23rd May 2012, 14:43

I would recommend turning ESP off. ESP will cut the fuel off so much it kills the turbo speed and sends you into horrible turbo lag, which you now have to overcompensate for the turbo to "catch up", and then you get a big rush.

It's a habit now to turn it off every time, and the best part is, ABS and Stability Control remain ON. Drive your car, don't let it drive you.

4th Jul 2012, 21:17

I know the LS2 can get into the mid twenties MPG, but if you're getting worse mileage in your GTI, you're ringing the heck out of it in town and speeding on the highway. I came from an LS2 Corvette and GTO, and the GTI gets much better average mileage.

Comment on no in between speed to drive makes no sense. Too fast or too slow? What are you talking about? I found the Corvette boring. It's too fast for the road, it feels like a Chevrolet. Unexciting. Probably handles better than the GTI in most situations, but its size and horsepower make it impossible to test this on a Sunday drive down a mountain road.

Smaller, less powerful cars are getting me going now. GTIs, Minis, and the Abarth are currently my favorites. Have 2 in the paddock. The BRZ/FR-S may find its way into the garage though.

7th May 2013, 03:19

Some very interesting observations, the radio can't be seen at night without the headlights on (and you work at night); why wouldn't you have your lights on!

The rotary adjustment on the seat actually allows for a more accurate seat back angle rather than a lever's set detente.

Why would you want to turn off the daytime running lights when they are designed to aid road safety? Would you turn off your ABS?

There's no blind spot if you turn your head!

How can a car be either too fast or too slow? What exactly are you doing when in control of the vehicle!

24th Jun 2013, 21:52

I'm the original writer of the review. I just want to answer some of the questions in the comments.

1). Slow or fast take off? I was referring to turbo lag.

2). Why don't I have my lights on at night? I take my lunches and breaks at night in the car. No headlights are needed.

3). Why would I want to turn off the daytime running light? I live the Sunshine State (Fla..) they're not needed and they attract unwanted attention from law enforcement. And they cost $215.00 to replace.

4). Better gas mileage? In the city the GTi gets better MPG, but on the highway the Corvette is better. You can do 70mph at 1300 RPM in the Vette.

I hoped I cleared things up a little, and remember it's just my opinion.

P.S. changing the transmission fluid got rid of the clicking noise. It's about $400 to change the fluid.