10th May 2009, 18:55

Wow. I had no idea when we purchased our 2002 Jetta that the transmission was such an issue for people. Our's has recently begun to shift strangely too and we have found the same lack of support from our local VW dealer. To top it off they identified a thermostat engine code and quoted us $300 to replace it. I just went online and found that the part is not that expensive and the repair not as daunting as they had described. What is wrong with these people?!!

8th Jul 2009, 09:36

I own a 2003 VW Jetta GL, standard transmission. I haven't had any transmission problems YET... but this car is in the shop more than my mechanic. Lights are always coming on, the check engine light comes on after going over a bump. The radio has been repaired 3 times and then finally replaced. The auto windows stopped working, the heated seats stopped working. The ignition was replaced... the trunk latched is defective (it will open as I'm driving down the hwy.. but then the mechanic can never find the actual problem).

If this car were to spontaneously combust in my driveway while I was looking on from my window... I would do a happy dance.


13th Jul 2009, 18:40

I own a 2002 Jetta GLS 1.8t, about 70k miles. I have issues between 2nd and 3rd gear, as many people have stated, and was told it would cost 5000 to replace the transmission. Further, I already went through this same problem at around 50k miles, while it was still under warranty. Ridiculous.

29th Sep 2009, 07:49

2002 VW Jetta. Auto transmission is shot. These are bad cars.

5th Dec 2009, 11:45

I bought a 2002 Jetta GLS 1.8t n has had nothing but problems, lights shorting out, sparkplug wires shorting and now I was driving down the highway and my transmission just went. I have only had the car 5 months and already put 1300 into it, so now I can only imagine how much a tranny is going to cost.

12th Apr 2010, 13:33

I have a 2002 Jetta GLX Wagon. VR6 auto trans. It has been nothing but problems.

I have the frustrating but common trans problems. I have made complaints since the car was almost new, and when under warranty the dealer continually stated he could no duplicate the problem. Then after warranty, they said it needed a controller. It made no difference, except the engine seems to run a bit rougher ough! It started as soft 1-2 shift and hesitant to go in reverse. Now reverse is intermittent at best.

VW outsources their customer care, and it is impossible to talk with anyone that actually works for VW. I even had the dealer tell me the factory rep refused to meet with me during one of his routine dealer visits. I thought that was his job.

In addition, the car has always eaten up tires. It turns out the rear suspension is out. The dealer again refused to repair. It turns out I am being told by others that VW had a bunch of cars with this problem by how they were tied down on the ship coming from Germany. Yes it is a German unit. So basically it appears VW knew they had problems due to workmanship, materials, and transportation to dealers and chose to stick the consumer. NEVER AGAIN VW!!!

24th May 2010, 13:33

Ahhhhhhh is all I can say, I am having the exact same problems as everyone else, Jetta 2002, less than 105,000 miles. I can't even sell the car with a good conscience. May just have to trade it in and have the dealership deal with it. Too bad, I thought VW's were good cars... never again.

20th Jul 2010, 19:47

I have a 2002 Jetta 1.8T manual transmission. I had all the same problems as stated, and have come to the conclusion that most VW dealerships are not to be trusted.

I bought the car new, and it immediately had problems. Being new to the state, and not knowing mechanics, I brought the car back to the dealership. BIG MISTAKE!!! For the next 6 years, I would have problems every 6-8 months, and each time I brought the car in, they would give me this laundry list of things wrong with it. I would fix the major ones, or sometimes all of them, and the car would have another problem within 3 weeks of getting it back. After all of the inconveniences and about $10k, I decided to check out various websites for reliable mechanics, and have now found a GREAT one. Since I've done that, I've had a WONDERFUL car.

I now have just under 100k miles on it, and just replaced the clutch for 1/2 the price the dealer quoted. My suggestion is find a good mechanic in your area. If you live in a relatively big city, there will be one.

15th Nov 2010, 16:10

2002 VW Jetta 1.8 turbo "EYP" transmission. I have had the same problems as all the above comments. I had always heard how good VW autos were. So how could I resist this little cutie. It has broken my heart.

The radio doesn't work, armrest broke, everything is peeling, passenger seat heater doesn't work, problems with all lights going out a lot, ignition coils to replace every year and timing belt, and now my transmission has went out, and not only will I have to get a loan to repair it, I can't find one close to home. It will cost me at least $3500 to repair. These are not good cars.

7th Jan 2011, 13:40

'02 Jetta... 130K trans is shot. I guess I'm lucky to have gotten the miles out of it!

20th Jan 2011, 20:40

Bought my son an '02 Jetta 1.8 with 75,000 miles thinking I could depend on VWs reputation.

I find now that I CAN depend on their reputation. To produce an outstandingly inferior product. The car now has 119,000 miles and we have had several tows over the past 3 years to the local dealership for failed engine components and check engine warnings. The car gets poor mileage, burns 2 to 4 quarts of oil between oil changes every 4000 miles and now the transmission has failed.

It will cost $3000-3500 to rebuild the transmission and the car's value (if it was operable) is $4000.

I will not buy another VW in the future and would highly recommend anyone considering buying one to do their homework. Very unreliable and costly.

21st Jan 2011, 18:04

Jettas used to be so solid and reliable. My father's 86 lasted until until 340,000 kms. He wanted another one in 98, but the cost was far too much. He ended up buying a Corolla. Just as reliable so far, and much cheaper to buy and maintain.

18th Jul 2011, 12:43

My 02 Jetta 2.0 automatic is sitting in my driveway still. I have owned it for three months now. I bought it from a private dealer. When I test drove the car, it seemed to be a great running car. I paid $3,500 for it and drove it home. I live about 75 miles away from where I got it. I got about 50 miles and the transmission started slipping, so I call the guy up and he says that the fluid might be low and or the filter needs changed, and basically that he doesn't feel that it's his responsibility. Unfortunately there are no laws to protect consumers that purchase vehicles as-is. Now I've got to save up for a new trans.