5th Aug 2005, 14:16

The car receives 500-600 mpg because it runs on diesel fuel, which provides a much higher gas mileage.

11th Aug 2005, 07:33

I guess if I went from a Neon to a Jetta, I wold be happy too... for a while.

16th Aug 2005, 08:59

And you never will replace the timing chain... because it has a TIMING BELT.

And if that belt hasn't been replaced yet, it is about to snap and trash your engine!

16th Aug 2005, 14:06

Indeed, VW's have all had timing belts until 2005, when they started putting timing chains on the new jetta. You should really not brag about not having changed the timing belt by 174,000 miles. That's amazing that it hasn't snapped and killed your engine, maintenance suggests replacing it every 60,000 miles though I waited until 80k and it was fine. If you want to own your jetta for some time, consider changing that.

30th Aug 2005, 16:28

I have driven a 91 Jetta TDI for 350,000 miles and a 96 Passat TDI for 305,000 miles with no major engine or transmission issues. I have averaged 43 miles per gallon, making it a fuel efficent car. My biggest complaint, now that gas or diesel is over $2.50 everyone wants one and I can't find one at a fair price! My biggest expense over the years has been tires. I don't get service done at a VW dealership, but at a independent for minor stuff, the timing belt change happens at the dealership. I would like a Passat TDI with a 6 speed manual transmission and more horses. The big three in NA should have been selling diesels along time along. Why can a European drive a Honda Accord diesel or a Chrysler Caravan diesel, but not in the U.S.?

31st Aug 2005, 21:57

Actually Diesels get better fuel mileage because they have a higher compression ratio. This is possible because the fuel is added (injected) at the instant of ignition, and in fact is the ignition trigger. Homogeneous fuel mixtures such as those in spark-ignition engines would detonate because of the temperature rise resulting from compression and therefore are limited in maximum compression ratio. Gasolines and Diesel fuels have about the same energy per Kilo and stoichiometry has nothing whatsoever to do with this. Rather than debating this, please refer to Mark's Mechanical Engineer's Handbook or Lichty Combustion Engine Processes for a thorough if tedious discussion.

11th Sep 2005, 09:14

I just bought the 2006 Jetta TDI. I saw someone say they started putting in Timing chains insted of belts.. Is this true? I hope it is :) belts scare me.. I am 34 female from Florida never owned a new car or a VW before. Thanks for all you comments I have learned a lot from you all. Marian

20th Sep 2005, 17:00

It seems the same people who are dissatisfied with VW post negative comments on every thread that starts here - it may be just 6 people who have posted >50 comments for all I know.

I have a VW - it's not very reliable, however, they drive and handle very nicely, are not appliances in the sense that a Toyota or Honda are, and look / feel good. VW are fun to drive despite all problems. That's what keeps people buying them.

Also remember, all cars, no matter what brand have faults in design and are subject to recalls and warranty claims. My new Subaru has not been problem free, and my former Honda Civic was a piece of crap.

Don't post these nasty remarks about "of course he's satisifed because he used to drive a Neon"

19th Oct 2005, 21:05

What exactly is the maintance interval with the timing chain???

21st Nov 2005, 11:09

You may want to check out this website for maintenance info. regarding the timing belt/chain. It's really pretty informative. http://tdiclub.com/TDIFAQ/

15th Jan 2006, 21:22

VW recommends 105000 miles for a timing belt change on the TDI engine per the owners manual.

17th Jan 2006, 10:23

I would not follow that schedule. 80k miles is a better insurance policy for that $10,000 engine.

6th Jun 2006, 15:02

As the original poster, I thought I'd let everyone know that my '05 Jetta TDI is still going strong after 25,000 miles. With the exception of the blown out fuse I replaced 24,939 miles ago, the car has remained a maintenance free vehicle. Still love my TDI!!!

26th Jul 2006, 08:43

I hope at 25,000 miles your car hasn't been maintenance free, just repair free. I've had my 2005.5 Jetta TDI since June 2005, now at about 22,000 miles, and I've had plenty of maintenance - oil change at 5,000, 10,000 and 20,000 miles, plus the other regular maintenance items like fuel filter at 20k and tire rotations. It's been a great car, and I'm averaging about 41 mpg combined city/highway and have exceeded 50 mpg on extended highway trips. Love the DSG automated manual transmission.

6th Oct 2006, 08:35

He's still going strong with 32K miles on him! I still love my TDI!!

1st May 2007, 08:22

40K on my Jetta and still loving it!

31st Oct 2007, 11:28

Well, with everyone arguing about how I use the word 'maintenance' in my post, I've decided to just leave that word out this time.

Here's the scoop on my '05 TDI. I just crossed the 50K mark and am still loving my TDI. I replaced fuse #14 at just under 30K (turns out the whole issue was due to an overzealous detailer) and have not had to replace anything else since then... with the exception of oil and wiper fluid. I will get a set of new tires before the snow flies, but other than that, no problems whatsoever!

Best mpg I've gotten on the Wagon is 51. My average ranges between 44 - 47... depending on the type of driving I do which changes on a daily basis. The long road trips is where I've scored 49 - 51 mpg.

26th Mar 2009, 00:54

My 2005 TDI has been very expensive to maintain. The mileage is great (60 plus imperial mpg (I'm in Canada so our gallons are 20% larger) but I worked out my costs over and above regular maintenance (oil changes, etc.) have been in excess of $6,500 at 152,00km (a little less than 100,000 miles).

At the incremental savings on fuel, I'll need to get another 150,000 km out of this car without spending a cent on major repairs.

My experience - they are a cool car and fun to drive, but trade 'em off at 80,000 km or so or be prepared for big repair bills. Dealer concurred - they are a "high maintenance car".

Mine is out of here just as fast as I can trade it for something reliable made here!