9th Apr 2006, 09:54

I have a 97 Jetta GLS with only about 65,000 miles. My brother, who is a mechanic, is almost refusing to even look at it for me anymore, since I've had so many dumb problems with it - the windows being #1.

I have also had problems with the door locks, and the doors not opening at all, even when they are seemingly unlocked. I had to crawl in through the trunk one time just to be able to drive it to a mechanic!

Now it seems like the transmission is slipping or something - it seems like when it tries to change gears it just gets stuck and sometimes dies. Very inconvenient when you're in the middle of an intersection!

I bought it used with a list of routine maintenance done at the dealership, but the local dealership closed, and there is only one VW 'expert' in town anymore, and, unfortunately, I'm poor and can't afford to spend what I see other people have been spending on their VWs. I wish I had listened to my brother and bought a Toyota or a Honda. But I had to try to be COOL!! Now I feel uncool and stupid for buying this car.

5th Jul 2006, 11:01

I have a 1999 Volkswagen Jetta, and one problem I have with my Jetta is that it seems that every 3 days, I have to put 20 bucks in my tank.

Another problem is that my sunroof is acting up.

The last problem I have, is that it seems like sometimes my car sounds funny, like it's winding up and I am not getting up to the right speed, because it seems like everyone is passing me like I'm doing 25 in a 55 zone.

29th Dec 2006, 22:08

2005 Jetta TDI Wagon - Plastic motor cover plate fell off (VW won't cover it. And my driver's side front window fell into the door. Luckily they say they will take care of this. But it happened on a Friday night before New Year's so I have to drive around with the snow and cold until the 2nd 4 days... BS I tell you!


10th Jan 2007, 21:31

I bought a 97 GLE 5 speed. When I got it it needed a door latch, a CCV valve, and an oil change.

So far I have replaced the CCV valve; 85 shipping and handling included. I had to break the old one to get it out.

I had to drive 2 days around New Years with two PVC valves rigged up, but with that it ran a lot faster, and I got better gas mileage, but the gaping hole coming out of my crank case scared me; when I got the part it would not fit, SO PAY ATENTION TO THIS anyone with a 97 Jetta, or any car with a CCV valve.

Use wd40, and take time to wiggle it out of the rubber piece connected to the crank case. IT'S CONNECTED; I didn't know that, so I pried it out with a screw driver, so the part of the rubber piece that broke I ducked taped. Now I get better compression, but less gas mileage.

ANOTHER THING that messes those valves up is oil leaking in them from the hose that cools your oil. I left the PVC valve in that hose to block oil to prevent it from happening again. It allows air to go through, but blocks the oil. It makes a neat rattling sound too.


15th Jan 2007, 19:17

I have 1999 VW Jetta. This car has been a problem. I spent a lot of money fixing things like check engine light on (four times), the power window lift arm has been broken twice, can't change the a driver side headlight bulb without going to the shop. I am sure that I am NOT going to be a returning customer!!!

23rd Jan 2007, 10:04

Just a note... when buying your VW, make sure it says that it is made in Germany, not Mexico. Germany and Mexico have very different standards on how they build cars, and the American VW standards are not as high as Germany, so they have no problem selling you the one that is falling apart.

I bought my VW in 2002, and have had no significant problems.

25th Jan 2007, 00:26

I have a 1998 VW Jetta with 112,000 miles on it. I never had problems with it besides my windows, door siding, and air conditioner until three months ago. My car would not start so my Dad got it towed to a European auto shop. They said a belt on my compressor was broken. They replaced the belt, the compressor, and some other things too. It cost $2,000 dollars to fix.

Whenever I picked my car up from the shop it was driving worse then it did before I had it fixed. The second I left the shop my RPM’s would shoot up at low speeds. I drove it like this for a couple months and then it died on my way to work. It died in front of an auto shop so we pushed it into the parking lot to get it fixed. They replaced parts in my ignition system and they replaced my clutch costing $1,500.

I just got my car out of the shop today and drove it home and it died on my street. The mechanics said my car was fixed and they test drove it and everything was OK, but it could not even make it 7 miles to my house. I am back to where I was before we spent any money on it with it not starting.

So now we have spent $3,500 on fixing my car and it is not even fixed. I should have bought a new car.

25th Jan 2007, 05:07

You can't blame the car for a unreliable diagnostic from the garage. Next time, take it to someone who knows what they are talking about!!!

30th Jan 2007, 19:39

I'm still interested in why my 1998 Jetta locks itself, sometimes when I'm in it, and driving! I sympathise with the guy in one of the early posts said he is embarrassed to get out of the car because it sets the alarm off. Like him, I've learned to keep my driver's door open slightly while I'm scraping ice off the windshield.

It seems somehow to relate to the driver's side REAR door. the self-locking feature continues until I open and slam that door shut... but I don't know what's causing it or how to keep it from happening.

Oh, incidentally. I've replaced three window regulators and two window motors... the one last week, the local VDub dealer (David Michael, Freehold NJ, bless their soul) quoted me $980 to repair and replace the motor... motor wasn't bad (which I told them when I arrived)...had it done aftermarket by a local gas station for $180.

10th Sep 2007, 20:59

Could not believe what I am hearing about the regulators. I have 1998 Jetta GLX VR6. Last year, right rear went out. On vacation in SFO and paid $369 to replace. This weekend in Vegas the left rear went out. Drove it home in 110 deg temps. Took it to local VW dealer at home and paid $350 to replace the regulator. Get this, as I am pulling out of the dealership, the front driver side regulator window went out. Going to do it myself to save money. I guess misery does love company. And from these posts, I have a lot of company.