1995 Volkswagen Jetta 40th Celebration 2.0L from North America


A fun, reliable, trustworthy car


Instrument cluster lights just went out around 180,000 miles.

Replaced original timing belt at 160,000 miles.

Needed new rear struts and front strut supports at 130,000 miles.

Needed new throw-out clutch bearing at 130,000 miles.

Extensive brake work around 120,000 miles including new brake pads and calipers, rear drums, and rebuilding the master cylinder (My fault for waiting). :(

Needed to replace the passenger and driver door locks after they both fell out of their doors in early 2001. Interesting problem.

Plastic radio knob broke off in 1998.

General Comments:

A very fun car to drive.

Handles very well, especially considering its price.

Has been very reliable, especially considering the fact that I drive nearly 120 miles per day for work and am typically cruising between 65 and 80 MPH.

Suffers from typical car maintenance problems. Let something go too long and it takes another system with it.

Find a good dealer or mechanic. I don't mean that you will be visiting once a week, I haven't, but I do stress that there are some shoddy dealerships out there which are to be avoided.

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Review Date: 30th October, 2001

1995 Volkswagen Jetta GL III 3.0 from North America


So cute but makes me cry


My blower for the air conditioning and heating melted.

My trunk with not open.

My passenger door will not close. This happened yesterday. Now I have a rope keeping it closed. Does anyone have any ideas?

The check engine light repeatedly comes on when I top out at 60 miles an hour.

The blinkers were faulty.

My sun roof does not open and leaks when I go through car-washes.

The idle is messed up and I need to rev the engine while starting. Without doing this, it dies.

General Comments:

My car and I have a love hate relationship!

It is so cute, but I am a college student and I have no $ to put into repairs. It makes we cry to talk to the very unhelpful dealerships.

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Review Date: 27th September, 2001

14th Jan 2005, 22:37

If you have to keep holding down the gas to keep the revs up when the car idles, I would try one of two things: either, bump the idle up on the engine, or it might be a case of a vacuum problem. Friend of mine owns a 1995 Jetta and that was his issue, as soon as the car warmed up, it was fine. I would suggest looking at your alternator or your distributor, but that's what it sounds like. Hope that helps.

1995 Volkswagen Jetta GLS 2.0 from North America


A fun to drive piece of junk!


A lot of quirky electrical problems including rear window regulators, bulbs in the dash every 6 months or so, power locks.

The biggie... THE AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION. 60,000 miles and I blow a tranny? I thought these were supposed to be reliable! We babied this car and it died an awful death. The dealer cost for a tranny is $4200, I had a shop rebuild it - they have had it for 3 months and can't figure it out!

General Comments:

Very fun to drive, and very roomy. We love this car, but if you are not wealthy avoid it!

Transmission went at 60000 miles. We basically drive around town with this and it is babied all of the time. We brought it to the VW dealer and they quoted us $4200! We found a shop that could do it for $2000 less, but they have had it out 2 times and can't figure it out. After calling many transmission rebuild factories, it turns out they can't keep these in stock because they blow all the time. One guy said "dump this car ASAP!" Called VW of America and they said "oh yes, the transmissions on these go all the time, but we do not have a recall on these so you are out of luck". Way to stand behind your products... buy Japanese!

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Review Date: 6th September, 2001

14th Mar 2004, 10:26

My daughter's '95 Jetta has had all kinds of quirkie things go wrong, mainly electrical, but the biggest problem ($$$) is the automatic transmission that has failed her. It slips terribly causing the engine to rev very high. She needs to drive in all kinds of city traffic and this is a nightmare. Does Volkwagon stand behind their product and offer a fix or is a recall out there that we're not aware of?

2nd Dec 2009, 12:09

If you flush the tranny every 30K miles, find a compatible fluid (not the recommended VW stuff) then you're good. I've seen many Jettas go far above 150-180K with the original automatic. A VW tech told me the main thing with these auto trannies is the fluid, and the fact that most people don't maintain the transmission (fluid change).

I am sure most of the Jettas would still be running if people changed the fluid to begin with.

And then there are those few select ones that go because of defects, but that's like any other Chrysler or Ford. Check out the Ford Taurus or the Dodge Caravan transmission. Some gone at 30K miles or less.