28th Oct 2004, 08:05

Our Jetta also has the Crayon smell and it's ridiculously annoying. We live in the South where it can get pretty steamy and have frequently noticed an orangey pale goo running out from under the doors. It's a very waxy substance and this is my guess for the cause of the odor.

Other issues: the front bumper continually pops, the finish on the interior vinyl peels off, the glove compartment door has broken twice, and the arm rest latch is broken.

16th Jan 2005, 17:13

I bought a 2001 6 cylinder (w/leather) Jetta for my daughter and also experienced the "crayon smell" phenomenon. The dealer never acknowledged that they smelled anything out of the ordinary- but they did offer to clean the air ducts for a few hundred dollars- which of course I declined. Finally, repeated complaints to the dealer when I'd bring the car in for service, I demanded to speak to the factory rep, who saw my car and without even meeting me in person, authorized the replacement of the insulation under the carpeting throughout the entire interior. The dealer stripped the insides out, took out all the seats, dash and carpeting, did the job- they had the car for 4 days- and put new insulation in. The "crayon smell" is gone, but now it smells from something different, and unfortunately- there is still a problem, as I and my daughter continue to suffer from nausea, headache, intestinal cramping, malaise, and other symptoms, after riding in the car, that I believe is caused by the chemicals in the insulation that is outgasing into the air you breathe. This is a serious health issue that Volkswagen is not doing enough about, leaving us consumers to suffer.

17th May 2005, 01:44

I am so relieved that other people are experiencing the "melted crayon" smell in their Jettas. I recently bought a 2001, used VW Jetta and am going crazy with this smell! I am positive that it is the plastic that the dashboard is made of. I have been cleaning it everyday and the only thing that seems to work is cleaner that has an orange or citrus based scent... I wish I would have known this about Jettas sooner! I'll never buy a VW again!

29th May 2005, 01:24

I am also very relieved to find out the "crayon smell" is not just a problem in my Jetta. Everytime I give my friends a ride, they always comment on the smell. Some of my buddies even refer to it as the crayonmobile. Obviously, this is not a label that I like my car to have! If this is such a widespread thing, why hasn't VW addressed it? I agree that the dealership is very overpriced and the service is a major pain. I have had a lot of minor things go wrong with the car: the trunk latch broke, the center armrest broke, the oxygen sensor failed, I could keep going...

However, I still love my Jetta- the VR6 engine really gets up and goes, especially with the 5-speed manual. I enjoy rowing my own gears, but find the shifter to be a bit rubbery and disconnected. Also, the gear ratios could be improved in my opinion. I absolutely love the monsoon sound system as well as the interior (well, most of it) The material on the door handles has been peeling off for a while. In this price range, I feel that no other car comes close to offering this much luxury and sophistication. If you can stand the maintenace headaches, this is a very desirable automobile.

30th May 2005, 18:08

I wanted to comment on all the other references to "crayon-smell" in the cars. It is the quality and sealant in the high grade leather, Volvo's often have the same smell. I like it!

30th May 2005, 19:15

Wow...I also have the crayon smell. I put Downy dryer sheets under my seats which seems to help. Other problems I've had (where do I begin)

I have a 2001 Jetta (bought new)

* Plastic side things fell out of my sunroof

* Windows will go up automatically and then come right down

* Drivers and passenger windows fell out of runner

* I go through more brake lights and head lights then I can count

* Car makes an awful grinding noise when making turns (VW dealer can never hear the noise when they take it for a test drive)

* I've had to replace both rear rotors

* now my car has suddenly started to burn oil

* my arm rest latch broke

* my engine temp gauge works sometimes, sometimes not

* interior lights sometimes work, sometimes not.

I hate my car, but love the look of it. Will never buy another Jetta!!!

20th Jun 2005, 22:24

No. This is completely false. Mine is material not leather. I've heard everything from "it's mildew in the A/C vents" to "it's the padding under the carpeting" to "it's the wax in the doors". When this smell is bad (which is almost always), my clothes smell so strongly of it that it makes me nauseous.


27th Jun 2005, 14:03

I agree that it is not the leather. We own a 2001 Jetta with non-leather seats and the smell is sickening. We also have had to replace the fuel injectors and a/c module. Together they cost us over $2,500. Now I am on this site because the passenger window fell down today! I guess I'm not the only dissatisfied Jetta owner.

29th Jun 2005, 13:35

Like so many others, I'm glad to hear that the "crayon smell" doesn't only exist in my 2001 Jetta. Fortunately, it's not so strong that its offensive to me... although others have commented on it.

Since buying my car used nearly 2 months ago:

There is a perpetual grinding noise that seems to come from under the front-end that I can't explain (sometimes you hear it, sometimes you don't).

My passenger side bumper vent has popped out who knows where (anybody know where I can find a new one at a discount price?).

I just noticed yesterday at the car wash that my bumper is loose and looks like it will try to liberate itself in the next few days.

And, of course, my car smells like crayons.

That being said, so far I'm enjoying my car. I love the way it looks inside and out. However, I don't think I'll buy another Jetta (but will stick with German cars).

7th Jul 2005, 13:54

I am truly amazed to find out that so many people have the same problem with "crayon" odor in their 2001 Jetta's. My family and I first noticed the odor even before we purchased the car. We did mention it to the Sales person. The odor was mostly covered-up on our purchase date, although my daughter and I could still smell it. Over a few months the odor got stronger and stronger. I too, believe that the nauseating smell comes from within the dashboard. We had taken the Jetta in to have the odor of the car analyzed at the place we purchased it. Every person there denied that there was any bad odor, but did spend some time inspecting it for us. This nauseating "crayon" odor has obviously been brought to the attention of Volkswagen many times. I truly believe this is a defect in the manufacturing of the car and am extremely dissappointed that Volkswagen has not ever done anything about it. We also own a Passat which we love. But due to the experience of the jetta, we will probably not purchase another Volkswagen car.