4th Jan 2003, 12:05

Comments from above are only opinion. I have a close friend and co-worker who has almost the exact same problems with her Jetta, and she gets the runaround from all involved with VW. Volkswagen of America tells her it's a problem for the dealer to handle and the dealer directs her to VW of America. After writing 3 letter and numerous calls to VW, rather than fixing her problems, she is offered a $50 gift certificate good for VW merchandise (such as hats & T-shirts) so that she can be a walking advertisement for her lemon of a car.

It is understandable for every auto company to make lemons. It's going to happen to each of them. The problem is those companies that refuse to own up to the problem cars and give good service. Just make good on warranties and even reasonable un-warrantied requests. No new car should have any minute problem anywhere.

12th Jan 2003, 13:15

If I didn't know any better, you would be describing my car exactly. I have a 2001 Wolfsburg, and it has been to the dealer 6 times for the front windows alone. The wax/grease is also dripping from the driver's door, and I know of another friend that has the same exact problems (wax and all). My dealer said that the windows have to break three times each before they will replace with the metal fasteners. I seriously do not use my windows unless absolutely necessary. Thankfully, the moonroof hasn't broken - yet.

The car has already been in for a replacement of a valve in the turbo system, and it will be going in again for the same problem this week. It makes the car have a loud vacuum sucking sound as opposed to the turbo whoosh. Perhaps that's the sound of what I can expect from my wallet in the future. This car should drive like a car with a turbo, but winds up driving like the base car. I've really got to put the pedal down under initial acceleration to keep it from hesitating and stalling.

The trim has also peeled on the drivers door handle, and is starting to peel near the HVAC controls. Other parts of trim seem to be developing a strange sticky film. No it's not food or drink, and I do not smoke. Other bits of trim including the child seat tethers have developed fine cracks all over them. The center armrest has also broken and it took almost two months for the replacement part to arrive.

These problems MIGHT not be so aggravating if it weren't for the fact that the repairs require several trips to the dealer to resolve - whether it is for poor workmanship on the dealer's part or the fact that parts can take A LONG TIME to arrive.

Contact with the dealer and VW of America regarding the service experience and quality of the car have left me even more unsatisfied with the car.

Most of these problems manifested themselves within the first 6 months of ownership - unacceptable for any new car. This is the third VW I've owned, and it is definitely the last. If you dare to buy this car, buy one with no options - options in these cars break and will only cause you headaches!

24th Feb 2003, 11:49

Paul Cicchetti West Hartford, ct.

I own a Jetta WB edition I have had more problems with the clutch being defective and having to be changed twice. The first repair was payed through vw the second I had to fight with them for about a week until they finally agreed. The engine coils went and that was also a big deal spending hours on the phone with VW then they agreed to pay. Two weeks later I received a letter telling me that there was a recall on the coils. The Lights for the temperature controls burned out because they said if the heat is to high the light most likely will blow out. So what does that mean I can't turn the heat on in my car anymore. For a brand new car I have not even driven it the cars spend time at its perminanent home the VW dealer garage. They should have payed me they get more use out of it then I do.

24th Feb 2003, 17:49

Hey, man, I've had the same problems with peeling on the console and driver's side door handle. I first noticed it after owning the car for about 8 months. I always wondered if the dealership would fix it. I guess now I know.

17th Mar 2003, 20:16

I have a '72 Beetle and a '95 Jetta, when the Jetta was 3 years old I had to started replacing parts that I still haven't replaced on the thirty plus year old Beetle. I've owned Beetles since '86 and was a big VW fan until I got the Jetta. Now I'll only buy VWs that were made before 1979.

28th Apr 2003, 08:05

I've had almost everything you listed above go wrong on my Jetta! The things I can add though are a bad Clutch-Pressure plate that destroyed the clutch. Which then the dealership blamed on me, despite the fact I've owned 3 other 5-Spd's (all honda) and I've never had a problem. And the fuel pump has gone out as well. To add insult to injury, I've only got 27,000 miles on my car. I will never own another POS Volkswagen so long as I live!

26th May 2003, 17:04

I have the same problem with the peeling. VW America said "Were sorry, we can't do anything for you". So my story gets better. I brought my car to the dealer for the 40k, I seem to be one of the lucky few that did not have issues with the windows, or coil packs, but after the dealer replaced them, I am having issues when I start the car. Also the windows knock when I'm putting them down. How nice of the to mess my car up.

30th Jan 2004, 03:02

About the trim issues - I started having those too. Luckily still under the 24k warranty - the dealer replaced them with no contest.

The front windows both fell through and were replaced with metal braces as opposed to the plastic ones VW had in there originally.

The armrest handle lock broke - haven't bothered to replaced it.

Rear brakes went out at 30k, a little early to my taste.

20th Jul 2004, 19:30

I have had the cracking/peeling interior as well. I've peeled it all off to have it looking pretty well. It also smells like crayons.

The glue is also a problem. Although, whatever is holding the lower guards in place is still sticking.

Overall I love my Jetta. I have the VR6 Automatic. This car is fun to drive everywhere. I have heavy miles per year (17k/yr) and have replaced the following:

-All windows @ 50k

-Tires @ 60k

-Rear Brakes @ 75k

-Rear Rotors @ 75k.

That's it.

Yes, there are some issues with this year VW, but overall performance is great and I wouldn't trade it. Too bad other have had not so great luck!

28th Apr 2005, 10:29

We have a 2001 Wolfsburg Edition Jetta. Until the last week we did not have any serious problem with our car. The only problem was about the brake light which remains on for some time in cold mornings when we first start the car.

We had our first serious problem last week. One of a sudden clutch stopped working. We have been driving 5-speed cars for last 15 years and we have never seen this problem with any other car that we drove (Nissan and Audi). After 27000 miles the clutch is worn out. As someone else mentioned earlier, this must be because of a defective pressure plate. When the problem is with the clutch no one seems to get the responsibility. We bought this car because of its stability on the road. However, after paying $1300 for a problem that cannot be our fault, I don't think that it was a good idea to buy this car. I don't recommend anyone buying a VW.