5th Oct 2005, 01:56

Hi, I just bought a 2001 New Beetle and I have the same crayon smell! It's so disappointing and too big of a purchase to just dismiss.

I contacted the dealership from where it was purchased, and they said it could be the ventilation system or the carpet, costing $300-600 respectively.

I have contacted VW USA hoping that they will replace the carpet, etc. If not, I am going to contact a lawyer to file a complaint or begin a class action suit. I do not know how else to get this resolved. I have read comment after comment, web page after web page, and feel that they need to have some accountability for this. I am also reporting this to the Better Business Bureau at http://www.bbb.org/. I suggest you do the same.

If I find out any more information, I will post it here.

6th Oct 2005, 15:52

I bought a used 2000 Jetta GLS a couple of years ago. I guess I have been relatively lucky: The bumpers seem to stay on and the windows still work properly.

There have been a couple of small items. First, the car has always used a quart of oil every 1,000 - 2,000 miles. I'm told I'm lucky--some Jettas use twice that much. It is just a pain that I have to check it all the time. The oil cap was leaking oil for a while. A $15 replacement cap fixed the problem.

The hazard/turn signal flasher (it is actually built into the hazard button in the middle of the dash) needed to be replaced. The temperature sensor also failed, but the VW dealership replaced this under the emissions warranty.

The item that really upset me was the awful smell coming from the vents when you used the air conditioner. No crayons, here, but more like a pair of sweaty socks that have been in the hamper too long. When I complained to the VW dealer, they offered a full air conditioning service - for $300. I even asked the service rep to just have them check it out to see if the evaporator drain was clogged or something. (He was really kind of an aggravating jerk the way he insisted on the full air conditioning service.) In any case, I decided instead to take it to an independent mechanic. He charged me $50 to replace the cabin air filter. He showed me the old one. It was positively green and slimy. That fixed the problem. The worst part is that this item is supposed to be replaced during regular service, and the dealer had either forgotten or simply not done it. Really awful, considering that VW service is really expensive. Needless to say, I don't take my car to the dealer for service any more.

28th Oct 2005, 19:09

Wow! I just purchased a 2001 Jetta GLS and tomorrow I am picking it up. I was excited, but after reading everyones comments I'm a bit worried. I did notice the crayon smell when I test drove it today, but it wasn't enough to put me over the edge or nauseate me. I love the look and feel of it though. The design is purely timeless. From what I've heard Audis/VWs have always had electrical problems, so I'm sure I'll encounter that sometime. Otherwise I am excited to be driving this car. Being a college student and 22 I hope I made the right choice with my first major auto purchase???

2nd Nov 2005, 07:57

I have a 2001 VW Jetta also. The car is a nice, fun and cute car. Yet, the problems are expensive to fix and the dealership is very pricey. My car's battery went out and it cost a total of $400 dollars to reset the computer and put in a battery. Then they informed me that my radio *from Best Buy* caused the confusion in the computer. I have never heard anything like this. This just happened last night so I will have to check on it. If that is the case I will have to get a VW made Cd player, because the come standard with tape players.

17th Dec 2005, 13:59

My 2001 Jetta smells like crayons, too!! Although I am totally annoyed by the smell, I am so relieved to read that others have this problem, too. I have tried everything, even when the smell seems to be gone for a day or two, it comes back.

The Jetta has also spent a lot of time in the shop. One time I had to leave it at the dealer for an entire month because they kept getting "the wrong part in". The did not provide a loaner either! Then, the thermostat went out, the check engine light comes on all the time--then goes off for a few weeks--the dealer can't find anything wrong. Other warning lights have also come on. I hate the fact that I have to schedule an appointment to have my car looked at (at the dealer), and the appointment is often a week or two in the future.

I will NEVER purchase another Jetta!!!

23rd Jan 2006, 08:51

I have a 2002 VW Jetta TDI with leather interior, and it has the infamous "crayola smell". I want this problem fixed, but my dealer said it was something they treat the leather with, and can't be fixed. I'm not sure what to do next.

As far as other problems, I stopped taking the car to VW to have it serviced around 40,000 miles. To my surprise, the car STOPPED having problems at that time. My suggestion: Find an independent mechanic to service your car, and stick with him. My car has 85,000 miles on it, and it hasn't had any other problems since I did that. I guess I should consider myself lucky.

31st Jan 2006, 19:03

Read all you can here and on the internet = it's NOT the leather because most cars that have the stink don't even have leather. Dealerships lie.

1st Feb 2006, 10:28

On one of the other boards someone said that the crayon smell comes from the sound insulation that VW uses. Apparently it is made of some form of wax and when the car "heats up" the wax literally melts and smells like crayons.

I think the fix is something like ripping up the carpeting and removing all the wax insulation.

9th Feb 2006, 16:39

I was wondering what all the goo that looked like it was running out of the car was. It is some wax. Center console jammed upright how do I put it down?

9th Feb 2006, 16:42

I think the Jetta is better than my 1997 Hyundai Accent in performance. But by reading these reports I don't think it would last 300k miles like the Hyundai.

4th Mar 2006, 13:55

Every time I blink, the front bumper, grille and dust pan fall off on my 2001 Jetta. I have had the dealer repair it 3 times to the tune of over $500.00. When my son pulled to the shoulder of the freeway, the bumper caught on the edge of the pavement and the entire front end came off. I got smart and bought the parts off the Internet, (Ebay), had a body shop spray it for $175.00 and I re-assembled it. The whole front of the car is new for under $500.00. Now I am going to dump this sucker before something else goes wrong. BTW, Crayon smell, broken arm rest, lights burning out, dirty sock smell from A/C, had them all also. Too bad, sweet road car. Going to get a Toyota.