27th Jun 2003, 08:16

It's amazing to read all of your experiences with the '99 Wolfsburg and how parallel they are to mine.

Early on I had a bolt holding one of the rear shocks come loose, which just seemed a scary omission, fortunately it only happened on a local road not the highway. I have had numerous electrical problems--window regulators, stereo speaker cutting out intermittently on the left side, window switches working intermittently...

One time I pulled out the key and the engine carried on running! It cost me $1100 for diagnostics and a new fuse box. $800 more for diagnostics, left side wire harness and window regulator (VW graciously agreed to pay HALF of the PART costs).

Yesterday, I was told that my uneven idle speed was caused by a faulty throttle body (like someone said $600 for the part alone, although I have seen it on line for $475) still. Does anyone have any experience of cleaning the throttle doing any good or is this just a potentially expensive gamble if the thing still needs fixing in the end?

This is so frustrating, like you all I like the car for its ride and sturdy construction, but my next car will more likely be a Honda.

Jon B, Evanston, Illinois.

9th Jul 2003, 00:38

WOW I just Traded my 1994 Honda Accord special edition

V-tech for a 1999 Jetta wolfburg ED. After reading these entries, what on earth was I thinking! I'm truly sorry I did not come to this site before hand. My radio tends to fade up and down loud and then quiet. The other day while on my way home the car just shut off. I though maybe I had bumped the key to the off position, but then I realized the key was still on the on position, and yes the engine light did come on and still won't turn off! I bought the car used at CAR-MAX with 54 thousand miles on it. I have had the car for a week and have been back and forth to CAR-MAX And VOLKSWAGEN MANY MANY TIMES! I PAYED 13,000 FOR THE CAR!

25th Oct 2003, 01:17

I love my 2002 Jetta, but it has been nothing, but problems. I had to have the valve body in the transmission replaced twice, which took over a month then three days later the driver window dropped down and that had to be replaced. Today the EPC light went on and the car isn't responding to the throttle. The worst part is that because of a minor accident my warranty is void and all of these repairs have come out of pocket somewhere around $2600 in total. A high price for such a hassle. Maybe it is time I trade my black 1.8t for a new Honda as well.

20th Nov 2003, 08:45

I wanted to share this information with this board. This past Thursday I was driving to the airport when my 2001 Jetta Wagon's EPC & check engine light came on. The car began to lose power and then the engine started knocking. I drove to the nearest dealer and was told, "You're fine to continue on your journey. If the lights begin to blink on and off then you have a real problem." I drove to the airport, but made an appointment for the car anyway. When I returned I drove the car directly to the dealership and had them give it a tune up and check the sensor codes with the diagnostic machine. The codes were P0321 & P0322. They told me that they mean a general malfunction of the lights and reset them and sent me on my way. I was about 25 miles away from the dealership when both lights came back on and the car simply lost all power, I was going 70 mph at the time as well. I was able to get the car off the road and restart it and then proceeded to drive carefully to the next nearest dearerlship. I showed the service manager the fix-it slip with the codes and told him what happened as I was driving. The head mechanic come out took the car and gave it a hard test drive and the car stalled on him as well. The problem wasn't the ignition coil; it was a faulty speed sensor. The cost was $299.00 parts and labor and was fixed in the amount of time that it takes to get an oil change. Anyway, I hope that this gives a little more insight into this really annoying and dangerous situation.

12th Jan 2004, 15:46

I have a VW Jetta 2001 VR6. I thought readers would be interested to know that at 46,000 km (29,000 miles) I too have had to repair the passenger front window and the mass air sensor. I'm also having the radio checked because of wierd sounds while listening to AM. Anybody else with these problems?


Toronto, Canada.

21st Feb 2004, 20:24

I just bought a Volkswagen Jetta Wolfsburg Edition used for 7 grand and during the test run it ran great. I have a 30 day warranty with the sales place. but as I was backing up the steering became stiff and shakey, but as I went on my way for a test drive it was fine. luckly EVERYTHING I find wrong with it WILL be fixed. I jotted note of all problems and plan to check them all. But people who say VW is junk, that's not always true. out of these 20 comments I'm sure there are 10 times more positive comments to back it up. Everyone once in a while get a lemon, these things are so mass produced its crazy. Too bad the price of them wouldn't come down like computers.

5th Oct 2004, 16:04

Once again another comment confirming all of the same problems with the 99 VW Jetta Wolfsburg-60K miles. The problems I have experienced are as follows: faulty left front window regulator, check engine light with diagnosed faulty throttle body, faulty stereo volume switch, loose right wheel bearing, and my speedometer and tachometer work 25% of the time. A non-vw technician today told me I have a short in my ignition switch and need to replace my ignition switch and ignition lock cylinder and that this will fix my speedometer, stereo, and check engine light problems. Please respond if you have any advice or similar experiences. Thanks Richard (Greenville, SC)

3rd Dec 2004, 09:46

I have a 1999 Jetta Wolfsburg Edition, the only issues I have at this point is the engine light staying on and the passenger side window not working. I would like to know what positive action VW has taken to correct this concern, or what additional action can we take to have VW repair replace or refund those of us who have paid to fix VW's problems?

18th Dec 2004, 20:04

I have a 99 wolf sburg, problems, windows some time don't roll down, changed shifting cable, $600.00, hesitant when cold, (really hesitant) Brake light problems... Other than that, I love it!

19th Sep 2005, 16:25

Refreshing to hear all these other problems, but not too many answers to the throttle body problem.

I own a 98 Jetta wolfsburg. Same window problems, radio volume, left front speaker, random electrical problems.

But I have 130000 miles now and I want to get a lot more out of the car. I love it.

I have a problem now with cylinders misfiring, which the latest mechanic thought was caused by the faulty throttlebody (Which I already replaced once).

Also, I'm getting a much lower MPG. I'm going to try replacing the fuel filter and plugs and wires before I go dropping another 500 on another throttle body. Then I'll try a higher octane gasoline.

The problem with these throttle bodies is in the communication between it and the main computer. The thing is functioning, but because of the faulty communications, its not intelligently providing a mix of gasoline and oxygen. From what I've read and seen, a slight, intermittent, loss of power (pistons misfiring), is the only detriment to keeping the faulty throttle body in there.

Is there long term damage you can do to your engine from misfiring pistons?