1997 Volkswagen Jetta from North America


Clutch at 80000.

Rear wheel bearings at 90000.

Air conditioning at 60000.

Heater core at 90000.

Serpentine belt at 90000.

Trim fell off throttle body at 90000.

Coil at 60000.

Air control sensor at 60000.

General Comments:

I have spent about 3800 dollars. However it does drive well for small car. It is quiet, not a lot of road noise, lots of power.

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Review Date: 3rd September, 2010

1997 Volkswagen Jetta CL 1.9 turbo diesel from North America


It's a tractor, slow, built tough, and I love it


The alternator belt went at 310,000km, and the coolant jelled at 300,000km.

The front seats do not wear evenly on the GL trim levels, you end up leaning to one side and it's rather uncomfortable. I ended up going to the wreckers and ripping out two seats from a TREK, and now the car is much nicer to drive.

General Comments:

There are only two cup holders, however higher trim levels have another for the rear seats, so I took one from a wreck and installed it.

The car is a bit on the slow side; only having 90hp, but I can still pass comfortably. The gas mileage is incredible though, and the car has been extremely reliable.

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Review Date: 8th August, 2010

1997 Volkswagen Jetta GL from North America




Spark plugs, brakes, tires, windshield wipers, speakers all failed within 6 months of buying the car.

I'm being told that the transmission is failing, as well as the battery and engine air filters.

General wear and tear is understandable, but parts are falling off all over the place.

I have had the car for less than a year now.

General Comments:

I hate this car, it is a piece of crap.

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Review Date: 25th May, 2010

9th Mar 2013, 14:59

I would hardly call windshield wipers a fault.

9th Mar 2013, 15:00

You bought a 13 year old car, and things went wrong within 6 months. Surprising.

1997 Volkswagen Jetta GT 2.0 from North America


Complete waste of money/time


I have had to get 2 ignitions in two years.

I have had every possible leak (oil, power steering fluid, windshield washer fluid, transmission).

Replaced catalytic converter.

Seats worn badly.

Bad alternator, replaced.

Moon roof, won't open.


General Comments:

I have had to pay more than I paid for this vehicle on repairs.

The fact that the car does not work in the rain is a serious problem.

I was happy with the car when I bought it in the summer, but as soon as it rained, that went out the window.

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Review Date: 9th April, 2010

1997 Volkswagen Jetta GLX 2.8L VR6 12V from North America


What you should know when buying a GLX


1997 Jetta GLX VR6 (Mk3). For its age it's a great little performance car to buy for someone on a budget. You can pick these cars up now anywhere from $1,000 to $4,000.

Here's what you need to watch for when buying this car, besides the normal stuff.


These cars attract rust like bees to honey, if you live anywhere they salt roads. So make sure you check the rocker panels, most MK3 VWs love to rot there. Also check around fenders and rear quarter panels. Open the gas lid and check for rust behind it.

But most importantly, open the hood and check the strut towers, because for some reason, Jettas with VR6 motors seem to have the strut towers rot out, which if not caught early will destroy the car. Also check the floor boards for holes, as the rubber plugs love to fall out and leave golf ball size holes in the floor boards that rust and get bigger.


Well the main thing you wanna ask is if the "timing chains were replaced". To check this, put your head close to the right side of the engine (near the coil pack) and listen for a noise that kinda sounds like a chain bouncing around. If you hear that, talk the price down $1000. Cause that's how much a normal shop will charge to fix it. Cause the transmission has to be removed, making it a 10 hour shop job.

Also, when you get in the car, throw it in reverse and back up a hill. If it pops out of gear, or makes a grinding sound, don't buy it. Also make sure the car has pink antifreeze (G12), not the green stuff.

General Comments:

These cars are a lot of fun to drive. Interiors are really nice. The leather seats can be a bit stiff. Car could be quieter inside. With an Borla exhaust it sounds like a sports car. (Check youtube)

Since these cars are old and getting rare, Autozone, Advance and Nappa don't carry parts for them much anymore. So you will have to order stuff online, which ends up being cheaper.

Modding this engine will also empty your pocket.

If you're wanting to go crazy with mods and don't have a lot of money, get a 1.8T motor instead.

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Review Date: 5th February, 2010