1996 Volkswagen Jetta GLS 2.0 Gasoline from North America


A nice looking hunk of junk!


The back passenger side power window broke, two weeks after I bought the car. It cost me a little over $400 to replace it.

Next on the list, a month or so after I bought the car it need a complete tune up.

Once that was taken care of the transmission started shift very hard, which I still have not gotten taken care of.

Then to top it all of the front drivers side power window broke.

General Comments:

I love this car, but yet at the same time I hate it. I love the way it looks, drives, and handles while it is working. But let something break and you will be paying out of your nose for the repairs.

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Review Date: 1st August, 2004

18th Jul 2006, 16:05

Yes, A VW Jetta is a great looking car.

As long as you park it and NEVER drive it, you'll love it.

If you drive it, then you are in for many problems and an empty wallet.

I drove a Jetta GLX VR6 for a little over a year... Nothing but trouble, cost me nearly as much in repair cost as the purchase price of the car!!

I now drive a 1996 Volvo 850 that is GREAT! Very fast and fun to drive, leather interior, and best of all it doesn't break down!!

1996 Volkswagen Jetta GLS 2.0 Litre from North America


A driver's dream come true, within everyone's price range


A mechanic damaged the air conditioning compressor when attempting to change the freon. The compressor was replaced for $450 dollars (not my money) and now works perfectly.

General Comments:

This is my first car and it's wonderful. Despite the one mechanical problem listed above, it's otherwise been a joy to own and drive. The only problems I've had are all minor and cosmetic issues. It has no glove compartment, virtually useless cup holders, cheap body side moldings, and strange visors. If you can get past these problems, it's a solid performer, reliable, and a perfect student car. It does especially well in that it's been designed with excellent factory standard sound, a trunk as big as a u-haul truck, an easy to use and sporty moon roof, well placed controls, and unmatched heat and airconditioning. I don't know how they did it, but despite only having a 2.0 liter 4 cylinder this car has power like you wouldn't believe. Even as a fairly new driver, I never find myself anxious about merging with traffic on a highway. I can't explain the feeling of complete comfort and control I have when I'm driving this car. I highly recommend this car to individuals and couples, though if you've got a larger family, you might want to splurge on a passat.

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2004

13th Aug 2004, 02:34

Yeah this car is more like a nightmare come true!!! I have the same car, it has been nothing, but a piece of junk. I can see that I am not the only one that feels this way according to this car review site. I can't wait to get rid of mine.

8th Jun 2006, 04:26

So sad... I felt the same way about my Jetta the day I bought it. The happiness lasted about 24 hours when the next morning I got up to take it for a drive and it wouldn't start!!

Do yourself a huge favor and SELL IT as fast as you can to someone who has not seen this site!!

1996 Volkswagen Jetta GL 2.0 from North America


A Beautiful Disaster


The whole wheel and brake system had to be replaced at 60,000. This included: axles, struts, strut mounts, and a bunch of other things that I can't remember. Repairs were somewhere around $700.

At 65,000 miles, the car would not start if it was raining or even damp outside. Total repairs were $1,100.

My driver's side lock came out and the alarm wouldn't turn off.

My horn starting going off one day for no reason while I was driving on the highway. The horn wouldn't stop so I had to pull the fuse out until I got it fixed. Faulty wiring somewhere behind the wheel was the cause.

Dash lights (for stereo and air controls) stopped working. Not a fuse problem.

Tail pipe fell off and I was told I had to replace the whole exhaust, catalytic converter system. Repair nearly $700.

General Comments:

Beautiful car and it handles wonderfully.

Excellent sound system.

This car is incredibly roomy and comfortable.

As much fun to drive as a BMW.

Basically, this car is fabulous on a superficial level. It's gorgeous, fun to drive, and handles like a dream. However, if you don't have serious amounts of money to spend fixing it, I wouldn't recommend purchasing one. For only a few thousand dollars more, you can get a BMW 3 series which is 100 times more reliable than a Volkswagen. VWs, after all, are just as expensive as BMWs and Mercedes are to repair.

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Review Date: 16th July, 2004

22nd Jul 2004, 20:43

I purchased a 1995 VW Jetta, the transmission immediately went bad. Cost me nearly 3000 to fix, and wasn't much better after the repair. I also had problems with my car alarm, it wouldn't shut off and killed my battery. Both of my door locks have fallen out. I couldn't agree with you more they are a beautiful disaster.