1st Feb 2004, 21:47

I too would echo the above comment regarding test-driving another vehicle. I -finally- decided on an 03 Wolfsburg Jetta after much thought toward another Diesel (my previous was a 95 Golf - 360,000km and still decent resale!). I must say, I miss the mileage of a diesel, but man do I love that 1.8T! Woooohoooo! Do yourself a favour though, if you go into the dealership looking for a TDI, don't take out the 1.8T or you'll never buy a diesel!

14th Aug 2005, 10:55

You had a truly strange experience. Are you sure it was a Jetta you were driving? Maybe someone glued a VW hood ornament onto some GM product. With 24,000 miles on my 2004 Jetta TDI, I've had nothing, but joyful driving... quiet on the highway, powerful, responsive, and totally, absolutely rock-solid dependable.

I know what I'm writing about, because I rent about 50 various models of other cars every year in my travels, and I wouldn't have any of them over my jetta.

Try again! Your experience was too strange to be anything other than a total fluke.

7th Mar 2008, 07:27

I've been driving my 2004 Jetta TDI for four years now and have 129,000 miles on the car. It's been one of the best cars I've ever owned. The problems I've had with the car I mostly attribute to the incompetence of the local VW "stealer"ship. The seats are not as comfortable as I would like on long trips, but at 40 - 45 mpg, I'll deal with it.

30th Apr 2008, 21:22

I bought my 2004 Jetta TDI used with 60,000 miles. I couldn't buy a new one because they were sold out. This is no doubt the best car I have ever owned. I haven't had one single problem with this car. I love the power and the excellent mileage.

If I had to improve on anything, I would put a more powerful stereo in it.

This car is awesome and I look forward to lots of miles on this TDI engine.

2nd May 2008, 17:04

I cannot express how much I Love My 2004 TDI. Not too mention the great steal I got on it! It was purchased in 2005 and I paid 18000 for it. It drives like a dream and the mileage it gets is well worth the extra $ I pay. I have told my husband this will be the last car I will ever need, Good Lord willing, and I am 48. Here's the real kicker, blue book has it valued at 21000. A car that is worth more than when I bought it, enough said...

18th Jan 2009, 00:31

I loved my '04 Jetta TDI... for the first three years. Year 4 has been another story.

Part of the problem has been horrible service at the dealership I leased the car from. I could fill an entire page with the errors and poor work.. but I won't.

I could also tell you about the time my driver's side window suddenly plunged down inside the door.. in -20C weather.. but I won't.

I will detail one major problem that occurred in early 2008 and seems to be happening again in early 2009. The car started running rough just out of the blue. I managed to get it in for a look after about three weeks of waiting. I was told it was a fuel injector. I was also told the $2000 repair wasn't covered by the warranty because I was over the mileage limit. I pointed out I was still under the limit when I first called about the problem three weeks earlier. Eventually, Volkswagen Canada agreed to pay 2/3 of the tab out of "good will"!!

Now, less than a year later, same problem. I haven't called yet.. but I know it will be another $2000.. and likely no good will this time.

Here's another example of the VW "4 year itch": A few months ago the signal light "ticker" started ticking intermittently while driving. It got worse.. ticking more often. I called the dealer and got it in for a look in under two weeks... amazing! Then, I was told it would be a $500 repair! $280 for the part... and $200+ for the labour. "No damn way" said I... except that now, the damn ticker is going ALL THE TIME and driving me crazy.

So, take my advice: if you own a 2004 or 2005 Jetta, SELL NOW... before the 4 Year Itch bites you in the behind!

18th Feb 2009, 18:58

Own a 2004 5 speed TDI.

Problems started at 150,000 miles. Turbo charger went, then an injector problem resulted in a new cylinder head replacement, dealer claimed it was more cost effective.

Timing belt, inter cooler, turbo went again after another 80,000 miles, and now the clutch went. 235,000 miles on the car to date.

The dealerships rob customers by choice, I know, had a relative quit as a mechanic due to shop practices.

The car is fun to drive, it is everything people are saying. I guess I'm foolish thinking I can take this diesel to 500,000 miles like I planned. You can't get honest repair work and everything is expensive. Very hard on the pocket book; 8000.00 in repairs to date.

26th Sep 2009, 20:02

I have a 2004 TDI Jetta GL wagon I bought new at an end of year clearance. Traded in my 2001 Golf TDI 5 speed that got 53 mpg. The wagon is automatic since my wife didn't like the five speed. Wagon gets 36-44 mpg. Still not bad mileage.

I have had absolutely no problem to date. Due for 80,000 mile service soon. I looked at the new ones and see they are made in Mexico. Mine is made in Wolfsburg, so guess I will be keeping it a long time. We love VWs!

30th Sep 2009, 21:29

Just purchased a brand new 2009 Jetta Wagon. The wind noise from the driver’s window is driving me absolutely crazy. Can be heard at speeds as low as 50 km/hr. Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone know of a fix? I will be taking the car back to the dealership early next week for them to take a look at it.