13th Jul 2001, 11:49

I leased a 2001 Jetta TDI in late summer of 2000 and have been very happy with it. It is attractive, well equipped, solidly built and most importantly highly economical especially considering todays prices for gas.

The car is definitely built in Mexico - no question about it.

If you want a race car, buy something else - but I cannot imagine that anyone buying or leasing a car with a diesel engine is overly concerned with acceleration and speed.


27th Jul 2001, 15:55

The 1999 Jetta Wolfsberg I owe is made in Mexico also... I checked the VIN for the build location to verify this.

24th Oct 2001, 01:02

That car likely stalled due to what is known as "relay 109". This TDi problem has since been addressed. What would basically happen is the relay would blow and the ECU would lose power.


2nd Nov 2001, 11:29

I have a 1999 Volkswagen Jetta Wolfsburg edition and the piece of crap was made in Mexico. It says so right on the car. If I would had known this I would have never bought the car. The salesdude lied to me right to my face. My car has been falling apart since the second month I owned it and I bought it BRAND NEW. Somehow everything that needs to be fixed is not covered under the warranty. These people love taking our money. It's PATHETIC!

25th Nov 2001, 01:15

I've put 57,000 miles on a '99 Jetta GLS automatic with no problems at all. Drives great, handles beautifully. And it sure was made in Mexico. I don't care. It's a fabulous car.

Only things wrong: temperature gauge works intermittently. And there is no illumination for the climate controls and fan... a bummer at night. But then, you have those blue/purple lights to compensate for the lack of ANY lights on the temperature and fan switches.

29th Dec 2002, 17:03

My 2000 Jetta TDI is made in Mexico, and I have no problems with this car. I figure if VW controls the quality who cares who puts it together. I love this car! I have 95,000 miles and never been in the shop!! I recently switched to synthetic oil (Shell Rotella Synthetic) at Wal-Mart for 12.83 a gallon. My fuel mileage increased to 54 mpg!!! This is a 5 speed manual. As you can see I drive a lot of miles, and when this one wears out??? I will get another one. Best car on the road for the money.