29th Apr 2008, 15:25

The Jetta was built in Germany up until 1992. Any serious VW owner would know these to be the last real Jettas. 1993 and on were when VWs were built in Mexico. BTW Jettas are fantastic cars, especially the diesels.

10th May 2009, 21:20

You can't just make a blanket statement and say this year or that year was built in Mexico, Germany etc. You need to look at the Vin.

Now Wolfsburg Edition cars are all German cars, and if it is a Wolfsburg edition car it will have the emblem on the fender, but otherwise you could have a Mexican Jetta or up till 1987 a US built Jetta. Look at the Vin.

If you are really clever you can look at things like the lights etc, but you need to really know your stuff. If I remember the cars that start 1VW are the German Cars and the 3VW are the Mexican cars. I have a 1991 Jetta built in Mexico. I had a German Jetta and a US Golf. All were good cars. The Mexican Jetta has 175k on it and is a good car. It had been off the road almost 5 years and I drug it out of the weeds and in about 10 minutes had it running. Now I am going to get it roadworthy again, but in the 100k I put on it before it was a good car.

People who "complain" about needing stuff like struts, or thermostats or squeaky fan belts need to realize that there are things that HAVE to be maintained on any car. Struts on ANY car probably are worn out by 75k miles, now we all drive them a lot longer but ride back to back in a car with good struts and shocks and see the difference. There is lots of stuff that is simply maintenance items and does NOT mean a car is a bad car.


26th Jun 2009, 10:34

I have a 92 Jetta made in Germany and it has been a great car, I have severely abused it and all that has happened has been a fried computer, which the local VW mechanic got me a new one and installed it for three hundred bucks.

28th Jan 2010, 15:47

I have my 3rd 1992 VW, 1 Jetta diesel, gas Golf and now a Jetta gas. The diesel I had had over 475000 kms without a single major problem, other than regular up keep. I even had the original clutch and transmission at 475000 kms. So I have to say that you must have had a lemon, or that your car hadn't been take care of, sorry.

6th Mar 2010, 12:02

The VIN shows where the car was made. If it starts with a 1 its U.S. made, 2 Canada made, 3 Mexico, W is Germany, I forgot what Brazil is but VW's are made there too. The Wolfsburg Edition was made in Germany, but the newer Wolfy's are not (seems kind of dumb calling it a Wolfsburg if it is not even made in Germany, never mind the Wolfsburg factory).

Anyway, you got a Jetta that was not taken care of by who knows how many previous owners. The A2 Golf and Jetta (the same car, one has a trunk) are pretty much unkillable. They do take a different set of rules to own and maintain though. Look at Ken's Digifant Page if you have a 1990 to 1992 Digi car, it's a great site with lots of good info, even some free mods!

Just my 2 cents




3rd Apr 2011, 06:31

It's true... Wolfsburg Edition!