30th Oct 2007, 10:52

I have an 01 Jetta Wolfsburg- and I have a major problem in my driveway- well the shop at the moment-

The CEL light has been on so often the last three years I am amazed it hasn't burned out-

Almost every 12 months the car develops a miss so bad I can barely drive it to the dealer- new plugs- new coils, an intake manifold cleaning and a throttle body cleaning usually ensue- though there was a coil recall last time-

The MAF went last year as did the O2 sensor.

A month ago my front pipe cracked and had to be replaced (includes the cat conv.)

Two weeks ago the EPC light, the CEL and occassionally the battery light (only 3 months old) came on. Car is missing severely, sometimes it won't start, I loose throttle power randomly and I lose the power brakes randomly. Took it to dealer where they cleared the codes and said the faults were phantoms. I drove it home. Last week the warning lights returned as did the dangerous results. The car has been at the dealer for 4 days and I have no sense of what may be wrong, other than a few e-mails from the service dept. telling me they are working on it.

I have done research and determined many of the problems are systemic with the vehicle. I am the sole owner and have put about 75k miles on it.

I have also had other problems covered by the warranty including switches, relays, a replaced Turbo unit and so forth, but now that the warranty is gone, I am terrified.

If anyone has had similar issues and had success via recourse, alternate repairs, etc. please post it.

5th Nov 2007, 15:40

Follow up to my October 30 comment:

I am back- got my '01 Wolfsburg back on Friday afternoon after almost 2 weeks at the garage- After a vacuum hose was replaced and the MAF replaced (replaced under 1 yr. warranty to the day) I paid and was on my way. Drove two miles to work without problem. Started car at end of work day and was greeted by the CEL. Drove back to dealer; round trip was 4 or 5 miles; they put it on the computer and it showed misfire fault in cylinder 1 and 2. Car has been there since without a call or any word from dealer. That is twice in a month the car was checked, cleared, and I was charged almost $300. And I have driven it all of a week during that month.

Perhaps they should make this month's car payment.

8th Jun 2008, 18:02

Oh my! After reading all 60+ reviews, I am thoroughly scared! I have an 01 Jetta 1.8T, and like all others here have had many, many repair shop visits. Since my check engine light is like the boy who cried wolf - it's on/off all the time, I didn't pay too much attention to it last week when it came on... until the thermostat light came on too! It's been 100 degrees out during the day, but the thermostat warning light will only come on when the car is warming up!?! When it is warmed up and reaches normal temp range, the thermostat light disappears and it never goes above the normal level. And this at all hours of the day; not just when it's insanely hot outside. Confused! Since I'm conveniently out of the warranty by 6 mos, I can't wait for the bill.

10th Jul 2008, 09:26

I too have a 2001 VW Jetta 1.8T automatic. I bought it new in 2000 and it is a nightmare. I wish I had turned it in when my first problem started, but I was naive. I'm at 98K miles and the EPC light is my newest enemy.

I took it into the dealership and they cleaned the throttle. Came back a month later for the same problem and they replaced the Mass Air Flow Sensor - even though they had replaced that 2 years prior. Of course, this was not under warranty. After driving maybe 40 miles the EPC light is back. My car won't go past 25 miles per hour when that thing is on. I have 1 payment left on the car. I am beyond furious that the car is literally falling apart when I have taken wonderful care of it.


6th Dec 2008, 12:11

I have a 2001 1.8T Wolfsburg. It has been a hassle since day 366 of owning it. Literally 1 day out of the 1 year lemon law in my state the car started with the CEL. Take it to the dealer, they have no idea what it was, reset, it works fine for a month or so then when I would stop at a drivethru to get food or something, the light would come back on. Take it to the dealer, no clue and reset it.

This goes on for about 4 years, then the ABS light comes on. Take it to the dealer, says it was abuse and was charged 175.00 to replace a "wire". everything is great, 2 months later the ABS light comes on again. Take it to friend that has VW shop and he says, the dealership put the wrong ABS controller in or something along those lines. Still haven't fixed that, except for the electrical tape that covers the light.

While suffering the ABS problem, check engine light goes on and off. Put 2 throttle bodies in, 3 O2 sensors, Exhaust fell off, literally. Car has kicked the keys out numerous times and left me stranded. Brake light sensor went out, window regulators went out. New turbo, re-flashed computer. The list goes on.

Should have bought a KIA, at least it has a 10 year warranty! Thanks VW.

13th Dec 2008, 01:48

I own a 2001 Jetta and what nerve I have to say so; this car has stressed me out continuously. The money that I thought I had is actually for That Rainy VW Day!!! Will buy a Toyota next time.

2nd Dec 2009, 22:14

I hate this car 2001 VR6 piece of crap Jetta. Do not buy, they suck. The tranny blew because they rivet the ring gear to the carrier; 900 dollars in repairs later, then the day after I get it out of the shop, it won't start.

30th Jan 2011, 15:52

Okay, so after reading all this, I'm very scared! I bought my car 18 days ago, and all of a sudden I was driving on the freeway at 70mph, and my car's EPC light came on, it started going 35mph, and wouldn't go any faster. I pulled off the freeway; it was night time. I let the few cars on the freeway go, and got back on with my car, going 35. It took a while to get to 55, and wouldn't go faster. I'm just thankful I wasn't in heavy traffic.

I brought the car home, turned it off, and the next day I went out with the OBD reader, and it said cylinder 3 misfire. So I replaced the plugs and checked wires to look for cracks. Lights went off, I drove the car, and was excited, it was running better than before, until I went to drive to the store, got 5 miles, and well the EPC light came on, and well back at 35mph.

Now I hook up the OBD reader, and it says throttle position sensor. Great, this is just one big problem!! Does anyone know what the problem is?

1st Jun 2012, 13:43

Have you ever thought that it could be a water pump by chance? They do make them with plastic propellers, but you do need to get it looked at ASAP.