1st Jun 2004, 15:04

I have to laugh reading the window regulator comments. My rear right passenger window decided to go down, on the highway, in the rain, with my 2 year old daughter getting a face full of road spray.

Now I have overheating issues on a 1999.5 Jetta GLX with 53k miles! I'm in for the 3rd time in the past 1.5 weeks. Otherwise, I have been completely happy with the car, and have had no problems!

1st Jun 2004, 17:19

I have a '99 Jetta and came here looking for how to reset the engine light... now I feel really lucky not to have had these many problems!! But I MUST tell you that about a year ago there was a *recall* on the automatic window mechanism, and the dealer replaced both of my front ones for free even though I'm waaaay out of warranty.

There have been a few other recall items over the years, but none that caused me a problem first.

The only problems I've had are with the window trim falling off on the inside, and one of the glove compartment hinges is broken. Other than that, it's been a very good car.

7th Jun 2004, 18:06

I too must laugh at the barrage of troubling times we have been caused by our Jettas. I have a 2000 GLS.

I love my Jetta. I say that all the time. But has anyone had a problem where the rear door won't even open? I have a 3-door car! Not many can say that. $400 dollars just to diagnose this. I hate to say that I am looking for a new car. But I will have to give it up soon. My savings are getting depleted. Good luck to you all!

3rd Sep 2004, 20:56

Recently acquired a 99.5 Jetta GLS. Had the usual window off the tracks. The car locks itself every once in awhile??? Now the wipers have quit. Get one swipe occasionally, and then stuck in the up position. Anyone have a solution to this one?

20th Apr 2005, 07:41

The passenger side window on my 2002 Jetta has fallen into the door twice and the driver's side once. I received a letter from VW that there was a problem with the plastic clips that hold up the window and they were extending the warranty on them. But apparently they are replacing them with the same defective plastic clips because 2 of the times happened after having them replaced once. The dealership acts almost like it's something that I have done and are never in a hurry to get me in which is a problem because I don't have a garage. So far, besides new brakes, I haven't really had the problems that I've read about here and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I continue to be so lucky. I have 50k miles on it so I'm not too optimistic. My next car will be a Toyota, not as much fun, but much more reliable.

3rd May 2005, 18:52

My Wife owns a 1998 Jetta with similar problem. Driver's side rear window has been held up with a wedge I made for over a year ago, windshield wiper motor has been replaced, We are now having some sort of problem with the security system not letting us start the car.

6th Jul 2005, 15:37

I’m going to sell my 98 Jetta Wolsburg tomorrow. I’m tired of waist my money repairing it. The last, the damn window regulator and motor in the passenger side (front and rear) just died and my mechanic said that I must replace them for only $845.00!!!. I won't spend a penny more in this car. I’ll selling my car tomorrow. I loved VW’s, but I start to hate it.

15th Feb 2006, 10:18

My 19-year-old stepson bought a used 98 Jetta GT (against my advice) from a VW dealer 2 1/2 months ago, then moved to a neighboring state. He was there 2 weeks when the timing belt snapped, but that was okay because the warranty we bought was for 25,000 miles on the powertrain. No problem, right?


They are refusing to cover the damage it caused and expect us to pony up $3,500. We only paid $9,000 for the whole car!

And now I have seen on another website that this has been an issue, with the timing belt guides giving out around 75k-80k miles. Funny, his car has 80k, but we were told they had dealer records showing the original owner had done every maintenance check she was supposed to do, at the dealership.

Maybe next time he'll listen to me!

13th Mar 2006, 13:14

I own a 2001 "new Jetta" with 84000 miles. I bought this car brand new and was so excited because this was my first new car. As of today 3/13/2006, I have completed the following problems (anyone sound like I'm echoing the thousands of unsatisfied customers who have added comments on this site)

-O2 sensor on catalytic converter

-mass air flow sensor

-window fell down on passenger side and would not raise

-glove box hinge broke on one side

-Windshield wiper washer ports plugged. Cannot seem to get it cleared out

-Pass side mirror plastic cover cracked

-electric feature on side mirrors stopped working.

- the latch on the arm rest has broken off (twice)

-Tie rod "something" on the front wheels that whine when you turn your wheels left or right

-droning noise when you speed past 60mph. One dealership said this was the bearings, another said it was the tires (sigh, even they don't know what the problem is)

-headlights have been changed a record 4 times.

-this is all excluding services, brakes (both front and rear), battery change, and other wear and tear issues.

When you call Customer Support, the first thing they say is that they cannot help because you are out of warranty. It does not matter that you have been to the dealer every 3 months or thereabout to spend a average $800 on each visit for the past 2 years!!!

The dealerships are not rude, but show no empathy nor genuine concern for your issues. It does not matter if you've been to the same dealer for all your repairs, VW does not approach nor treat your problems any differently. So my question is why bother going to expensive, unhelpful dealerships???

I WILL NEVER EVER EVER EVER BUY A Volkswagon made car again...EVER!!!

14th Mar 2006, 03:36

I have had countless VW's over the years, and none have been retired under 170,000 miles. The newest VW I own now is a 98 Jetta GT. For the past 65,000 miles I have replaced a clutch and a light bulb, that's it. Granted I don't have power windows or auto transmission, but I have honestly loved every VW I've owned.

I know that the problems discussed here are valid, especially the power window and O2 sensor issues. I still cannot deny my passion for DUBS.

20th Mar 2006, 11:50

Has anyone with a volkswagon Jetta 1999 had a problem refilling the gas tank. The automatic shut off keeps going off taking forever to fill the gas tank.

Also had numerous problems with VW Jetta 99

Any advice would be appreciated.

6th Apr 2006, 09:33

I have 72k miles on my VW 2002 Jetta and now I have a problem with my O2 Sensor. Have had problems with my check engine light continuously going on and off since I bought the vehicle. The VW dealership would reset the light and send me on my way. (No problem found) I have made many trips to the dealership. I think VW needs to look into this problem and consider a recall. My Heated Mirrors and Heated Windsheild Wipers do not work and quit working after warranty expired. I am not happy with VW and won't buy another VW again.