1992 Volkswagen Jetta GL 1.6 turbo diesel from North America


Fuel efficient, unreliable money pit


Replaced shocks/struts all around.

Replaced tie rod ends.

Replaced glow plugs.

Replaced both front wheel bearings.

Replaced head gasket.

Replaced transmission.

Replaced heater core.

Rebuilt starter (twice) and alternator.

Repaired outside door handles.

Electrical problems. Some of the wires under the dash melted and almost burned the car down. I am dealing with my insurance company now. The car is not drivable and will require hours and hours of work to repair and test the entire electrical system.

This is only what I can think of right now... only a partial list.

This car has been a nightmare for me. I have spent more on repairs than I paid for the car. Parts and labor are expensive. I don't know if I just got a lemon, but I am turned off VW for good.

I have not abused this car. I drive a lot of miles, but maintain it regularly. It's just one thing after another.

General Comments:

The only good comment I have for this car is the amazing fuel mileage that the diesel gets.

Next car will be Honda or Toyota.

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Review Date: 6th March, 2003

27th Jun 2004, 07:17

My diesel has poor acceleration and it runs HOT, well over the half-way point on the temperature gauge. I don't know if this is to be expected. If anyone has suggestions/comments, please respond.

6th Mar 2010, 12:13

The diesel was a 1.9, and if your VW is running hotter than normal, you might have a blockage in the cooling system, or you might simply have a hotter (winter thermostat). Most VW's run right in the middle at full temp, but you really are not running "hot" until it is in the red. Try flushing the cooling system and then installing new coolant (old coolant is far less effective at taking away heat as well, especially if it is very old and dirty, this can also leave deposits in your cooling system that make it harder to control the heat as well). You also may just have the wrong mixture if the coolant is still clean or recently changed.

Just my 2 cents...




1st Jan 2013, 23:39

I agree. Run a garden hose through the system to unclog it. Run an air compressor to the opposite direction of the heater core hoses going into your firewall. New thermostat, coolant and you should be good.

If that doesn't work, you need to fit a larger radiator to the vehicle.

1992 Volkswagen Jetta GL 2.0 from North America


A great car for someone who wants to own a BMW at a used Volkswagen price


At around 55,000 miles, the car would not start after it had rained or if it was extremely humid. (It needed new spark plug wires.)

The rear passenger door once froze and when I tried to pull it open, the door handle broke off.

General Comments:

The car handled like a more expensive German road car.

With a manual transmission, it had ample power, but not as much as its 16V counterparts.

The interior was comfortable, but the rear seats could have used more legroom.

Nice sized trunk.

A very nice looking car that does not look like everything else on the road.

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Review Date: 7th August, 2002

1992 Volkswagen Jetta GL from North America


Sweet deal for an even sweeter car


Clutch cable snapped.

Clutch shift-age parts almost completely disintegrated.

Front two manual windows went off track.

All door handles became stiff and extremely difficult to operate.

Bolts on the interior fall out in different places, most recently on the sun visor which is quite a pricey replacment.

A short happened in the steering column which caused the horn to honk randomly while driving. This came after a few months of the steering column rattling.

General Comments:

This car performs great and is the cutest thing on the road, too!

It gets great gas mileage and burns little oil.

It is a comfortable, reliable vehicle that I think will be around for quite a while longer.

All work that has been done is less than what would be expected after a 140,000 mile life and a previous owner who cared little.

This was a great buy and worth the money put into it for upkeep.

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Review Date: 29th May, 2002

12th Oct 2007, 18:16

My Jetta had the same short, my horn would occasionally go off when I was starting it... awkward when in a busy parking lot and everybody nearby stops and stares at you...