1999 Volkswagen Jetta GLS 2.0L I-4 SOHC from North America


A performance-car with reliabiliy issues


1. 90-volt alternator broke. Replaced with 125-volt alternator for $600.

2. Driver-side front turnsignal burnt out.

3. Stock CD receiver broke. Replaced with Sony Xplod receiver.

4. Front drink holder's spring broke.

General Comments:

Overall, the 1999 Jetta is a good performance-car. I previously had a 1999 Acura Integra GS, and the Jetta out-performs it in handling, comfort, and torque. It's stock speakers are above average and you feel well protected by the German-engineered frame.

However, it's actual reliability is still in question for me. The previous owner took care of all the recalled parts, but a few problems still existed. I am still working on the car, so I have not yet figured out all the problems.

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Review Date: 30th December, 2002

1999 Volkswagen Jetta GLS 2.0 from North America


Driver found, for life!


The only problem I had with this car is the window fell into the door. But VW fixed it for nothing b/c it was a recall. And it doesn't get as good of gas mileage as they say. But other this make up for it.

General Comments:

I've red all the bad comments on this board, and all I have to say to those looking at these. Only people who have problems write comments, there for this page makes VW look horrible. I just wanted to tell everyone out there looking to buy one, It is the best car I ever had. I would never by another car that is no VW. I love it. You people on this board must not know anything about taking care of cars!

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Review Date: 23rd December, 2002

24th Dec 2002, 05:04

Its not only people with bad comments that write anything, loads of people visit this site to rave about their cars! As far as VW are concerned, theres no doubt about it, the majority of complaints are from American owners as their cars come from the Mexican plant whose cars fall short of the quality standards set by the European built models!

1999 Volkswagen Jetta GX 1.7 from North America


Mock high performance at a higher price than most that actually are


Check engine light has been on three times.

The temperature guage has a mind of its own and works when it wants to.

I have had the oxygen sensor replaced.

I have had a an "air leak" repaired, which was said to have turned the check engine light on.

I have a greasy substance that is rolling down the bottom of the doors under the car.

The front dash lights have gone out that would have lighted the fan and interior temperature controls.

The center rear brake light does not work.

A loud vibrating noise from the passenger side underneath, has started. This may be an exhaust leak.

General Comments:

Handle really well while driving. I love the design and features inside.

However, I don't make enough money to fix all the problems that have gone wrong.

The car should not be "falling" apart at 60,000 miles.

I don't recommend this vehicle to anyone that is not prepared to spend lots of money and time at the dealer.

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Review Date: 13th December, 2002

1999 Volkswagen Jetta GL from North America


A piece of junk


The front cup holder got jammed and then the plastic components completely fell off at 30,000 miles.

The back ashtray has never stayed closed, even at 2000 miles.

At 2000 miles, I took my car (it was used) to have the oil changed and discovered that the car had a slow oil leak.

The spring on the passenger front seat came detached at only 15,00O miles.

The dealer sold the car with the wrong battery in it, causing the battery cables to be to loose so that the car often wouldn't start. Despite taking my car to a VW authorized dealer for service, I was never told about the battery problem.

At 23,000 miles the undercarriage plastic protector on the car ripped completely off.

At 30,000 miles I was driving and my car lost all power. The relay box had a short it in.

At 40,000 miles the check engine light came on.

General Comments:

I bought this car because everyone said that Volkwagen was reliable. I had over 80,000 miles on my former Honda, without having a single thing go wrong.

I, too, was convinced that my Jetta was a lemon, but apparently everyone else is having similar problems.

I am ready to sell. Even if I have to drive around a ten year old Honda, I'm sure it will be more reliable than this piece of junk.

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Review Date: 2nd December, 2002