2006 Volkswagen Jetta TDI 1.9 turbo diesel from North America


Unexpected and unacceptable repairs


From 0 miles to this date, the trans has a short power loss on takeoff. Also, had a noise (rattle) from the trans at under 900 RPM, that was the result of the flywheel failure that should be covered by VW at 60,000 miles; repair cost about $3,000.

Alternator clutch pulley failure at 100K, which the dealer needed $1,200 to repair, and I did it myself for $110.00 (pulley, not the complete alternator).

Rear wheel bearing Rt/Lt at 175K. Dealer cost $1,700, and I did it myself for $260 with a Timken bearing (512319 part). Do not use VW OEM; others have had them go out after less than 40k.

CV joints replaced by a dealer in Grand Rapids, MI, who did a very good job. The original dealer elsewhere would be my best reason to never buy VW for my next car.

Driver's side mirror fell off (96K) due to corrosion of the aluminum on the folding joint, and the other side is on its way out also now at 180k.

Had to replace the hood due to corrosion on a seam. However, VW covered the cost under a 10 year paint protection program.

One good thing, it's still on the original front brake pads at 180K.

General Comments:

This Jetta has very good handling, and very good MPG in all road conditions with the TDI diesel motor. The interior is very good with no problems. Heated seats ++++.

The VW dealer will tell you that this car can go 400+K, and I think it is possible and a good selling point. However, the flywheel failure in the TDI diesel will be a major problem for VW on returning customers. A reasonable person will not accept a major drive train failure like this. VW needs to do the right thing and recall the dual mass flywheel.

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Review Date: 19th February, 2013

20th Feb 2013, 13:20

Sorry, you mentioned a dual-mass flywheel; just to confirm, is your car a manual or an automatic? (the car specs column says it's an automatic)

12th Mar 2013, 13:52

Yes, the 2006 VW Jetta is an automatic trans.

2006 Volkswagen Jetta TDI 1.9 turbo diesel from North America


The 2006 Jetta is a car that falls apart


The wiring harness in the driver's door failed, and none of the power accessories would work. One by one, my power mirrors failed, the power windows failed, the power door locks failed, the power trunk switch failed, and the fuel door switch failed. That's when my husband stepped in to investigate, noting that all the wires that fed from the door thru the body had cracked or split completely. The repair including a new harness will be around $450 Cdn. He has temporarily soldered the wires, and everything but the windows are working.

And today, on Halloween, my glass sunroof exploded for no reason. I Googled both problems, and they are inherently VW problems, which the manufacturers will not acknowledge.

My Jetta is at the dealership now, and they are apparently mystified about the glass problem, but I will tell them about the Google search. I am very disappointed with VW.

If I don't drive the car for three or four days, it is unbelievably difficult to start. Being a diesel, I let the glow plugs warm up, but the motor struggles harshly to turn over, repeatedly.

General Comments:

Describing the drive train of the Jetta, it makes a noise that we cannot resolve. After changing the tires and the CV joints, the noise is still there. Annoying.

I won't buy another one, that is for certain.

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Review Date: 31st October, 2012

1st Nov 2012, 07:31

It's the mythical "German Engineering" that VAG products are known for. Many fall for the hype, because they do have above average handling. But fall flat in most other respects.

2006 Volkswagen Jetta TDI turbo diesel from North America


Great car, but VW does not want to stand behind the little problems


The radio buttons bubbled off and the display screen went blank about 6 months after purchasing the vehicle.

The VW dealership said they have never seen this before, and my car was the only one. Just like they told me that the Passat never had an oil sludging problem in the 4 cylinder turbo model in 2001.

VW is a great car, but the dealerships and the people who work in them are slimy!

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Review Date: 1st June, 2011

2nd Jun 2011, 04:50

I've heard way too many bad stories about the VW dealers to risk buying one. Shame really, as they seem to make some great cars, but who needs the hassle dealing with their constant denials if something goes wrong?