2007 Volkswagen GTI Package 1 2.0t from North America


Premium Joy Ride Under $25k


Known issue with the stereo's speed-sensitive volume control for the bass. Dealer reprogrammed under warranty and it is now fixed.

The brakes can squeak during the first stop after getting wet.

Some faint interior rattles.

General Comments:

This car is great! I am still very happy with it after 7 months.

Strong, linear power from the 2.0t. Sharp handling, firm (but comfortable) suspension. Strong brakes. Decent mpg (~24 combined).

Stereo is great, but not awesome (Sirius quality less than CD quality). Excellent seats. Solidly built. Xenon headlights are awesome. Great standard features.

Low RPM torque makes city driving great without having to thrash the engine or shift much. Rowing through the excellent 6 speed is a blast though. I would buy this car again and again.

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Review Date: 27th October, 2007

28th Jan 2010, 22:11

Original reviewer here:

The GTI has about 13K miles on it now, and I've enjoyed it for 3 years. The low mileage is due to my city driving life.

The car has held up well, all features and performance are still amazing. The small rattles come and go, but overall it is still very solid. The paint is very hard and looks great.

I've not had any of the reported issues with excessive oil usage, DV valve, PCV valve, or cam follower failures.

It has had a few recalls/TSB's taken care of at the dealer: Headlight screw caps, fuel pressure sensor, coil packs, and PCV valve.

I love driving this car.

2007 Volkswagen GTI 4 door 2.0T from North America


This is the best premium sport-compact available



General Comments:

This car is excellent. It is for drivers who want to be involved with their driving. It can be driven comfortably by people who do not want to be involved. It works well as a family car, as I often drive with my wife and infant daughter. It has excellent storage and excellent fuel economy for its class. Its interior is by far best-in-class and is comparable to a premium car's.

I compared the car with a neighbor's BMW 3, and found the cars fairly comparably equipped. Both had leather seats and satellite radio. The BMW had 230 hp, where the GTI had 200. The GTI had Xenon headlamps and 18" wheels where the BMW had halogens and 17" wheels. The BMW had a slightly larger interior, with less head room and far less cargo capacity. I preferred the BMW's exterior, but I liked the GTI's interior better. The GTI has a better warranty and a similar depreciation forecast as the BMW.

To note, the BMW cost about $37,000, where the GTI cost about $28,000.

To speak about it in terms of its performance -- there are plenty of faster cars, even a couple in its segment. However, I have never found an instance where I felt it was underpowered. In fact, quite the opposite. The relatively flat power-curve of the motor means that at low RPMs, the motor still produces a sizeable chunk of the peak power. In layman's terms, this characteristic makes the car easier to drive, with less shifting.

My wife often tells me she is far more confident than before on the highway. She says the extra power and high-speed stability make her feel very secure.

Speaking of power, the car is certainly more powerful than its sticker of 200hp. Judging by unscientific tests performed by the after-market community, the car has closer to 230. Additionally, while on the topic of the after-market, a very simple engine-controller reprogramming (which costs about $500 and takes about five minutes to complete) will increase power to about 270hp.

So, all in all, if you enjoy driving cars, but want to use your car for things other than driving also, this one is an excellent value. It is luxurious and sporty to a very high degree, and maintains a very reasonable price when both are taken into consideration.

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Review Date: 6th September, 2007

24th Jan 2008, 15:59

I agree that the 2007 MK IV GTI is super!!

Consumer Reports must be crazy because everyone I know with this car has not had one problem, except for speeding tickets. Consumer Reports have been wrong before; they crucified the '97 Golf, but mine is still going with 130,000 miles and not one major repair.

The Rabbit is a more reasonable purchase for the average USA driver, but if you are a real driver, then go for the GTI.

My only regret is it isn't a diesel. When I was in Europe, I could buy Diesel versions that would blow the doors off anything the USA shipped over.

2007 Volkswagen GTI 2.0 turbo from North America


I smile every time I look at it, and grin every time I drive it


Nothing has gone wrong; runs like a dream.

General Comments:

I love this car.

It feels so solid and seems very well put together.

The DSG transmission with the paddle shifters is simply outstanding; all of the benefits of a manual with none of the drawbacks.

The steering wheel has a great design (just test drive a new GTI, you'll see what I mean).

Great headlights and wipers, and the car has a lot of thoughtful amenities.

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Review Date: 20th May, 2007