4th Jul 2006, 21:03

I am a teenage driver, the Jetta was my first car as a graduation gift last year, it is a beautiful car, thrifty too! Great on gas (DIESEL ACTUALLY), and since it is a Lease I will never have to deal with repair bills, JUST THE SERVICE PEOPLE who CANNOT find the problem the first time!

My parents love it, because I can afford to drive me and 3 friends back home comfortably, and not have to spend more than 10$ on diesel each! THERE AND BACK!

This car is cozy, thrifty, fun and safe. Just the service @ VW is less than desirable!

19th Sep 2006, 23:51

This is my Jetta Update:

Finally got the navigation disk after almost 2 months of the runaround.. I have to drive my car to the nearest VW dealership which is 2 hours away at least once a month...

The XM radio will not work!!! They say it is on XM's end, but the receiver in the car will not even come on! The coating on the radio button on the nav chipped off on a hot day, and after they replaced the nav unit, they had the nerve to ask me if I armor all the interior of the car... I am 19 years old and I take very good care of my car... If I'm responsible enough at 19 to drive a 30 thousand dollar car, then I'm worthy of respect at the VW service department.

I'm getting rid of this car ASAP... I will never buy a VW again! I feel that I could have just wiped my behind with my parent's 30 thousand dollars!

8th Dec 2006, 18:17

I am completely satisfied with my new 07 Jetta Wolfsburg Edition. I feel that I recieved the most car for the money. I have spent a great deal of time looking at different vehicles, and definately find this one the be the most value.

25th Jan 2007, 16:17

I also just leased a 2007 Jetta Wolfsburg Edition, and I must say, this car is awesome. I'm not quite sure what the poster above was referring to, having to spend $500-$1000 per year? This is the 6th VW I have owned/leased- and I am not some biased VW guy- I have actually owned/leased a couple of Saturns & a Honda. Maybe I have just been lucky, but I have never experienced the yearly repair amounts mentioned above.

I any case- the car is a joy to drive. I have the manual, and the gas is a bit uneven to the clutch, but man this car hauls! The car is just beautiful inside & out- best bang for the buck around.

25th Jan 2007, 22:38

I agree with the above. I leased an 07 Wolfsburg. No navigation system and no satellite radio, so I can't speak to issues with those options. I also have a manual transmission. At this price point, I don't see anything I like as much. I'm only at 2000 miles, so its still early, but the car continues to be a solid driver. The only faults I can speak of are the pedal arrangement, the sensitivities of the clutch and throttle are mismatched (see my review under '06 Jetta's, this site would not allow me to post it as an 07), and the car is a bit slow frankly, but it moves on fine.

I just drove it through a solid month of snow and ice as well, and I can say the car does well in both. The anti-lock brakes pulse very hard, but are effective. Overall a very positive experience, but have not had any reason for service yet.

2nd Feb 2007, 14:10

I've had a 2006 GLI for well over a year now and not a single problem with it. I didn't have any problems with my last VW (2001 GTI) either. My girlfriend has had problems with her Jetta, but she never read the service manual/doesn't follow the schedule, so I'm not suprised about that.

12th Feb 2007, 21:51

I think it's a little drastic to decide you are getting rid of the car just because one dealer was mean and a small trim piece broke. It's a perfectly good car.