13th Mar 2008, 17:30

I bought my 2001 VW Jetta GLX VR6 12v back in 2004. It was a one owner lease.

Yes I still have the car, and I have to say VWs do have their little issues, but I am a proud VW owner and I plan on driving VW from now on. Most of the problems previously stated are all things that you fix once and that's it.

Additionally, many of the problem areas are with the Jetta model since its manufacture moved from Germany to Mexico. The Passat, Touareg and Beetle are made in Germany and they do not have the issues of the Jetta, MKIV model from 99-2005.

I have fixed all my problems, the coil pack for one can be fixed with JB Weld for $5.00, not the $350.00 at the dealership.

The stop light switch was a recalled issue. Also the turn signal relay was a recall.

If you want the best quality car in its class/ price range, the most fun to drive car in its class, you should choose Jetta. The newly remodeled Jetta does not have these old model problems, and no other model has these issues. VW had problems with the MKIV Jetta from 99-05, but again, that is only for the Jetta made in Mexico.

If you want knowledge about fixing VW's, go to VW Vortex Forums where you will gain knowledge to fix your own automobile, with instructions and detailed pictures.

And yes, mine does smell like crayons. I think it's funny and it does NOT bother anyone I have ever had in my car. Maybe it's worse in some cars than others; it's not that bad in my car, and I don't realize it at this point unless someone else gets in and says something about my crayons.

Again, I LOVE VW.

13th Mar 2008, 20:27

2001 Jetta VR6 - I love it until something breaks, but often it is covered by one of the 'secret' recalls/warranties that you're not told about until you talk to the dealership. "Oh,yeah, VW has identified that as a problem and we'll fix it..." I'm so relieved to hear that I'm not paying for it, but I am always afraid that something is going to give way. I fear my car as much as I love it (it sounds so tawdry!). Scared to pass it on to teenaged driver in my home, however.


- Window controls are consistently inconsistent.

- Windshield fluid motor is shot.

- Both front windows have dropped.

- Center console latch broken.

- Front bumper is always falling off.

- Interior water after rain. Fixed by cutting off the ends of little black 'nipples' (that divert water from sunroof track) located inside the driver and passenger front doors. They clog and back up. You can Google the how-to.

- Recently lost engine power, motor rattled badly, engine light blinked, strong smell of gas. VW dealer wanted almost $1000 to change spark plugs/wires and clean fuel injection. Advanced Auto had parts for $160. Again, pictorial how-to online, less than two hours.

- Engine light goes on for no reason. Recently fixed under recall.

To note: EPA has identified a catalytic converter problem that has made VW extend the warranty to 10/120,000.

2nd May 2008, 22:15

I wanted to document my CRAYON odor experience for perspective buyers. Myself, I would not have purchased this car if I knew I would have to put up with this odor and I am considering taking some sort of legal remedy.

I have 1998 New Beetle since new.

It currently has 52k miles and lives in coastal-cool Santa Barbara California.

It has cloth interior and was manufactured in Puebla Mexico.

It is mostly garaged with windows up. I am a control freak and rarely let anyone roll down the windows and use air conditioning instead.

It has always been washed and detailed (dusted and vacuumed) by myself. No one has sprayed anything in it except Volkswagen sealant products. Many people commented on the "new car" smell for several years.

About two years ago I started noticing the crayon/burning oil smell. The smell can get very strong to the point of skunk-like causing eye burning and chest pains similar to sitting downwind from a campfire. It sticks to you and your clothes.

While driving or parked I now crack the window to vent with little success. The smell occurs in cool and warm weather and seems strongest after driving but also even after sitting in the garage for several days.

Twice I have asked the dealer to determine what the odor is and they cannot detect it (one service representative had a very competitive cologne on.) Annoying, yes, very much so and hopefully we all won't find out over time that it is affecting our health.

3rd May 2008, 08:57

I am so happy to have found other people who also have the "crayon" smell in their 2001 Jettas! The wax-like odor is pervasive and has worried me for years. My husband has been driving the car for the past few months and it has been making him feel sick. I have never had any help from dealerships when asking about the smell -- they have never directly addressed it. Thanks so much for posting your comments. I hope to get some help from VW now that I know that I am not alone.

8th Jul 2008, 12:10

My daughter recently moved to the east coast and I inherited her 2002 VW Beetle. The smell of crayons is overwhelming and sickening. I had smelled it before but I was rarely in the car and so didn't pay close attention. Now I am driving the car and I know something is very wrong. If this problem is so widespread, someone must have taken legal action? I called the dealership and the representative told me he wasn't aware of any common problems with crayon smells and VW had not offered to fix any such problem. The smell definitely sticks to your clothes. Has anyone gotten VW to admit to a problem?

20th Jul 2008, 15:00

I have a 2002 Jetta that has the "crayon" smell. it is overwhelming and unmistakable. I researched it on the web and there seems to be three possibilities. The interior plastics, the insulation under the carpets and the rust proofing. I don't smell it coming from the interior plastic, I don't believe it would be so strong if it was rust proofing and today I pulled up the carpet and cut a piece of the sound proofing off. It is without doubt the waxy layer of backing on the sound proof material. I'm going to pursue it with VW.

24th Jul 2008, 16:59

I have a 2001 Jetta GLX with 110,000 miles. Similar problems to everyone else here - windows, glove box latch broken, and an engine light that never goes off.

I gave up with engine light. It has come on everytime I have started my car for the last 15,000 miles. Annoying, yes, but not worth it too get a light fixed when nothing is wrong.

I have stuck to the maintenance to a tee and have only got oil changes every 10,000 miles. So far - no major problems.

The crayon smell, yes! Mine went away at around 35,000 miles when all the annoying door goo finally leaked out during really hot weather. Has not returned.