2006 Volkswagen Jetta Wolfsburg Edition 2.5 from North America


Strong value and pleasant to drive


No problems, but it is too early to tell. Wanted to get the ball rolling on the 06 model lines in case someone is looking for more information on them.

General Comments:

The car handles well, but is not particularly powerful. It is just adequately powered and moves down the road nicely.

It has a very taut and heavy feel to it, more so than its size would suggest.

I do not like the pedal arrangement, the entire assembly is too far to the right (or to the left for those who are right side driving I would imagine). The clutch pedal is straight down the middle of the steering wheel. There is a nice dead pedal though, oddly.

Also, the clutch and throttle don't mix well. Meaning, the pressures of the two don't match either the travel of the clutch pedal or the revving of the engine. The engine is not particularly frree reving, so I would actually like a heavier pedal to match it. You feel like you have enough throttle to launch the car in first, and as you let off the clutch you realize you are barely above idle speed and stall it. I drive manuals primarily, so its not a beginner's problem. Just feels like it.

Otherwise, the car is a good value for the money. I leased this car, and the warranty outlasts the lease by 9 months.

The Wolfsburg is a value oriented option package today, not a performance package. It comes with 16" wheels, a sunroof, "leatherette" seats that look and feel like leather, thick rubber floor mats, heated seats and mirrors, a deck spoiler, 6 CD in dash CD player, and Wolfsburg badges which are frankly not as cool as the old ones with the little castle. These just say "Wolfsburg Edition".

I am very pleased so far and drive it every day.

The seats are extremely comfortable.

The car has a "near luxury" feel to it, and the interior materials are overall very nice except the sun visors which are very cheap feeling to the touch.

The climate controls are very intuitive and easy to use.

I will update this review should I have any problems. I have found this website useful to use in the past. I am eager to see how well this car holds up over the course of the lease as I am sure many readers are.

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Review Date: 13th December, 2006

27th Dec 2006, 18:44

Very interested. Please keep site updated. Good reviews.. finally some good info rather than just "good car."

22nd Mar 2007, 07:20

I posted the original review on this model, which is actually an 07. When I originally posted it, the system would not accept 07 as an input.

I have driven 3000 miles to date. So far, I have had no problems with the car and it has seemed to break in a little, providing a bit more spirited driving. I have also taken the tachometer past 3000 to 3500 which I had not before, and it makes a huge difference in the capabilities of the 2.5 liter engine. However, it continues to be a slower revving, industrial feeling unit. If I could change one thing it would have been opting for the 2.0t engine, but the price point change is as radical as the upgrade in horsepower.

Not so for the rest of the car, which continues to be a very comfortable and pleasing car to drive. It also gets noticed, which surprised me, but was a welcome surprise nonetheless.

2006 Volkswagen Jetta 1.9 TDI from North America


The Jetta diesel is a fantastic car and a wise investment for the future


The only problem with the car is that it's too fun to drive, which hurts fuel economy.

General Comments:

From bumper to bumper, the 2006 Jetta is the best value for my money.

The interior is very well done; the engine sounds great; and the electronic stability keeps it straight on ice and snow.

This car will be in my driveway for a very long time, at least 10 years.

Although the low sulfur diesel regulations have impacted my fuel economy, some of that difference can be made up by a cetane booster, or driving slower.

The gearing is absolutely perfect for highway fuel economy.

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Review Date: 9th December, 2006

10th Dec 2006, 21:08

You know, it's not outlandish to think that someone actually likes their car and wants to write a coherent, well-thought out post and is NOT a paid poster.

Come on.

11th Feb 2011, 06:48

I thought so too, I hate how when I look for a review for a car, they are almost all bad, people claiming to be dropping $6000.00 in repairs, etc. I find all this info to be misleading, there is no way you would be spending that much in repairs and not just received a new motor or something :/

Thanks for the positive review. Despite all the bad reviews on this car, I still went out and purchased one yesterday. I hope mine is as great as yours is!

11th Feb 2011, 14:14

My Mother in Law owns one of these. Great fit and finish, nice interior, great handling, and great fuel economy. But boy is the thing a piece of junk. She made it to around 45-50,000 miles before it started having annoying problems. The intake clogged with carbon, it has had non-stop weird electrical problems, It will sometimes not start for no known reason, the windshield wiper motor went out, various engine temperature sensors go haywire, and so on and so on.

1st Feb 2015, 23:55

The 1.9 TDI is a piece of crap.