2001 Volkswagen Jetta TDi 1.8 turbo diesel from North America


Made in Austria is the only way to go, not Mexico


OK, well I haven't actually bought the car cause this is what happened. I went to my local VW dealer and asked to try the new Jetta TDi 2001. Well I drove the car for a while until some lights, the light turned red and I stopped (1st one before light), then I put it into 1st gear and waited for a sec for light to turn green. Then I drove it good (heavy foot), it accelerated very nicely and fast until in the 5th gear around 150km, the engine just stalled. Well I came to a stop and tried to start it up with no luck, the dealer apologized and a tow truck took it back. He never mentioned what happened to it.

General Comments:

Well it was supposed to be a good car, but I kinda broke it on the test drive. This is very weird, but they are usually good cars. Note of advice, my old Jetta 96 is made in Austria, not Mexico. Mexico doesn't make good cars so try to get one from Austria. The one I drove was from Mexico.

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Review Date: 29th April, 2001

13th Jun 2001, 15:13

Last time I looked, which was three weeks ago, the Jetta TDI 2001 (second release) was Hecho en Mexico. At least, that is what the window sticker said, as well as the fleet manager at the dealer (and no, he didn't look at the sticker).

I, however, had a great test drive. I am looking forward to purchasing one very soon... saving up for the ol' down-payment.



2001 Volkswagen Jetta GLS 1.9L TDI from North America


Worth every penny and then some!


One problem, a small piece of the leather dash wasn't tucked fully underneath at the lip, it's a minor blemish that the dealer said they would fix whenever I want to bring it in.

I just filled up today and only got 38.5 MPG, it seems a little low, but there are so many variables that I am not worried about it yet.

I do have a feeling that there may be something wrong with the brakes, though it could just be that it is new. After I park, I can smell the right rear brake, and when I am in traffic, even going down hill, if I touch the brake and then let off, they seem to stick, the car will even come to a rest when going down hill (not very steep). Like I said, could just be because it is new.

General Comments:

Sports sedan like performance and luxury car looks at an affordable price.

TDI is great, it's actually quieter at highway speeds because of less RPM.

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Review Date: 3rd April, 2001

11th Dec 2002, 11:17

I love my jetta too. I have a 2001 GLS 1.8 turbo manual transmission. I have not had a single problem with this car since I purchased it. I did buy it only 6 months ago however. I always put premium gas in it and have never had the problems that everyone else on this board is complaining of. My jetta runs smooth, is comfortable, gets great gas mileage, and looks great. I would not trade my jetta for any other car.

23rd Feb 2003, 16:33

I too drive a Jetta Wolfsburg 2001. The car is a joy to drive and easy to handle. I have had only one problem which occurred at 14,000 miles, the coils were apparently defective. The dealership replaced the coils and loaned me a car during the process. I have driven a Ford Contour, Chrysler Caravan, and a Volvo. I prefer my Jetta for looks, gas mileage, and sheer enjoyment. Would I buy another? You bet I would!

2001 Volkswagen Jetta GL 2.0 from North America


I only have the car for a month, when I first got it the map light bulb was out, the dealer serviced it right away.

General Comments:

Great handling, sporty styling, solidly built. The car has a lot of safety features.

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Review Date: 18th March, 2001

28th Jun 2001, 07:42

My 2000 Jetta GLS is the most problematic car built since the Yugo. Since buying it in late August 1999, it has been to the dealer - with one problem or another 2 times.

I have been given some great one-liners for excuses: that’s normal operation (not according to your manual); all Jettas have seats that feel like they'r unlocked, and will jar violently forward should you hit the brakes hard. Now the car has 28,000 miles and the problems persist. I have contacted everyone and their mother (VW dealer, VW customer care (should be customer scare), the BBB, DCA, the FBI and the CIA). No luck! Everyone tells me the problems I’m having are ‘normal’ — I am so tired of being patronized.

Just the other day, after heavy lobbying at the dealership and almost a sit-in type of scenario, they agreed to give a new VW at cost. Crap. Cost on a new Jetta GLS is 18.5k, not 19.5. But the most interesting part of this story is how much they offered me for my car. Care to wager? OK, I’ll tell you. $13.5 was what the dealer offered me after he was done saying how hot this car is and how easy it would be to sell it.

The problem is that it’s not easy to sell it. Knowing how problematic the car has been to whom can I sell it. A stranger, and risk getting sued? A friend, and risk loosing THAT friend? No thanks! So I’m left with one choice: sell it to the dealer. You know, it’s amazing that for a company who give so much lip service to customer satisfaction, no one from VW corp. has bothered to contact me regarding the problems I’m having. Say what you will about American cars, but if this were to happen to a domestic, you best believe I’d be driving a new car at cost.


New York.