Date: 5th June, 2009

2007 Volkswagen GTI Option Package 1 2.0 turbo from North America


A blast to drive


Upper center brake light burned out after 8 months. Dealership said the light was faulty, replaced it under warranty and has been fine ever since.

I haven't had any other problems.

General Comments:

The mark of a great car is when you're having a really bad day, and all it takes is going for a drive to make you forget everything. This car is just that.

It is so much fun to drive. It has lots of power, handles incredibly well, is very refined and well appointed, the overall layout of the car is simple yet classy.

For the price this is an incredible deal; it's the best bang for your buck.

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Review Date: 13th September, 2008

2007 Volkswagen GTI 2-door 2.0T from North America


High maintenance, but superbly engineered!


The satellite radio has been replaced.

The plastic cover around the shifter peeled and had to be replaced.

The engine light in the car has come on and off several times in the past few months, and the dealer can't figure out why it is coming on.

Ignition has been replaced.

The DSG transmission is a blast to drive, but it shifts very rough frequently.

General Comments:

I have been a Volkswagen owner ever since I purchased my first VW Jetta back in 1996. They have always been excellent cars and proven to be very reliable. I have never broken down or been stranded.

The new MKV GTI is a superb vehicle. It handles like a true sports car and the DSG tranny can shift faster than I can feel or hear.

This has been the first VW vehicles that I have owned where the maintenance costs have been soooo high! This new turbo engine requires the use of a specific synthetic oil that can be found at VW dealerships and repair shops that specialize in German or VW products. The cost to maintain this car has been a nightmare.

I have just about 25k miles on the GTI and I have already taken it in for its 5k mile service ($99.99), 10k mile service (149.99), 15k mile service ($99.99), and 20k mile services ($289.99). These scheduled maintenance visits can cost a pretty penny. Especially since this car only has 25k miles on it, it should not need any major maintenance work done.

I am very keen on taking it to VW while the vehicle is still under factory warranty. Once that is up, I will take it to my trusted VW mechanic, in Boston, to do regular oil changes and whatnot. Synthetic oil changes at my mechanic with the correct oil type is still only $59.99. Volkswagen has a ridiculous maintenance schedule that should be illegal! Basically every service, up until any major one, like an 80k mile service, is just an oil change, oil filter change, cabin filter change, and rotation of tires. All the other things on the list are just "checking" things, like the brakes. It just seems a little overkill to me. These cars are not Mercedes! People who buy VW's don't have as much money as people who buy $100,000 Benzes who can afford to pay $250 for a service job every 10k miles!

My past 1997 Jetta GT and 2002 GTI 1.8T never required maintenance like this, and never did I use synthetic oil. I changed the oil in these cars every 5k miles and I sold both cars with over 150k miles on them each time. I did only routine maintenance, oil changes, timing belts, air filters, serpentine belts, etc, every so often.

My only gripe with this new car is the maintenance costs for it. If it is this expensive right now to keep it up, what will it cost me 6 years down the road from now?

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Review Date: 30th April, 2008

1st May 2008, 11:15

You are right about the dealer overcharging. Don't worry, that's really common. Car dealers make most of their money on maintaining and fixing the cars they sell. In some cases, the actual selling price has very little mark up.

Go ahead and take your car to your mechanic once the warranty is up. You could probably go before that, but I'd be afraid to in case something happens. The dealer couldn't point fingers if you always took the car to them.

I actually recommend synthetic oil. I'm sure you drive your GTI hard from time to time. Even if you don't you don't have to change the oil as often. Synthetic oil is much more durable. I've done a fair bit of research. Amsoil seems like one of the best. You can find a lot of independent research about it. By the way, the "special VW oil" you need is bogus. VW just subcontracted to some oil manufacturer and marked up the price ridiculously. If it's so good, ask to see the independent test data for viscosity index, four ball wear test, total base number, etc. My guess is they can't (or won't) provide it.

Oh and no, I don't work for Amsoil. But I use it. I've been frustrated by the fact that it's really hard to find decent info about motor oils (most oil companies seem pretty secretive). Amsoil seems to be a glaring exception.

Good luck with your VW. It is a sharp looking car, and I hope it treats you well.