2009 Volkswagen Jetta Wagon TDI turbo diesel from North America


Great mileage, but has issues


I thought my wife had left the sunroof open or window down, due to the passenger side floor board having 1/2 inch of water. She proved me wrong the next rain storm we had; water was pouring in near the front passenger kick panel/firewall area. I have spoken to the local dealer; they said it might be the A/C drain that is clogged. They suggested I bring it in. In the meantime, I have an almost new car that smells like mildew.

General Comments:

My A/C never gets very cold, even with the sunscreen closed. I think it is too small of capacity for a wagon! I have a 2004 Jetta sedan that gets extremely cold!

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Review Date: 31st December, 2010

1st Jan 2011, 16:20

I suspect you have a sunroof. This draining is by design on all VW's with sunroofs. Use a 10 ga electrical wire and run it down the drains, on both sides of the front of the sunroof. Do not use compressed air as that may blow the drain lines off completely, and you will have even a bigger mess that will require removing the headliner to correct. This has been a standard problem for at least the last 13 years that VAG has not been willing or able to resolve, and dealers refuse to admit it is a build problem.

16th Feb 2012, 18:03

I have this problem, and have confirmed by tracking the water back that it is not blocked, but a loose fit on the drain to the tube. Is it worth it to remove the headliner? How can I do this on a 2009 Sport wagon with the large sunroof?


2009 Volkswagen Jetta 2.5 from North America


Millions of miles more fun to drive than the competition


Front axle/drive shaft, made a clicking sound, fixed under warranty at 17,000 miles.

General Comments:

Car handles very well, fun to drive, it's like the Thunder Mountain Express ride at Disney Land, it's a true pleasure to drive. Lots of fun. It's not as planted to the road as my older Jetta, but still pretty fun.

Feels flimsy and cheap compared to my old Volvo that I just got rid of. Has lots of rattles and squeaks, which seem unusual considering most cars these days don't tend to rattle and squeak on the interior. The Jetta's interior has real good looking fit and finish for a car of its class, but the car has about 4 different rattles and squeaks that are consistent and annoying.

The front end of the car feels flimsy, like it's going to lift off the ground sometimes. Has another front end suspension problem already that needs attention at next dealer visit. Not very inspiring.

Yet overall, not to be too critical, I enjoy driving this car. Would I buy another Jetta? I don't know. Would I buy another Volkswagen? Yes, probably a more upscale model.

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Review Date: 5th November, 2010

29th Dec 2011, 18:51

Update on my previous review - my car now has 29,000 miles and it has been in the repair facility numerous times; the last time for 5 weeks. It has left me stranded twice with electrical problems, and most recently it just died on me when I was in the middle lane of a 55mph highway. I have such a stack of paperwork from so many trips to the dealer, that when I open my glove box, the papers spill out onto the floor of the car.

I love my Volkswagen, I hate my Volkswagen.

On the upside, I have driven almost the entire VW lineup in the form of VW loaner cars.

19th Aug 2012, 20:20

Yup, sounds like the VW Experience".

2009 Volkswagen Jetta Sportwagen 2.5L 5 cylinder from North America


If the leak problems can be resolved, I would buy another one


Major leak in the panoramic sunroof drainage system, filling the spare tire well and leaving floors soaked.

General Comments:

Pleasure to drive, good acceleration and performance. Good fit and finish, quality feel.

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Review Date: 8th March, 2010

10th Mar 2010, 06:47

Check the drain coming from the sun roof. Another chronic VW problem, they clog and the water drains in order to wash your shoes. Maybe that is a VW design goal? But you say you would buy another? You haven't even owned it long enough to know what to expect from a VW.

25th Dec 2011, 00:01

I have a 2009 Jetta, and while the interior fit and finish looks attractive, the car is comfortable, and all that, the car has about 8 different interior rattles that come and go at random, it's very annoying for a newer model car.

Also, the car has suffered electrical problems, resulting in being unable to drive the car, and multiple dealer visits, ranging from 1 week, to the last time for 5 weeks they had my car.

Also, the dealership service is very hit or miss. They once forgot to tighten the bolt on my drain pan after the 20k service, and it fell out the next day while I was very far from home.

Yet after driving many rental vehicles, I have to say driving my Jetta is a way more pleasant experience than driving most other cars. It's a love/hate relationship, but I am afraid I will not want to keep this car past the warranty. The repair costs (paid by warranty) have already exceeded $3k when the car has only 20,000 miles.

7th Dec 2015, 04:38

I have seen this, and mine was a problem with the bond between the vinyl drain hose and the fitting that is bonded to the end, which pushes onto the body of the sunroof. The water drains out between them, then down the pillar. There's 4 total drains.