2000 Volkswagen Jetta GLS 1.8 turbo from Puerto Rico


Plastic Surgery Car: Pretty outside, Crappy inside


Window Clips inside the door broke, they are plastic & with the heat in the tropics, it breaks when it hits the bottom. Changed 2 times at driver's side and 3 times in the passenger side.

Glove compartment spring broke 3 times, 2 times covered by warranty.

Check Engine light came on and no problems found yet. Still on...

The shift handle could not be moved, kept trying and then it shifted. Took it to the dealer inmediately and it was covered under warranty.

All interior trims are peeling and greasy.

General Comments:

Like the look of the car and the handling, but the interior details are a mess, feels like a 20 year old car!!!

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Review Date: 8th March, 2006

2000 Volkswagen Jetta GLX 2.5 VR6 from North America


Money trap but the way they take those corners...


I've been driving VW's for about for about 6 years now and have grown to love them. I've owned a Golf, 3 Jettas (GLI model) and one GTI. These were all products of the early 1990's. They ran well, but on top of that they were EASY to work on. My only dream was to be able to buy a new one... Well I wish I would've found this site before I had!

Sure, at first, the Jetta convinces you with its sleek, sporty appearance and the growl of the VR6..once you take that bait, you're headed for a life of replacing parts and renting loaners.

I haven't calculated all the money I've spent because I really don't wanna know. I could've been driving a bimmer by now though I'm sure. OK so first to go was my front cup holders.. just a little piece of plastic so I ordered it new from dealer. Ended up costing a whopping $246! So the fun begins: Rear cup holder; Sunroof jammed; countless numbers of recalls; rear drivers side window fell into the door; sometimes when I try to get my window down, it goes up instead; coolant system always making a gurgling sound; brake light sensor (EPC light) ; Problems with car stereo. Here's a perfect example of why to never get a VW... MY VW shop called me at 4 o'clock on Friday to tell me that my brake light sensor switch was installed. However, the brake lights being on while waiting to get into the shop, drained my battery and it was supposedly *un-rechargeable* and that they were all leaving for the day right then. Right now at this very moment, I have to drive to my dealer, locate my car, THEN I have to change my own battery in their parking lot. Is it too much too ask to have my car fixed?! Thanks for fixing my sensor so the brake lights don't stay on. That helps a lot without a battery..

If you can afford it I strongly recommend going to BMW. They are expensive to buy, but the way they hold up is amazing. The ultimate driving machine by far.

My girlfriend reminded me of a few other problems that we had so here goes... the horn works when it wants to only, back drivers side door lock broke, passengers heat seat is broken and the 200 dollar shop charge to diagnose that; when I had that $250 cup holder replaced, the tech working ended up breaking the buttons off of my radio and cracked the whole front of the radio and to repair it-- they hot glued the buttons on!! And never offered to replace it! Trunk light has never worked for more than a couple days after replacing bulb even after having the shop check it at least 4 times while in for other service... All of this has happened to the car is the past two years! Do yourself a favor and stay away from VW!

General Comments:

Don't buy it.

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Review Date: 25th February, 2006

12th Jul 2006, 14:46

Ugh! Sounds so similar to my problems! VW dealerships are a joke! A complete joke!! They don't know how to fix the car, they don't care about quality car, or making the consumer happy. All they want is your money and lots of it!!!

16th Aug 2007, 11:01

As I approach the 200,000 mile plateau and being the only owner, I think I can accurately access the value of my 2000 Jetta GLX! First, it is the funnest car to drive! Great Acceleration, Great Steering, and the 5 speed is a blast! Leather heated seating is super in the winter. Just a fun car to drive!

Downside! Expensive to drive. 91 Octane is getting old, but if you want performance, you pay for it! Car will run well on regular on long trips (Highway), in fact will get 34 MPG as opposed to 31 with high octane gas! Great gas mileage with 5 speed! 16 inch tires deliver great traction!

On the whole! Great car, expensive to maintain! Stay away from Dealerships unless you enjoy Colonoscopies! Find good Local Mechanic who knows his stuff! When car is "Right", this is a great ride and fun to drive!

One other thing! It has a ***** Crash Rating! Side, Front & Rear! Important if you have a family!