29th Apr 2005, 14:43

These guys are right... I own a 96 Jetta GLS and my transmission went out- cost me $2500.00! My locks fell out and my alarm will not shut off! My rear windows also broke. My oil sensor will not shut off either. This is all before it flipped 100,000 miles! This car sucks!

24th Dec 2005, 15:50

Same here, I owned a 1996 Jetta GLX with the VR6. Transmission has problem after problem, never shifts right even after service. 3 windows stopped working, passenger window regulator had to be replaced twice. The Jetta is broken down more than on the road. I sold mine thank God before I went bankrupt. If you own a Jetta GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN!! If you get it running half way right, sell it right away before it brakes again! At 125000 miles the Timing Chains must be replaced or they can fail on the VR6, this repair cost about $2300.00!! Never Again will I buy a VW. Just get a BMW or Mercades where if you have to pay big $ for a repair you can at least count on a LONG period before something else goes wrong.

10th Mar 2006, 19:46

I got nauseas for a minute after reading it cost you $2,300 to get the timing change replaced. That's obnoxious and no car is worth that. BMWs are just as expensive to repair and in my opinion overrated and the Mercedes I had was terribly unreliable and also overrated. Toys for the rich is all they are. You are right about the superficial aspect of these cars, including my Mercedes!

20th Nov 2007, 21:14

I had a 1996 Volkswagen Jetta and that's the biggest mistake I've ever made.

Not everything was that bad. I'll never forget two happy days it gave me: When I bought it, and when I got rid of that piece of junk.