4th Jun 2003, 16:33

That's what I keep hearing: that the early VW's are hearty, and the ones made around late 90's until now are garbage.

My 2001 Jetta is a nightmare. Windows fell into doors 6 times, went through 3 defective cd players until I threatened them with exposure on 20/20, Primetime etc.. finally the main office in Georgia paid me the full $350.00 for it. A plastic piece flew/popped off of my sunroof. Check Engine light came on just days after warranty was up. Cheaply made netting in trunk was demolished within months. Side armrest broke (I have no kids, nor barely any passengers). like all other VW's that sticky, oily waxy goo oozes out of the doors and onto my car, driveway, and sometimes my clothes as I exit the car. I could go on!

Now my automatic shift won't go out of park on hot days. And as always, VW has to "RE-CREATE THE PROBLEM" before they'll fix it.. yet they told me "That's a common problem for Jettas and Bugs". SO, FIX IT! Then they say they can fix it without recreating it, but it's more than my deductable so it'll be $50. What deductable?? I have the extended 5 year warranty.. a gearshift not shifting after less than 2 years isn't wear and tear!

3rd Apr 2004, 19:21

I have to agree that quality in the latest series Jetta is remiss. Our 1998 Jetta GT is still like a stone after 72,000 miles. No breakdowns, no oil leaks or consumption. Just a great running car. Was paid for 3 years ago and still driving for the price of gas, oil and tires.

23rd Oct 2005, 22:39

I have to say that I've owned my Green 1999 VW Jetta GL for 6 years now. I bought it new back in 1999. Aside from a bad battery and having to get the radio reprogrammed, my Jetta has gavin me absolutely no trouble at all. It has 90,000 miles and still hasn't gave me any trouble. Aside from tires and the normal 3,000 mile oil change, no major out of pocket repairs. It has the same clutch, brakes, belts, muffler, and all is working wonderful. This car gets fuel economy as well as one of the shiniest green eye-catchers on the road. This has been the best vehicle I have ever owned and I've owned many. With any auto maker, there are going to be certain vehicles that has it's defects not just Volkswagen. The majority of these vehicles are still in dependable working order. I own one. I'd love to be able to find another one for a second car since mine is paid for. I'd jump at the chance to own another Jetta or any one of the Volkswagen brand line up.