2000 Volkswagen Jetta VR6 6 Cylinder from North America


You will love to drive it, just don't buy it!


Glove box hinge broke.

Center console hinge snapped off.

Heat/Air conditioning fan broke.

Driver side window clips.

Passenger side window clips.

Mass Air Flow Sensor.

Temperature Sender.

Throttle Body Replaced at 41,000 miles.

Throttle Body #2.

Catalytic Converter.

Fuel Pump relay.

Brake light Switch.

ECM (the computer that controls all that stuff!)

Wiring Harness- 2 broken wires and 3 worn wires replaced.

New ECM has a bad Ground causing Throttle Valve issues, still fighting with VW over it.

General Comments:

By definition this car is a love/hate experience. When it is running it is super fast and handles like a dream with a power curve that never stops.

On the other hand it is plagued by problems in both fit and finish and with the engine mechanics.

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Review Date: 31st July, 2006

21st Aug 2006, 17:15

I appreciate your comments and the comments of others. Because of your time to detail these complaints, my college daughter in Tallahassee won't be getting a GLX.

25th Nov 2006, 15:29

What can I say, I must agree 100% with the original post. This car is a dream to drive, but has been a nightmare with service.

We own a 2000 VR6 with an Automatic transmission. While it ran great for a year or so, we started getting tons of error messages and such on this vehicle. We've replaced a speed sensor, a brake light indicator switch, transmission control module, and were now looking at a new transmission and numerous exhaust system repairs.

While I love this car from a driving standpoint, the mechanical aspects of this car are awful. The car only has 85,000 miles, and this is at least the second transmission for this vehicle.

I also had a bad experience with the dealership we bought it at, mislead that this was a certified vehicle, never told that the transmission had been replaced even though it was a VW rebuild on the transmission, and the dealership we have it serviced at now has been poor at best with service standards.

Stay away from VW in general as this has become a money pit for my family.

2000 Volkswagen Jetta 2.0 gas from North America


Disappointed in the reliability


1. Brake rotors rusted and were literally crumbling in layers like shale, when the car was about 4 years old. My (non-dealer) mechanic said that he had seen it a lot as VW used a poor quality supplier for brakes.

2. Water pump broke.

3. Twice had check engine for O2 sensor.

4. Anti-Lock Brake sensors corroded causing my ABS not to work until I got them replaced.

5. Front cup holder broke.

6. Glove compartment door hinge broke.

7. Electrical issue related to the driver door lock. It won’t lock with the remote, but the other doors do and the alarm sets even though the driver door can be opened. If you open it, the alarm goes off. If you lock it with the key, it does not set the alarm or lock the other doors. If you set off the alarm, there is no way to turn it off with the key, which is a problem if you use a key without a remote or a broken remote (my car was used and only one remote worked). This problem is intermittent; mostly not working, but on occasion will work. I have been suffering with this one as it sounds like it will be a nasty one to find.

General Comments:

Good performance and handling, fun to drive.

Not bad, but expected better mileage for a 4 cylinder with a standard transmission. My 89 Jetta was better.

Less roomy that the 89 Jetta in both cabin and trunk.

Comfortable... best standard non-power seats I've seen. Only non-power seat with tilt.

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Review Date: 28th July, 2006

2000 Volkswagen Jetta GLS 4 cylinder. 2.0 from North America


Love it and Hate it


Front Cup holder Broke.

Glove box hinge broke.

Horn randomly does not work.

Brake lights randomly work or not.

Alarm will sometimes go off after I've unlocked the car.

General Comments:

I love this car and it has been dependable, but so many little things are going wrong with it. It looks great, but I don't have the time or money to be constantly fixing things that are going wrong.

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Review Date: 24th July, 2006