10th May 2007, 09:01

Bought my 2001 VW Jetta VR6 with about 20000 miles on it about 2 years ago. It ran exceptionally well for about 10K miles. Then it became the biggest money pit of a car I've ever owned!

Problem #1: At about 30000 miles the transmission started shifting VERY abruptly when shifting from 2nd to 3rd. After a week in the VW dealer, they couldn't figure out the problem and replaced the whole tranny (Covered under warranty).

Problem #2: At around 35K the tie rod ends were worn so badly that I could barely steer. The dealer told me the Jettas have such a bad alignment problem (something to do with the tow). Cost around $500. He said I'd probably replace these every 30K miles. (not covered)

Problem #3: At around 40K had to replace all four tires. The alignment issue had severely cupped the back tires and wore the inside of the fronts down to the steel (not covered).

Problem #4: 50K had to replace the entire windshield wiper hosing system as they use cheap plastic hoses. Had a friend of mine put rubber hoses in for about $80 (not covered).

Problem #5 55K had to replace 2 coolant lines as they split down the middle. Abotu $185.

Problem #6: 60K brake light switch recall. My car was experiencing the issue of not coming out of park. I got stuck downtown St. Louis after a baseball game around 10pm. Nice place to be stranded. Eventually used the trick of rocking the car in between neutral and drive and starting it (covered).

Problem #6: 70K miles. New shocks and struts (not covered).

Problem #7: 80K miles. The infamous ignition coil. Replaced the coil, and all 6 spark plug wires (Not covered). $1200.

So in 2 years I've dumped well over $4000 into this car. I've owned a Chevy and 3 GMCs and I can say that none of them had even close to the issues this one does. I am going back to a North American car ASAP. To anyone reading this, stay FAR FAR away from VW. Oh and my girfriend owns a 2000 Beetle and has had very similar problems. Consider yourselves warned!

2nd Jun 2007, 06:17

That was my comment almost a year ago now. My car ran fine with the check engine light going off and on without any rhyme or reason for the last 11 months. About 3 weeks ago, my car would not start. It would not "ignite"...it sounded like the engine was turning over, but it wouldn't "catch" or something. Right before I called AAA, I asked someone to give me a jump start and the car started. Thought it was the battery, spent 200 dollars having the dealer check it out and replace the battery. Two weeks later (Memorial Day), same problem. Dealer told me to bring it in in the AM since it was late afternoon. Decided before I call AAA, I'm gonna try to get it on one more time... miraculously it comes on. Drove it to the dealer. They kept it for a day and a half..."couldn't find anything wrong with it; it seems to be fine." Four days later, it's a Friday and I'm ready to go home for the weekend. You guessed it. Car won't start. Called the dealer; they told me to bring it in in the morning. Called someone to help me jump start it...didn't work. Called AAA, they said they'd be there within the hour and they never arrived. My phone started to die, so I decided to go charge it in my office, but (ever the optimist), I decide to try to start it ONE MORE TIME...

...and it starts. This is psychotic.

Is anyone having a similar problem? I think I may try to call that safety commission, because I am so afraid I am going to have a breakdown in Bad-Neighborhood, USA or Bodunk-ville, USA and have no help at all! The first two breakdowns occurred at home, the last one occurred at work. I doubt I'll be this lucky a fourth time.

20th Aug 2007, 17:51


What is the consensus regarding the EPC and Check Engine Light? What should I do. I have a 2001 Jetta GL 5-speed. Last week the EPC and Engine light came on and the engine is idling irregularly. Today, along with a hunting idle the car went into Limp Mode. I think someone recommended "clearing the codes." How do I do that? Does it work?

29th Aug 2007, 16:49

Good Luck To All of You VW Owners. I bought my daughter a 2000 Jetta VR6 about 8 months ago with 108000 miles. Car has performed like a champ until now. ECP and check engine lights are on. I have a code reader and read the codes. Dealer doesn't want to talk about it much. The parts department has never heard of the coded part, but offered me a $1000 part that "COULD BE" associated with part in question. I noticed that none of the comments here speak of any successful repairs and/or solutions. I am running out of time; I have exhausted all of my resources, including buying the factory service manual which is of no use for the ECP problem. I should have insisted that my daugher buy a Honda. Good luck to all.

17th Sep 2007, 11:13

Adding my comments from the waiting room of a VW dealership, Boucher VW in Franklin, WI...VW's generally have seriously-flawed electronics. Have a 02 1/2 GTI VR6 with 95K miles- same problems with brake relay switch, temperature sensor switch,throttle body replacement, coil pack replacement, radio receiver doesn't work, constant flickering of dash trouble lights since I've owned it...this latest problem had the brakes literally give out...had to mash the pedal like a 50's era car to get it to stop on a highway off ramp -scary. Just about every 4-6 months theres a major problem.

VW knows their cars are plagued with electrical problems, but maybe its easier to pay for lobbyists than go with higher quality parts and of course their dealership network is raking up the profits in their service departments... just a money pit. Really should be a class action here -they're bilking consumers hand over fist here.

Very dissappointed and will NEVER buy another VW -period.

28th Sep 2007, 00:13

I'd like to add to the 2001 1.8T VW woes. Me and my husband purchased one a year and a half ago and have had the EPC light turn on and off irregularly. Upon calling the dealership we were told that our "gas cap" was not on properly. We checked it and it was fine. The car idles rough when the EPC light is on. We also have had the battery light come on and off and the engine light just turned on. This car has been great until now and after reading all the other comments on this forum it sounds like our troubles are truly just beginning.

A note to the wise: Do not buy this car unless you like repair bills, yellow warning lights, and anxiety that you will not make it from point A to B.

30th Sep 2007, 23:55

Amazing! And I thought I was the one going insane. I had purchased a 2001 Jetta at the end of July 2007. (w' 70000 miles on it) Great deal right?! Well, within three days of owning the car, the Check Engine light has come on intermittently ever since then. I was able to get the used car lot to offer a limited warranty. (3000 miles) They had 'fixed' and reset the Check Engine light at least five times. Once replacing the Spark plug wires, and another, replacing the mass air flow sensor, and another time fixing a 'frayed wire' sensor. I am bringing it in tomorrow for the sixth time! Even though it is out of warranty, I hope this problem will be resolved.

I guess I have the EDC light to look forward too. Oh, and stalling in the middle of the freeway.

I should name my car Crayola, since it does smell like a friggin' crayon. Not to mention the paint peeling at the top edge of the hood. I couldn't even blind a house cat with these headlights. Even trying to Emergency brake w/o the actual "E" brake is like grinding a knife to a millstone.

Maybe I should call myself 'Mr. Toad' and be off to one Wild Ride!