21st Jun 2001, 12:39

I cannot stand this car anymore. First, all four tires were replaced, due to premature wear. Second, I had to have my windshield wiper pipe replaced twice - the tank would never keep the fluid in. The fluid would drain as soon as I poured it in. Now, I'm experiencing my car not starting!!! twice in one week. And, to top it off - my roadside assistance just expired. I'm so fed up at this point. The dealer said that the battery is in perfect condition, like a new car. my car is a 1999 Jetta - and these things should not be occurring. Now that I don't have roadside, I have to chance my car not starting, b/c they can 't find anything wrong.

20th Nov 2002, 16:03

Same problems. I also have a 99 Jetta. I recently went over a bump and cracked the oil pan. now the dealer tells me that I need to replace my engine. does this make sense?

1st Feb 2003, 08:26

Most of the 112000 miles on my 1998 Jetta are freeway miles. Since about the 40,000 mile mark, I've been telling my VW dealership's head mechanic about the extremely high revving my engine does when my vehicle reaches 50 MPH. He said this is normal (???) yet it always temporarily disappears after each time I bring the car in for a required service - only to start again, 2500-3000 miles later.

Now, with my 10 year/100000 warranty ineffective, I am facing a $1200+ bill because of the throttle body ($775 for parts and labor), a cracked fan belt ($186 for parts and labor. Doesn't a fan belt only cost $15???) and a few other items. (I'm doing some price-comparison shoppin this weekend for parts and labor.)

I have not been happy with this car for quite a while. When I purchased it four years ago, people said I was crazy. I have decided tha I will never buy, own or drive another VW after this car reaches it death (which I think may be soon.) Good luck!