7th Aug 2002, 06:51

I agree that the writer should have spell checked, especially after stating that they were a college student. However, I, too, was in college when I purchased my Jetta (2000) and I am now cringing at repair bills witht the same problems. It is wonderful to drive and I feel very safe and secure inside, but all the little things that break drain your pockets and should never have broken in the first place had the designers took a little more time to think about things. Did anyone actually test the materials inside??? If so, not for long enough to reflect normal wear and tear. I baby my car for the most part, but all sorts of things have broke. I love my Jetta, but it IS A PAIN TO OWN!!

15th Jun 2007, 11:35

I own a 2000 Jetta- It was sitting in the shop for 6 months after getting into a bad accident. The entire drivers side was smashed in, and I needed heavy body work done. I got it back, and for some reason the fuel will cut off if I am driving at relatively high RPM's... If I drive in high gear it won't do it. I can't find a service manual, either.

16th Oct 2007, 23:22

To the 15 June 2007 post. Your Jetta is no good because of the accident, not because of craftmanship. Six months in the shop? What were they doing to it anyway? Restoring it from scratch?

29th Aug 2009, 13:54

Maybe someone can help me with my problem. When the car is low on gas, the light goes on, and I stop, I can't get the car started again. I know it's not out of gas because of the following: if I open the air filter cover and try to start the car, it starts and runs. Has anyone had this problem before, and if so, what did you do to fix it? Thanks.