8th Oct 2007, 17:50

I also have a 2000 Jetta with all the same issues.. this is nuts..cupholder, glove box latch, and the temp sensor.. among having my water pump fixed a couple of months ago..

15th Oct 2007, 13:51

I have a 2003 Jetta. Well, now I already forgot about multiple visits to the dealer for "check engine" light. They could never figure it out so they would just reset it. After a while, it would turn on, then turn off after a bit of driving etc. It has not been on in a while. Given the record, maybe the bulb is out.

At some point, in the middle of I-95 just before Baltimore, the engine fell out (not kidding at all) and the dealer said it was not under the warranty as I had worked on the car myself and voided the warranty. I guess, I had nothing better to do than to work on the car that was still under the warranty, with absolutely no experience in car repair. I, supposedly, removed bolts that hold the engine. That was the compliment as I must have done it in my apartment holding the engine with my bare hands. Dealer concluded that bolts were missing because they were removed and couldn't break on their own as "...they just don't do that". End of this science and logic. VW didn't want to listen to anything saying "...we stand behind our dealers". Even behind those that cannot figure out "check engine" light multiple times and decide that some parts "just don't do that". In case you wondered, I did not try to fix the car that was not broken and was under the warranty. Bolts broke, as it seems, on their own.

$1800 and a year later, glove box latch assembly fell apart so the door cannot stay closed. In fact, I taped it so it is closed now. I open that glove box probably twice a year, it is not from overuse. On a good note, cup-holders are still working. I simply don't use them and after reading other comments, I would not dare to start using them. Otherwise, I like the car, it runs well (1.8T) but cannot recommend it to anyone. Unless you want to buy mine. Customer service is beyond any imagination. Solely based on that experience I decided not to buy VW again. And I have 2. I love my 1999 Passat. The best car I have ever had.

12th Nov 2007, 19:15

I bought my 2000 Jetta TDI new, and have put 192,000 miles on it. MAF sensor went at 75K, but I found one online for about $230. Now they are only about $150. Easy 2 minute do it yourself job.

Until recently, I haven't had to have real major service performed on it, just normal stuff... brakes made it to 120K for one of the sets, high 90K for the other set. Timing belt changed twice because of mileage, (water pump and tensioners at same time...), had the intake cleaned at 130K... changed the glow plugs twice... I do my own oil changes every 5K using Mobil Delvac-1.

But it went downhill this summer... cost me nearly $800 when it failed state inspection for a leaky CAT and Y-pipe, whatever that is, and last month $1600 for another new MAF sensor, new fuel pump (diesel pumps are about $1,200), injector cleaning, and temp sensor, all to stop it from blowing black smoke out the exhaust and to fix a cold start idle issue. Also recently had an intermittent glow plug harness that I replaced myself. Since I paid for another TB change, I plan to go at least another 100K, I hope.

About all the other stuff people say are breaking on their Jettas... mine has the dead cup holder and broken glove box. I've fixed the cupholder twice using a plastic epoxy, but I think it's way beyond help now. Check around your front tires and see if the plastic wheel wells aren't cracked in several places... mine are. Oh, and the airbag light comes on every time it gets down below 0'F. And I cringe every time I use the power windows... my mechanism hasn't broken yet and now I'm past the 7 year period that VW would have covered it.

At 53 MPG and traveling 110 miles per day, I have absolutely loved this vehicle as my daily driver. But I wouldn't own it at this point without having my F150 as a back-up.

Oh, as for the check engine light... you can buy a cable for about $25 to connect the Jetta to your laptop... the basic software is free through Vagcom. It at least lets me read and clear any check engine code that comes on, and saves $100 trips to the stealership.

18th Nov 2007, 13:30

Does any one remember a recall last year on the volkswagen jetta on the O2 senor or the mass flow sensors, cannot find this information anywhere?

17th Dec 2007, 21:12

I have a 1999.5 Jetta and it has exactly 140,009 miles on it. It has been the most reliable car until the past 10,000 miles where it has developed some major issues. So far this is what I have had done to it in the past 40,000 miles...

All new chassis work... ball joints, tie rods, struts, strut mounts and bearing plates, sway bar end links.

Tends to warp my passenger side front rotor every 10,000 miles.

Didn't fix it, but my AC compressor clutch dismantled on the highway.

At about 131,000 replaced the right hand drive axle.

At about 136,000 the water pump went and they replaced that, both my serpentine and timing belts, and of course the oil and coolant.

Tonight the car died on me once again to what I believe to be a failed fuel pump. I had the car scheduled to go in wednesday to have a leak in my vacuum system fixed... but of course it is there early now :-P so no problems all the way through 100,000 miles, but now everything is breaking...

28th Feb 2008, 04:23

I own a 1999.5 VW Jetta 2.0 GLS. I love this car! I just hit 130,000 miles. I have had much work done to my car, as well. I have had much work done to every car I have ever owned. Who expects a car to go 100,000 miles with no problems? The little things you all have mentioned are regular maintenance on most cars. I will continue to replace every part that breaks until the engine completely fails. Then, I will get another engine. All you have to do, first of all, is avoid the dealership all together. Find a good dealer alternative/european car specialist. Replace your parts with aftermarket replacement or performance parts. I have added a Billstein performance suspension, neuspeed lowering springs, aftermarket wheels and tires, Techtonics Tuning exhaust system w/Borla muffler, Neuspeed P-flow air intake, and numerous interior and exterior modifications. This car rides like a BMW, I'm telling you! It's awesome and I will never buy another brand of car again!

13th May 2008, 00:09

I'm sitting here laughing at these comments... they ALL happened to me too!

Cup holder survived until about 70K.

O2 sensor at 75k.

Glove box at 130K. The latch literally peeled off... almost like it was heated to 200 degrees and melted... but this was NOT the case.

Anyways, I laugh because my VW hasn't cost me much.

Dealer replaced the broken window tracks... twice.

Replaced the O2 sensor under warranty.

Fixed the sun roof, under warranty.

I guess I'm laughing because everybody had the same problems, and with 130K on my car, I think I've done quite well.