28th Aug 2007, 18:22

I have a VW Jetta 1.8 Turbo. The first 50000 km was great, not too many problems except the fact that the light that illuminates the climate control unit keeps on burning out. After the dealer replaced the light bulb 3 times, I complained and then they decided it wasn't the light bulb that was causing the problem, it was the entire unit. So that cost about $300 dollars. I called the VW Canada to complain, and got some money back.

The engine lights comes on regularly after the warranty expires. So each time I took my car to the VW dealer, they said one of the sensors is not working, causing the engine light to come on. I decided to replace the oxygen sensor. Two months later, the engine light came on again, and the VW dealer said some other sensor is not working. I spend a total of about $500 to replace the sensors.

Right now I have about 190,000 km in my Jetta. The engine light has been on since 90,000 km and I have been driving with the light on without any problem. I live in BC, Canada, and I can pass the air care system in Canada as well; it doesn't seem to cost me anything more on the gas. So please don't replace the sensor, because it will just keep on breaking.

VW have many many recalls, on brake light, seat belt, window clip that prevents the window to fall straight down. So please, unless you are a mechanic, do not buy a second hand VW Jetta!!!

12th Apr 2008, 08:25

I know a TON of people who drive VWs, including myself that drive a variety of years and drive normal and beat on their cars, and I have NEVER heard of the things you guys complain of.

13th Aug 2008, 13:54

I have 230,000 miles on my Jetta GLX. (Only Owner) I love it! Great Gas Mileage and "Super" fun to drive! Can't believe all these people have all these problems.

Oop's! As I speak I now have to replace the Clutch and Starter. Not bad for that kind of mileage!

3rd Dec 2008, 23:02

I have a VR6, and I adore the car and it is loaded with all the extras. I have not experienced any of the things that I have been reading. Sure hope my car doesn't turn into a lemon.