29th Apr 2005, 23:05

Wait a second? There was a court settlement for the window regulator problem? If so, why wasn't I informed? I have a 2000 VW Getta GLS and I loathe it. The driver side window fell 3 times in just over a year, left my tinting is completely scratched and dinged up. This car has been nothing, but a hassle for me.

- brake/shift interlock replaced 3 times (got me stuck in the worst parts of town)

- my air conditioner went out at 40k

- shoddy electrical and braking system

- interior plastic is peeling/falling out

- glue holding stripping along doors has fallen

- tail lights keep coming out of socket

- replaced headlights w/in 1st week after purchasing car

- check engine light & oxygen sensor replaced twice

- back windows no longer roll down

- cruise control no longer works

- radio/stereo works intermittently

- cup holder no longer functions

- the list goes on...

It's currently in the shop right now for yet another repair. Check engine light # 4... has completely baffled the repair people. It's only at 65k miles and acts like a lemon. It apparently now having fuel sensor problems and some problem with the transmission computer (must be reset).

Luckily, we also own a Nissan... love that car. I won't be buying another VW.

18th May 2006, 14:29

I just bought a 2001 VW Jetta 4-cyl manual trans with less than 50,000 miles and I love the car, but I'm already replacing the speed sensor and now I read there was a recall on the ignition coil? It's going to cost me more than what I just paid for my first payment. I want to think that this is a one time issue, but I'm starting to get an uneasy feeling about this car now. I bought it at an auto auction and the mechanics I had look at it (including my dad) were very impressed. However, I'm starting to wonder what's hiding under the "covered components"... Any thoughts or ideas? Can I complain to VW or will they laugh at me since I didn't buy it through a dealer?

24th Jun 2006, 23:08

I purchased a 2000 VW Jetta GLS VR6 with 87,000 miles on it two years ago. Current mileage is 110,000.

This entire past year we've had issues with the check engine light coming on (every time the car is cranked) followed by "Emissions Workshop!". When this first began, the car would sputter while accelerating. We took the car to the dealership and had the O2 sensor replaced (they also took care of the recalled ignition coil thing). Since the car was serviced it has run perfectly, but the light still comes on EVERY time I crank the car.

Other problems: Broken glove box hinge, broken latch on arm rest, cruise control indicator out, volume knob on stereo is dysfunctional, cabin light switch is broken, bearings on rear driver-side wheel assembly broken (replaced for $180).

This has been my favorite car out of the 4 I've owned. It rides and handles great, and I love the safety features this vehicle offers. I'm just a bit hesitant to take it on a long road trip!

21st Jul 2006, 10:40

Whoever pays $15 for a tail light bulb is insane.. You can go to Advance Auto Parts or O' Riley's and get it for a buck and change..

25th Sep 2006, 23:52

I have had almost all of the problems listed above with my

2000 Jetta "GLS VR6". I also had many problems with my manual transmission in the first month of ownership and some very strange electrical problems, including back right passenger door becoming permanently locked.

When my "check engine" light came on recently, the dealer told me that the O2 sensor was not covered because I had too many miles (60K) - but after reading your posts, that sounds wrong.

Please let me know if you have your Jetta's O2 sensor replaced by VW for free if you had 60K or more. Thanks!

6th Jul 2007, 18:41

I have a 2000 beetle and there's a yellowish orange squiggly line that lights up and now my cruise control won't work. I just changed the rear brakes, but that light is still flashing. any ideas?


13th Jul 2007, 12:15

I have a 2000 Jetta GLS auto transmission. I just read all the comments above and have had all the same problems and more. But just recently I have had transmission problems where the car is driving for approx 30mins then just when she gets hot the car just does not want to go anymore. It has been in the shop for over 1 month and the mechanics have re-built the transmission changed the computer 3 times, along with switches and value bodies... the list goes on for ever and the car is still having the same problem. So not only do these cars have tones and tones of problems no one seems to be able to fix them! Any idea on what is going on?

3rd Aug 2007, 11:46

The O2 sensor might not need to be replaced. I had mine "fixed/replaced" 2 times before I took it to a non VW service place and they told me it was a computer error and is on the recall list. They finally fixed it for free and my check engine light hasn't come on since. I haven't been back to the dealer for service since unless for a free recall fix (of which there have been a few)

11th Sep 2008, 14:15

My 2000 Jetta VR6 has all those problems and more. Passenger side window fell down, and dealer refuses to fix because when I finally reported it, the car was out of warranty. Glovebox broken, cup holder broken, handles on passenger and driver side peeling. Side mirrors turning this weird brown color. For some reason, and no one can figure out why (actually I think they usually just think I'm lying) everytime I start the car, the trunk opens... and then randomly it'll stop doing it. Had the catalytic converter replaced, only a week later to have the recall come though...awesome. Oh, and try and get that money back from the dealer. And the grand finale, since the key fob has already broken, the manual key doesn't always turn off the alarm, so randomly, the car alarm goes off for 30 seconds. Sounds like fun huh? My advice... stay as far away from these cars as possible... unless you want to buy mine, which is up for sale. ;)

30th Jan 2009, 12:53

I have a 2003 VW Jetta 1.8T Wolfsburg Edition

I have only experienced the routine maintenance problems.

I was informed by a Saab/BMW/Mercedes/VW mechanic not to purchase the V6.

The GTI, Rabbits are the most reliable.

On my car I have had the oxygen sensor go out.

The mass air flow sensor.

Replaced the timing belt and water pump.

Now a CV joint is bad.

The oil is synthetic, always more expensive to replace.

Not to mention it uses G12 coolant and not regular anti-freeze.

Otherwise it has been a terrific, reliable car.

I have driven it over 30,000 miles in the past year.

This is the price I am willing pay for owning a car the drives good.

Imagine what a 2003 Hyundai must drive like today?

I never take it to the dealer, Find yourself a local, autohaus mechanic whom is experienced with European cars.