25th May 2002, 07:28

Guess I've been lucky. My first MAF went just before warranty expired. Then it went four more times! Then the handle fell off the glove box, then the latch broke for the armrest cover. Then, it was time for the timing belt and new glow plugs and the glow plug relay and a flasher unit. But that didn't solve the problems. The Check Engine light is still on. Then the windshield wipers quit and I spent 300CDN to replace a seized mechanism. This week we're still chasing the glow plug error and the turn signal flasher that just clicks and clicks and clicks. Of course, the service tech insists that none of this is a quality or technical error on the part of VW. I love the drive, but I'm sick of the downtime and spending every cent I've saved in fuel economy to repeatedly repair the thing. This is the last piece of Jetta CRAP for me.

13th Jun 2002, 12:05

My wife just called me - she put down the window on her Jetta and it won't go back up. This is the fourth time it happened, and I have blamed it on the dealership not correctly repairing it. Now I know differently. Where's Ralph Nader when you really need him?

10th Sep 2002, 21:40

I also have a 1999 VW Jetta GLS. What is wrong with it?! Well, my windows have fallen and can't get back up! This is the third time that this has happened to my car. First, my drivers side window broke (fell and failed to close again). Then, the very same thing happened to my front passenger window. Now, low and behold, my Jetta is sitting in the garage, with the window half open, stuck in that position. I am very unhappy with this car. It looks good, but the cost of repairing it just isn't worth it. I should have listened to all the people that warned me about buying a VW. This is the first Volkswagen I have ever owned, and it will definitely be my last.

17th Oct 2002, 11:38

I have also had problems with my 1999 VW Jetta. I thought I was buying a solid car, But within three weeks of driving the car home from the dealer, I have had three different problems. The first problem, I was told, was that there were rocks in the crossover dam underneath the car, which caused a rattling noise upon startup.Next, the Brake light switch was not functioning properly, and had to be replaced. Now in the third week, I tried to open the passenger side window and guess? The whole window fell off the track.Fortunately, the warranty I have covered two of the problems, But who needs the inconvenience. I keep wondering whats next?

3rd Nov 2002, 02:27

Reading the previous comments, I now realize that I am not alone. I've replaced all four window regulators on my 99 Wolfsburg Jetta, and now we're going on round 2: the passenger regulator has again failed. All of my repairs have, by Murphy's Law, taken place immediately upon the warranty expiring. To add insult to injury, the "check engine" light has been on for two years, the security system has gone haywire, and the muffler almost fell off the other day. Don't buy a Jetta.

26th Nov 2002, 10:39

This is INSANE! What will it take for Volkswagen to admit that there is a problem with the window regulators!

I just had the drivers side window go out on my 1999 Jetta Wolfsburg, it is the infamous REGULATOR! I had remembered reading on www.epinions.com that there were multiple complaints with the windows, so I checked out Volkswagen Service Bulletins and found that they were offering extended warranties on 1999-2001 window regulators. And although mine is a 1999, it is the old body style, so I am out of luck.

I called "Customer Care" (what a joke) and was told that sadly due to my mileage and "conditions", my car would not be covered. I have 41,000!!! I have had the car for 4.5 years and that is EXTREMELY LOW mileage! Who are these JOKERS! My car is in immaculate condition, I don't have kids to trash the power controls, I am the only driver! GIVE ME A BREAK!

I am so terribly DISAPPOINTED in Volkswagen that I will NEVER buy another, and I will tell EVERYONE I know to never buy a Volkswagen. They could have easily remedied this by OWNING up to the fact that there is a design flaw, and out of good faith offering to pay the $270 to replace the window regulator.

I also plan to have a license plate frame made for my car that says, "Don't buy a VW, NO Co. Integrity"! I suggest anyone else who has been blown off do the same. I also plan to add the same above quote to all of my email correspondence. Maybe if enough of us complain, we can make VW become accountable.

8th Jan 2003, 17:27

This is truly amazing. I feel like an echo. I have a 98 Volkswagen Jetta Wolfsburg edition and there seems to always be something wrong with it. After 2 years of ownership electrical failures. Radio volumes won't respond (appears to be haunted and goes up all the way when slightly turned. A/C lights shuts off occasionally (unfortunately it can't be fixed unless it's happening at time of repair). A year ago my A/C went out altogether. Evaporator gave out which costs a few hundred dollars to replace. Fortunately, even though my warranty had expired I got the money reimbursed from VW after calling and complaining for the thousandth time. My windows have always acted strange - sometimes they will stick in up or down position (a very scary feeling of insecurity). One of them finally gave out and is now stuck in the down position (passenger right side). The regulator just seems to turn, but nothing catches. I'm so frustrated with this car. I am now on the internet looking for tips for repair. From reading other comments, it sounds pretty hopeless. I will never recommend a VW.

27th Feb 2003, 20:33

I own a 99.5 "new jetta". I have had the following problems:

-> O2 sensor on catalytic converter

-> mass air flow sensor

-> 02 sensor (not even sure which one)

-> window fell down on pass side would not raise (twice!)

-> grease exuding out of rocker panel area (both sides, when weather is hot)

-> glove box hinge broke on one side

-> window seal trim (fabric) came a little loose then completely fell off. (Found out later, the rubber seal was also bad. Going through car wash, the water rushes into the car around the seal)

-> Windshield wiper washer ports plugged. Cannot seem to get it cleared out

-> Pass side side mirror plastic cover cracked, then broke off completely

-> electric feature on side mirrors stopped working.

Needless to say, I advise you to NOT buy a Jetta! (At least not a 99.5 "new jetta".

21st May 2003, 19:00

OK I copied the last comment deleted and added a couple.

I own a 99.5 "new Jetta". I have had the following problems:

-> O2 sensor on catalytic converter

-> mass air flow sensor

-> 02 sensor (not even sure which one)

-> grease exuding out of rocker panel area (both sides, when weather is hot)

-> glove box hinge broke on one side (very common)

-> window seal trim (fabric) came a little loose then completely fell off. I glued it back on

-> Driver's side side mirror has lost the bottom half of it's silver reflective coating.

Needless to say, I advise you to NOT buy a Jetta! Good luck trying to trade it in.