2nd Feb 2006, 13:48

I have a Jetta gls 2001/4 door. I had two problems with my car. The first problem that I encountered was a switch that was broken and as a result the turn signal did not work. I Paid $30.00 to have it fix. About one month later the WV sent a recall, but it was too late. I already paid $30.00.

The second problem was that I could not shift the gear. I could not move it from parking. I found yesterday that there was another recall. The brake switch needed to be replaced. I took it to the WV and they fixed it for no cost.

I picked up my car and I noticed that after I turned off my car, the brake lights satyed on. I went back to the VW and they changed the brake switch again.

If you are having any problems with a WV make sure you call them first and check if your car has any recall. You will save a few dollars.

18th Feb 2006, 21:45

Hey if your car is stucked on park, you need to replace the Transmission Safety Neutral Switch. is about $300 Dollars to Fix. Good luck.

By the way I got a 2001 Jetta VR6, I owned for a year a a half, My check engine light came on, my EPC light came on, my ASR light came on, My cruise control don't work, both passanger and driver windows came down on me, driver heater seat don't work. YEP don't get a Jetta, or a VW that is.

29th Jun 2006, 14:02

I have a 2002 jetta - EPC and brake light switch has gone seven times now - left my daughter high and dry!

Dealer and VW say tough - out of warranty! I am considering legal action against them, as they know it s problem.

One VW engineer said part was a piece of junk and the recall was only to change the color of the part - inside it was exactly the same.

29th Jun 2006, 21:56

I have seen so many bad reviews about VW Jettas at this website. Not to be blunt, but if they are such bad cars, why are there so many of them on the road? If most people were having these problems, you would rarely see a Jetta anywhere.

I own a 2001 GLS VR6, and have only had to replace the front rotors and brake pads. Also do the basic maintenance and up keep on the car. Besides that, the car has been great and very fun to drive. It's coming up to 80,000 miles and it's still running like brand new.

9th Jul 2006, 18:26

I own a beautiful 2002 VW TDI. Unfortunately every trip I've taken the car on has ended up with a fuel leak. The first 3 times had my rear window covered in a spray of fuel. I've had to find dealerships in Georgia, Virginia, NC, Maine and MD.

At first it was covered under the warranty, but not the past few times. The mass air flow sensor has been changed twice, and the wiring harness for the mass air flow sensor has been changed once. Another valve associated with the mass flow sensor has been changed twice.

Fuel injectors have leaked at least 5 different times, 3 on road trips requiring hotel stays and searching out VW dealers and rental cars.

Now we are on vacation and fuel is leaking out of some sguare unit attached to the fuel injectors. My engine, once clean and neat, looks like a 10 year old motor.

Window leaks now and if left out during rain, puddles occur on the front passenger floor.

Rear squirts worked only for a few months before backing up and leaking into the rear carpet and staining it.

So sad, because when she's running, the mileage is great, she handles well, is visually nice, and the stereo is good. However, the expense of these major engine problems spells lemon as hard as that is to admit... We're so disappointed.

13th Jul 2006, 21:31

I love my 2003 Jetta except for... EPC light comes on, can't get out of gear. I know there is some sort of press this, hold that, look at whatever and you can get the car into drive or reverse... yes, getting into gear is the goal, but the reason I'm getting into gear is to go to the dealership and have this faulty switch replaced... for the THIRD TIME IN 12 MONTHS!!!

It's a certified used car, 52k, warranty until 75k.. I love the car, want to keep it, yet not if I keep running into this deal... Comments?

22nd Jul 2006, 00:25

I have a 2001 Jetta and I have experience trouble with my brake switch as well. The car would not register that my foot is on the brake so I cannot get it out of park or reverse... what a pain! Now tonight, a new problem arises... my brake lights just won't turn off! I drove 40 minutes on the freeway with my brake lights on and there is nothing I can do about it. Now my car doesn't require me to have my foot on the brake to put it in any gear! How dangerous is that?! Worse yet there is nothing I can do about it at 11pm on a Friday night. The latch on my center console has also broken... I just think that it is pretty funny that pretty much every jetta owner I have spoken to about the problem has experienced the same problems. You would think that after so many of the same complaint, the company would fix the problems!?

22nd Jul 2006, 11:08

2002 Jettas - the 1st most replaced sensor - brake switch - symptom: won't go into gear, on manuals will leave the brake lights engaged to drain the life from your battery.

Quick fix - on automatics turn key to first click, put transmission between netural & drive, turn engine over and drop into drive.. saves tow charge at least - part from dealer 18.95. (if you have to reverse - then you will have to slide into reverse, get into the ability to go forward turn off, then follow the above trick again). EPC light is tied with this sensor also.

2nd most replaced sensor - a 7.00 engine switch (don't forget the o ring) will throw the check engine light on. That is 7.00 from the dealer... They know the switch.. right under the air filter on the 2.0 on the driver's side.

23rd Jul 2006, 11:49

I have a 2003 Jetta, 1.8t and just recently (after about 56k miles) it has begun to give me problems. Three beeps are emitted from the display, with a quick flash of the break light. Just today the car stalled out pretty badly as I was parking it, completely shutting off for a good 2 seconds and turning back on to give me the ECP light. I started the car up about three hours later and the light was gone, but again completely stalled on me as I pulled out. Planning on taking it to the dealership tomorrow. Does anyone have a clue as to whether this will be a persistent problem?

14th Aug 2006, 09:34

Steps to get your VW Jetta out of Park:

- Turn engine off

- Pump Breaks 5 times

- On the 5th pump, hold the brakes in as you turn on the engine and let it run for about 5-10 seconds

- With your breaks still depressed, turn off the engine

- Put the key into the very first position. Note: if you see the dashboard indicator lights go on, you're in the second position

- You should be able to move the shifter out of park.

Now the fun part is that you can't start the car unless you're in park or neutral. Which means that after you do the step above, the car is still dead. But if you're on a hill, you can put it into Neutral, turn it on and roll the car, once it starts rolling a bit, you should be able to slip it into Drive it back to the dealership so you can threaten legal action.

Hope that helps.