11th Jul 2007, 11:06

This is amazing to me! I have owned a 2000 VR6 and really have had no problems; 109000 MILES. Runs like a champ, and I run the hell out of mine. 100 miles per hour at least 1 time a week.

23rd Jul 2007, 20:17

I love my 2000 Jetta VR6. I bought it 2 years ago with 50K, have put 40K on it, drive the hell out of it, and apart from a few expected 50-100K replacements haven't had any repair issues. Yes, the quality of many plastic and electronic parts is not that of an Audi or BMW, but at $8K and WAY cheaper parts and repairs, it's quite a bargain. And WAY more fun to drive than a Honda V6 or something similar.

8th Aug 2007, 15:54

The Jetta GLX VR6 is a beautiful car, and for the price you can't find anything as luxurious. The drive quality is amazing, and all reviews love it. Don't listen to those accident prone people who hate it!

19th Aug 2007, 17:32

Wow, I own a GLS VR6 2000, with 107,000 miles and it runs like a champ! I just had some recalls done and it runs better, (brake light switch, computer reprogramming, and something else) my personal mechanic told me jettas made in 2000 are made with more Audi parts than the 2001-2004. my car runs great and I plan on racking up 180,000 miles then dumping it. I have no complaints on this car. I even get GREAT gas mileage 17/30 so sorry to hear about all these other jettas problems. I'm glad god blessed me with a good one.

12th Feb 2008, 08:51

2000 Jetta GLS VR6

I bought my Jetta with 130,000, and the only problems I have had are the recalls that were done. The computer reprogramming for the cat converter, and a couple other minor recalls. There is absolutely no rust anywhere on the car.

I do have a couple questions for anyone who knows their stuff. Is there a way to get a free carfax report on my car without paying for it, and without going to the dealership? It says there are 25 reports on my car and I am curious as to what they are. I can post or email my VIN to anyone who could help me out. Thank you.

Also, is there anyway to get rid of the drag I feel in between gears when I step on it, besides getting a chip? It feels that way only in first and second, then the thing really gets moving.

And last, would anyone know how to turn off the airbag light on the left side of my instrument cluster?

18th Jun 2008, 16:25

I have a 2000 Jetta and bought it new. I have had so many problems with this car. It is known that since they changed the body style that they have had many issues.

1 month after my 2 year warranty (That should have been a clue) My window fell into the door. The dealer was not much help. Long story. The window dropped for the second time, same door, 1 year later. Then the passenger window dropped. Eventually they did an extended warranty.

I had a LARGE spring just fall out from underneath my seat and rolled out under my foot while driving.

Cup holder. Gone. I don't have kids.

Trunk latch broke year 3.

I keep taking it in for various things and then the check engine light will come back on.

Bumper is coming off.

I could go on an on. Oh took my car in for other repairs and when I was driving home the cover to my rear view mirror was missing. I called the dealer and although they didn't write it down, they noticed it earlier and forgot to tell me. So, their theory is it came in that way. A few days after I had some work done my check engine light is on again.

Before this car, I had a Toyota Tercel for 6 years. It cost me half what the Jetta did and it had 1/10 th of the problems. I will never buy a VW again.

Lately 3 of the 4 VW emblems that are on my tires have fallen off. I wonder what random piece will fall out or off next?

11th Sep 2008, 14:09

I have owned VW GLS VR6 for 8 years now (68,000) and this car always surprises me with its handling and performance! But lately I start having a lot of problems. First catalytic was replaced, luckily under the warranty then rear brake caliper start leaking and now oil is leaking under oil pan plug. You have mentioned in your review a quick fix with steel sleeve that was placed into the oil pan. Where did you buy it?

26th Sep 2008, 10:45

I bought my 2000 VW Jetta brand new and I have put about 100k on it since and haven't had any problems with it since. It has been a great and reliable car. All you have to do is take care of it. I have even shipped mine to Japan for 2 years when I was there and it ran with perfection. Highly suggest buying one, if you find one for a good price.

27th Sep 2008, 12:28

The 2000 Volkswagen Jetta VR6 model is a mechanic's dream, I have serviced so many of these cars, I don't even keep count anymore. The interior is beautiful, as well as the exterior. The engine and mechanics are where the problem is. Coolant flange is the worst issue. Cam shaft guides will break off, this is an expensive repair. This is one the most unreliable models I have ever worked on. The bushings on the control arms go bad relatively fast. There are also so many recalls, well over 15 recalls on this model. Also the parts are very expensive for these cars. Everyone that owns one good luck, I will see you soon, and anyone looking for a car in this class STAY AWAY from this model.

24th Jan 2009, 23:12

I have a 2000 VW Jetta VR6! First of all it's a nice looking car! Also it has a lot of cool stuff inside, unlike those Hondas and Toyotas. And considering how much the car costs, I don't think you can find something better! If you take care of the car and do everything on time, the car will be running longer than you will be!

One thing that people get weird about is if something breaks or whatever, they take it to a dealer. Of course it will cost like 5 times more than at some other shop to fix the same thing! The best thing to do is buy the part yourself and replace it! Unless it's something that you have to be a professional to fix it...

Overall the car is very nice! I would give like 4.7 out of 5 stars!!

30th Apr 2009, 15:08

I have a 2003 Jetta VR6 GLX. Overall, it's a great car... but, there are problems with them.

First, the battery. They need replacing every 3 - 4 years. We ignored dealer's suggestion for battery replacement at the time because 3-4 year lifespan on a battery in a Japanese car is unheard of. The battery would fluctuate and it eventually burned out the Monsoon stereo unit (eg. buttons don't work, no sound, etc).

The next thing that went was the trunk lock piece. For some reason, the locking mechanism decides to give out around 60K. Good thing that a trusted local mechanic can replace it after buying the part from VW dealership. Keep in mind that being a good citizen and taking the car to a dealership for all services, these little annoying things just keep happening.

The latest breakage is the auto lock piece for the trunk (yet again, but different component). I open the thing up and notice that when you press the trunk open button, a pump like device pushes on this trigger, hence, releases the lock to the trunk. BUT... who in the world decide to use a PLASTIC part for that? The trigger snapped off of course. I'm not sure how to replace that -- probably find out the part number and see if VW dealer has it.

Oh yeah, another thing, the car needs a spark plug replacement between 40K to 60K. The dealer won't automatically do this for you unless you ask. If you don't do this, you will see bad fuel mileage, nasty fuel smell coming out of your tail pipe, and on the danger side of not passing a smog check due to high HC value (hydrocarbon, or unburned fuel).

Oh... and there are times when the auto up/down window would not function properly. The way to reset that is to turn the key off and take it out for a few sec, put the key back in and turn the engine on.

If it weren't for those annoying problems, I would really love my Jetta! It's good looking, good features, and a good overall car. I think the solution is to make sure you get the German version (eg. buy the 1st batch - or open the driver door and see where it's made). I've heard good things about the ones made in Germany. Mine is made in Mexico. *sigh*

29th May 2009, 11:26

I bought my VR6 2000 Jetta in December of 2004 with almost 73000 miles on it. Although the car drags the initial first 2 or 3 gears before really picking up, it drives and handle very smooth and feels like it hugs the road. Although I now have 154000 miles on it and believe the engine is far from 'finished', I have had multiple problems and that cost me.

The first month I purchased, I had to replace a water pump (two years later the secondary water pump, had several oxygen sensor and mass oxygen sensor replaced. Later it was covered via recall (after I had spent 750 dollars or more).

I had the tie rods replaced, the passenger window does not work and it cost several hundred to fix so its still broken, the glove compartment broke less than a year after I purchased it (several hundred to replace), the drain plug stripped (600 hundred dollars), alternator went out (500 dollars), the radiator is now starting to leak (500 for used parts and labor, the ABS hydraulic pump is broken, (5000 dollars to fix new) or 500 dollars with used parts at a cheap mechanic. The dealer charges 100 plus dollars just to look at the diagnostic and is a complete rip off. I am sure that I didn't need the tie rods replaced (900 hundred dollars.)

This is not including normal parts replacement, tune ups (every 40000 miles).

Runs well and smooth, but not worth the money.

30th Oct 2015, 02:52

Chirping is your tires breaking loose during shifts LOL. That's not a bad problem to have ..