9th Feb 2003, 07:45

Hi there-- I own a 2000 Jetta VR6 Glx..38,000 miles

I just had my O2 sensor replaced (paid $150 labor as car is out of warranty, but they paid for the part (a cheap one I am told) never told of a recall

Now I have to go back as my Temp gage sensor is also faulty!

When I bought it it I was literally driving it home from the dealership when it completely DIED in the middle lane of the highway- I could have been killed as I was SO scared in this new car that's engine lights were screaming at me! Luckily I was able to make it to the breakdown lane!! It had a FAULTY FUEL PUMP RELAY SWITCH.

A gas pump attendant was able to break off the little gas tank flap into the gas tank.. I had to get a NEW gas tank at under 20,000 miles (they covered the entire thing)

My tires wore out completely at 35,000 miles

My Check Engine light comes on ALL the time. Drives me insane. And now, being out of warranty it costs an arm and a leg (and lots of time) to get the thing re-calibrated!! UGH.

I hope the new ones don't have so many electrical problems! My car was probably made in Mexico on a Friday afternoon at quitting time! Thanks for providing a venting forum!

2nd Apr 2003, 16:44

I own a 2000 Jetta GLS V6, with 8200 miles (I don't drive much), and yesterday the "Check Engine" light came on and stayed on. Took the car to the dealership, and I had to have the Mass Air Flow Sensor replaced!

Unlike some of you, the replacement was covered by the 7 year VW engine warranty - I was told it would have been around $800 to replace. I agree this is a strange thing that happens - I asked the Service Adviser why it needed to be replaced and he answered, "Don't know why, it just happens sometimes!". Hmmm...

28th May 2003, 15:32

Yeah! What's up with that? I had the exact same problem with mine.

Cup holder fell apart, mass air flow sensor and O2 sensor needed replacement, rear middle console ash tray broke and glove box part snapped off leaving it dangling. I thought I was the only one with these problems.

Whatever! I'm about to buy a Ford anyway before something else happens.

Actually, I found the cup holder for $46.00 at Robert Nelson in Tacoma Washington.

14th Jul 2003, 10:15

Very interesting... I own a 1999 2.0L gti and I've had engine light problems lately that a local shop cannot figure out.

Now a friend with a gti is telling me that it's DEFINITELY the Mass Air Flow Sensor and that I should bring it to the dealer for replacement.

However, he says that the dealer will try to make you pay for it even though they know it's covered under warranty! does anyone know of anything in writing that I can bring to the dealer if they refuse to cover it under warranty?



13th Oct 2004, 17:14

I bought a 2000 VR6 Jetta a year ago. Within 2 days the Mass air flow system went, so I took it back to the dealership. Well in the two days I owned that Jetta I fell in love with it so I decided to purchase another one. Two weeks later the Check Engine light came on, then the cup holder broke then the Serpentine Belt Tensioner needed to be replaced, then the Emergency Brake button, then...

The list goes on. Now I'm trying to sell it and can't I owe WAY too much. What a pile.


7th Nov 2004, 18:43

Just to follow on with this thread, I bought new a 1997 GLX Vr6 Jetta, and had a few problems when I first got it, before 24k miles I had it back to the dealer MANY times. It's been OK more or less since, now at 83k my MASS flow Sensor is gone too, but apparently I can wait to get it fixed, it's not a huge deal, I just check my fuel efficiency and it hasn't changed. Here in OH we only need to get inspected the emissions every 2 years so I have a while to go. I'm looking for a used one, since I won't have this car forever, it's been a while already.


25th Jul 2007, 12:32

Ugh, so I own a 1999 VR6 GLX Jetta (cough.. piece of crap.. cough..) Ever since I have owned the thing, it's been nothing but a ticking time bomb.

First of all, the cup holders, which after talking too many VW owners, is the FIRST of MANY things to go. I have replaced both the front and the back cupholders two times, at a whopping 70 -100 bucks. The worst part, the things still suck at even performing their minor job.

Next, after replacing a transmission, radiator, cupholders, and gosh let's see.. going through three recalls... it's still an everyday issue when I get up to go to work to see if it will get me there.

This morning, the engine light came on. Called VW to see what was up with this 02 sensor recall; they informed me that after the recall came out, VW recalled the recall! (can they do that?). Due to an alarming rate of engines falling apart immediately after being "fixed", VW decided that perhaps they need to rethink the method of which they chose to "fix" the O2 sensor. The only bit of advice that a service department manager at a VW delaership could offer me was to simply quit driving it, or keep calling back every two weeks to see if they have anything new to tell me.

Gee, thanks!

14th Aug 2007, 13:54

I thought I was the only one with no cup holder and a broken glove box on a 1999 Jetta "New Style"; mine has all those problems and more. Now my temperature gauge is not working properly -- as soon as the car warms up the normal temperature stays normal, but after a couple minutes goes down to the left, as if it were cool again. My car has almost 97,000 miles and it has been paid off for a couple of years, but I can tell you that I invested more than I paid. Also the dealer charges $100.00 to diagnose every time even if they get to fix the problem. Please; if anybody has an idea of what this temperature problem is, please post advise.

6th Sep 2007, 11:15

My 1999 Jetta 4cyl has been a headache too! Both the driver side and pass. side window assembly broke in the same week, the sunroof is broken, the switch for the fan to drive the heat and the A/C has broken twice, the windshield wipers mechanics are busted, some foam hangs into the pass. foot well that I can never get to stay up, no matter what I do, and now I think the fuel pump is out. The only thing that's never stopped working is the check engine light, which as been on pretty much since I bought the car.

18th Sep 2007, 13:17

Just thought I would add that I have had the same issues with my 1999 "New" Jetta. Cup holder is shot. Glove compartment falling apart. Windows get off track. Door locks work sometimes and not other times. O2 sensor replaced. Brake light trigger or whatever it is called replaced twice. One thing positive though. 110K miles on it and it has never given me engine problems. It keeps going and going and going...