15th Jun 2005, 14:17

All Jetta sedans sold in North America are built in Mexico. The Jetta wagons are made in Germany.

11th Jan 2006, 12:54

I have a 2003 VW jetta and, as far as the brakes go, they wear out very quickly and I just paid $780 to have the front and back replaced. Seems a little steep for brakes considering how little I had to pay for brakes on my previous car: a honda civic. I also got more life out of them.

Transmission: I also just had my entire transmission replaced at 50k miles, the dealer said something about it could have snapped(?).

Theses are only a few problems on the long list that I've had with my Jetta. Not to mention needing an entire brand new Air Conditioning unit at 25K miles.

My only concern is that the problems won't stop. If you're not in the same position as me, and paid so much for the car initially, and wouldn't be so far upside-down in payments, I would get rid of it ASAP.

23rd Mar 2007, 17:02

I have not checked my comments left on my post since 2004 and I apologize.

I have recently traded the 2004 silver Jetta GLS 2.0 automatic for a 2007 gti 6-speed manual. My Jetta had some issues at the beginning, relating to the brakes and seat click and such, but over a month, the brake pedal tightened up, and the click I got used to. I had no other problems with the car after that.

I drive my cars a lot, and I traded it in with 80000 miles on it in less than three years. We will see how the new GTI works out. I will post something for this car too. Thanks for all your concerns.

12th Apr 2007, 10:52

My very unhappy experience with VW Jetta 2004 (zero miles) Recap of my experience...

1st. month: I have to take it for repairs (something wrong with the turbo system) I couldn't go more than 30 mph, two days without a car.

2nd month more repairs, a re-call, I couldn't go more than 40 miles/hour, this time, 3 days without a car.

4th month passenger window didn't go up, I have to drive this brand new car with a garbage bag taped to the door, for two days.

5th month light went on, back to service.

6th month more problems and more repairs.

04/10/07 more problems and more problems, in March I spent $700.00 in repairs, yesterday, I paid $225.93 for another repair, so I can take an emission test.

I called VW Corporate office in the last four years, several time, I asked them if I can return the car (or piece of...) and get some of my money back: no answer.

My next car: a TOYOTA or HONDA.

3rd Sep 2008, 07:20

I have had 2 VWs. My advice to all VW owners is to learn to do the required maintenance yourself. My first VW was in the shop all the time. I NEVER took our second VW to the shop and it works flawlessly. The 2 VW were identical models and the same year. Peace.

4th Sep 2008, 02:20

I've noticed a distinct difference between VWs made in Germany and elsewhere.I've just bought models from Germany, not that it was intentional. Sirocco and Golfs were indestructible.Indeed, they outlasted the Audi, Saab and Peugeot 505 I've owned.I've had a 06' Rabbit for 2 years now (made in Wolfsburg) and it's been bulletproof so far.