19th Feb 2001, 08:12

I am the owner of a Honda (very reliable!!) and my bumper was ripped off primarily because I was the one who drove too far onto the parking cement stopper. Oops! Sometimes we have to admit our own faults.

11th Apr 2001, 13:05

Actually the same thing happened to me... although not as bad. I pulled into a spot.. not more than 1 mph... maybe 2...easing it in like normal... heard the front bumber scrape.. just about an inch.. the tire stopper was about an inch.. I hadn't realized that the entire bumper had flexed just a hair scrapping over the tire stopper.. when I pulled back out at 1 mph.. the underside of the bumper hooked the cement tire stopper.. and I reversed the front bumper almost off... it ripped the support screws.. not just deformed..ripped...My friend and I got out to inspect what we thought would be nothing... found both grills on both sides actually had popped off and the bumper had ripped down. I was actually a bit slower than usual into the spot.. and was extremely unlucky at the way it apparently caught it... but hoped that VW would have built in a bit of forgiveness... made the bottom half of the bumper a bit more flexible in BOTH directions... it is rigid as you back back out of the spot... since then...a properly parked car is reversed in... and the tow hook in back doesn't bend at all when you smack any kind of surface:) Anyway... I would have thought that VW would have tested that a bit more.. but overall I'm generally pleased...

I had an airbag warning light problem.. and found out that it was a connector wiring that VW was trying to get away with without a TSBulletin... but after the third attempt to fix it... apparently VW had come out with a way to fix the problem and skirt the TSB.

Am very concerned as I've heard many stories of Jettas burning a quart between oil changes... no new motor should do that... they haven't mentioned that they had to add any oil at all yet..so...but it's also still under their warranty... and I will add that they comment about free 2 year service... but then the 15000 mile oil change ISN'T covered? I don't get that.. they only recommend an oil change every 10 grand after the first 10 thousand miles... ah... in Washington DC of all places... yeah... right... no wonder they didn't want to push the extended warranty when I bought the car...

24th Oct 2001, 21:29

My 2000 Jetta with 12000 miles is using a quart of oil about every 300 miles. It is going back to the dealer. I hope they do not give me the runaround. I am a Volkswagen fan.

16th Jan 2002, 08:52

I LOVE MY VW JETTA!!! Let me first start off saying that all you other VW owners should realize is that everyone on the Internet is bad mouthing the NEW JETTAS LIKE THE 99-UP... nothing but problems... now I recently bought a 94 VW Jetta USED and right now I am so happy with it.. the only thing I had a problem with was the muffler, but I bought a performance muffler to increase the sound of it anyway.. that's the only problem I've ever had with my car and it has 105,000 miles on it, and 5 other owners, and everything is still like new...

Now I was gonna save a lot more money up to buy a newer VW, I really wanted a Jetta VR6, but when I read all the complaints over the internet I was like na hell, no I ain't going through all this crap... all you dis-satisfied VW constumers should go to the dealership and tell them to give you a new car that works... either that or... get a older model cause they are perfect... peace.