19th Apr 2008, 13:17

Hehehe oh yes Honda and Toyota, sorry guys quality has left these models from some time. The legendary quality is gone, if you don't believe just check the reviews. too bad.

19th Jun 2008, 13:40

I think you have to experience it to understand it! I had a hate hate relationship with my 02 Jetta, but I gave VW another chance and got a VW Passat. After 3 years and establishing a love hate relationship, after couple minor issues with my Passat, I totaled it. Was T-boned at 40 mph by a Lincoln Town Car, then hit another car. Got out of the car and walked away. I'm sure other cars are safe as well, but VW's feel solid and I feel safe in mine.

I've heard of unfortunate stories of other vehicles, so I stick to what I know. VW proved to me safety first, and so I now own a 07 Jetta. It's not worth it to me to have a flawless Toyota with 30 mpg if I'm going to be killed in it.

3rd Oct 2008, 08:34

I'll have to disagree with the first commenter post. Every new car DOES NOT have the same safety that the Jetta offers. Take a look at http://www.iihs.org/ratings/default.aspx

Note that the Jetta is the only car in its class (besides the VW Passat) to earn a top pick. It also has Electronic Stability Control widely available, whereas most competitors may have it optional, but nearly impossible to find.

30th Oct 2008, 19:09

I just totaled my 2002 Jetta the other day, and I am pretty sore but OK, and I hit a semi truck on the interstate after some idiot hit me and drove off, and I lost control of my vehicle...

I am now thinking of buying another Jetta, because like the guy above stated, I'm sticking to what I know. I know from experience it's a very safe car...

8th Mar 2016, 16:20

The poster wrote that he will buy another one because he feels safe after the crash.

Their statement and determination is solely based on the traumatic experience, which created a mental imprint in their head. Had the driver crashed in the same scenario with another car, and the driver walked out, I assure you, they would have said the same thing. This is nothing more than a psychological imprint, and each new generation, despite the automaker, tends to be safer.

VWs will be by nature finicky, and will have more problems than most automakers, and are expensive in the US since they are "Imports".

Kudos for the driver who walked away from the accident, but seriously, there are by far much better alternatives.