28th Oct 2004, 11:39

I've had a 1999 Jetta Wolfsburgh for 5 years now. The only work I've had done on it is oil, brakes and tires. One window creaks a bit, but works fine. I've had no issues at all and the car still runs like a top with 100k miles on it.

11th Nov 2004, 22:50

I currently own a 1999 Wolfsburg edition Jetta. It has been a pretty reliable car so far. Its fun to drive, handles great. The only issues I have had are

1. The rear drivers window will not open.

2. The heat shield over the catalytic converter is starting to vibrate, its annoying, but no big deal

3. The trim on one door came loose, Dupont 2 sided tape works the best, no problems with that anymore. Other windows have had weird problems, like opening and closing after you push the button to roll them down.

4. the doors creak over bumps and the suspension is so tight that going over bumps is fairly noisy.

5. the bee-sting antenna is crap, all of the rubber is cracked and peeling off, $30 to replace.

6. weird electrical problems, the delayed wipers work then they don't work. The cruise control stopped working, I think it's a fuse.

7. The front speakers vibrate.

8. A problem in the front end, the steering feels mushy, Its hard to keep the wheels in alignment. I have had a front end alignment done 3 times so far in the last year.

9. The volume on the radio is hard to use, the volume goes up when you want to turn it down.

These problems have been minor annoyances. For the most part the car has not been a repair nightmare like most of the reviews that I have read. I have only had the car in the shop once for the noisy heat shield and to have the front end checked and to have the wheels alligned, but no other major problems. My clutch is a little mushy, but I was assured that it has a lot of life left in it. My car has 80.000 miles on it and hope to keep driving it for a long time to come. I hope nothing goes wrong, its been good so far. The Jetta isn't as quiet inside like the Honda's, but the standard features are great- Power windows, locks, cruise, heated mirrors and wipers, sunroof, 6 disc changer, chrome rims, fog lights. I love the car. I got a lot for the money. The Jetta, it's a love hate relationship.