14th May 2001, 13:24

I have a 2000 Jetta GLS that is in the shop for the 6th time. Same check engine light issues, replaced all spark plugs, sensors, distributor and cap, cleaned all the fuel system. I love my car, but this is ridiculous. The dealership has been wonderful (getting me rentals, great follow up), but this nonsense is getting really old.

15th May 2001, 17:35

My sympathies go out to anyone that buys a new VW. I owned a 2000 Golf GLS and it was the biggest piece of automotive crap I ever owned!

I owned it for 6 painful months. Problems included automatic transmission problems, hard starting/no starting, shorts in the power windows, doorlocks and anti-theft system. Check engine light was on ALL THE TIME!!! If the dealer reset the check engine light, it would come back on almost immediately.

To anyone having problems with your check engine light... It's not the gas cap, it's not how you drive, it's not the type/octane/brand of gas you use... It's because of the Bosch electronics in those crappy cars... BOYCOTT GERMAN AUTOMOBILES!!!

12th Jul 2001, 11:20

Own a 2001 Jetta TDI, 20k trouble free miles. Got 50 miles per gallon Denver to San Francisco, with A/C and 80 mph! Have not seen any problems like others commented on!

8th Sep 2001, 13:54

My 2001 Jetta GL has the EPC light coming on intermmitently. When it does, if I stop the car, the engine speed is slowly cycling from almost a stall to about 1500 RPM about once every 1-2 seconds. If I try to drive it, there's almost no power. 5-10 MPH max if there's a hill. Last time in they replaced 4 wires to the computer citing "cracked insulation". Any comments MUCH APPRECIATED. This is a fabulous car, when it runs. I'd really like to be a DRIVER and I know they need them, but getting from point A to B RELIABLY IS a requirement.

20th Dec 2001, 12:22

I have a 2000 Jetta GL TDI - I love the car, but have had numerous problems!

Check engine light on for glow plugs - though still starts in below freezing weather (for now).

Timing belt change at 40,000 miles - ridiculous - especially since I later found out you can replace at 60,000.

Dash lights out (now fixed).

Manual window relay replaced.

Unexplainable noise from the suspension when driving over bumps.

Glove box "hydraulic thingy" is broken.

Rear brakes shot @ 43,000 miles... WHAT NEXT??

25th Feb 2002, 17:28

Have a 2000 Jetta VR6 and my EPC light came on this afternoon - I tried to drive this evening, but the transmission appears to be locked - can't get it into gear. I'm stuck in my driveway and blocking in other cars. Also, my Jetta gets horrible gas mileage whether I'm in the city or highway (like 16-17 mpg) - much worse than advertised. Any ideas?

26th Feb 2002, 13:50

Amen brothers and sisters in VW crap land. My Jetta also runs beautifully and crappy all in the same day. It will miss and I will experience intermittent power loss, then it will run great. Any suggestions? I have replaced the computer, cap and rotor, spark plug wires, O2 sensors etc. Please any suggestions.

5th Jul 2002, 01:33

My girlfriend has a 2002 Jetta VR6. Since the day she bought it there has been nothing but problems. After reading through the comments on this page, I think I will contact the BBB and see what can be done. This is ridiculous. My girlfriend came to visit me at work and her brake light (warning light) would not turn off. When she pressed the circulate air button the brake light turned off, but the EPC light came on. The dealer said to bring it in and get it checked out, but it's past warranty already. She has already had to replace the power window servo in the driver's door, and other stupid stuff from the get go. This car is truly a money pit! Good luck to all of you!

22nd Jul 2002, 02:31

No joke! It makes me feel so much better to see this page full of comments! My friends and family were convinced that I was just burning through brakes on my own!

I've had my 2000 Jetta GL for a little over 2 years and have had a problem every six months! First after having the thing for 9 months (17,000 miles) the rear brakes started making a grinding noise (the dealer fixed it, after telling me that it was 'normal', a service bulletin was out on it), then the drivers side taillight went out, then then the brakes again, then the trunk sensor was defunct (again dealership fixed it because I raised a stink), now there are grooves developing in my brakes and a strange noise from the rear brakes, the glove compartment hinge BROKE and the cup holders are both broken (even after I took care with them because I had heard they were the first to get busted).

Its very frustrating, I almost feel schizophrenic. I love my car and hate it at the same time. I've had serious issues with the dealership service department (when I commented on the window-goo dripping out the door and into the sill, I was told it was 'normal' and no effort was made to clean it even after being asked), been treated like I was an idiot just because I'm a woman, and have repeatedly had to get involved with VW of America to get things working. I am now considering turning the thing in and getting a newer one or a different car completely.

It really sucks too, because I love the car. Most of the time it works wonderfully, but when it doesn't work it costs an arm and a leg!

Just remember, get on VW of America, and if they don't fix it see what else you can do. Their job is to serve you, not visa versa.

22nd Aug 2002, 23:40

Hello everyone.

I am a 2000 Jetta GLS TDI owner also down in Miami, FL. When I first bought my car, I was thrilled with it. I felt like a million bucks. Now I think I feel like a few bucks because of all the money I've had to spend on repairs! Oh, where to begin.

Before I go on, let me say that at first was great in every aspect. Looks, ride, speed, MILEAGE ($20 bucks gets almost 500 miles in the city) but the treatment at the different dealers and the cost of repairs is unacceptable.


1) Replaced the thing that holds the window. When it breaks the window drops into the door. 3 times on the right side and two times on the left side. (Warranty)

2) Check engine light came on. Replaced sensor in the engine. (Warranty)

3) Rear cup holder sticking. (Warranty)

4) Rear brakes at only 31,000 miles (No warranty) $$$

5) Check engine light came on. Replaced Glow Plugs (No warranty) $$$ Almost $400 dollars!

6) Check engine light (One week later) Rearranged order of glow plugs (Good Will Repair a.k.a. We messed up)

7) Check engine light (2 weeks later) Replaced glow plugs again. (Good Will Repair, they tried to make me pay)

8) Check engine light (few weeks later) Replaced engine harness. (Tried to make me pay... NO WAY)

9) Air Bag Light (JESUS HELP ME PLEASE) Not repaired yet.

10) Turn signals blinking faster than normal. Replaced rear bulb holder. No fix. Burnt light bulb!!! Problem fixed.

11) Scratched and worn AC cover (Good Will Repair).

12) Oil pan screw over-torqued. This is covered under power train and the dealer didn't want to fix it so I had to go to another dealer. Turns out the pans were made of aluminum and when the pan gets hot, it's easy to rip the threads.

Ironic how all the major problems began when the warranty expired.

There's more, but I think I feel a headache coming on. Now to shed light on the service department.

I don't know what ever happened to "The customer is always right" and "The customer is #1" but at VW Dealers here in Miami, those statements are only valid when you are buying your new VW. When you go to service it's a whole different attitude. You encounter people who give you half-witted explanations, dishonest service attendants with bad attitudes, and crowed service departments. I took my car in one day for service. I arrived at 7:30 AM and by that time the service department was backed up by 40 cars! I had to return on another day. Even with appointments, you either have to leave your car the whole day most of the time. Even for a simple oil change.

I could understand that if I had bought a Benz or a BMW or Jaguar that I would pay $72/hour for service labor. But for a Jetta that seems like grand larceny. Every repair with the Jetta is a major problem. Nothing is simple and quick. Most repairs result in having to bring the car back. OH and don't even dare put an after-market radio in your VW. Once you have an electrical problem in your car they'll blame it on the radio and say that they can't diagnose the problem because of the wiring on the new radio, which interferes with the diagnostic computer. They said "The radio is part of the diagnostic system." I thought I bought a car, not the space shuttle.

Jetta's may look nice, handle great, and be very comfortable. But I think i'd rather drive a Hugo if it didn't give me all these problems. VW you've taken a great car and turned it into trash. Shame on you. You suck. I hate my car.