8th Oct 2002, 09:38

This oil burning that Volkswagen motors do is ridiculous. My wife and I bought her a 2001 Jetta also. The salesman KNEW this was our first Volkswagen and mentioned nothing about the fact that we should check the oil pretty much every time we fill up with gas, because this thing burns a quart of oil every 1000 miles.

And this is apparently normal, according to VW.

What a joke. My Camry goes 5000 miles between changes, and is not a single drop low, let alone bone dry, like my wife's Jetta was after a trip from Cincinnati to Minneapolis and back.

If this is normal, why don't the salesmen TELL you about it when you buy one? Why isn't it prominently displayed in the manual?

Probably because VW knows this is in bad form.

This basically turns an otherwise decent purchase, into the "will never buy again" category. Too bad for VW.

6th Mar 2003, 20:27

I bought a VW Jetta, 2002, with the 2.0 L engine. Upon leaving the dealership, the salesperson casually said "watch the oil, this car burns a lot the first year". It struck me as odd, and of course when I did check the oil after about the first 500 miles, it was bone dry, much to the surprise of both me and the gas station attendant. It truly is bad form for VW, and the time I have spent worrying and looking into this problem is obscence. The dealers are no help. Mine today said that even if the "oil consumption test (what a joke!) is outside their acceptable limits, VW does nothing. Otherwise, I love the car, but now, I want to ditch it for something else, only after 19K.

5th Oct 2003, 16:07

I bought a Jetta new in 1991, I still have it with 168000 miles on the clock. It never used a drop of oil between services. The best car in the world.

John, Ireland.