7th Jul 2007, 07:22

Update: 61,000 miles, no further issues! I still love my GLI!

19th Sep 2007, 09:30

I bought my 2006 2.0t previously owned with only 13,000 on it, I'm up to 26,000 and not a problem, not even a worry. Its Quick, gas is great, and as far as comfort goes.. its sweet. But the best feature of ALL.. HANDS DOWN... is that all you have to do is tap the window button, and it goes all the way up by itself.

26th Feb 2008, 11:33

Run out of oil?

Don't you ever check your oil???

6th Mar 2008, 13:04

I bought my '06 GLI (6-speed stick) in Aug. '06 and I just hit 27 K miles. This car is tremendously satisfying to drive and it just happens to fit me like a glove.

My combined MPG usually runs about 26 for combined city/highway driving. My oil consumption so far has been about one quart every 3 K miles or so. It uses a little more oil if I drive it hard (which is most of the time, to be honest). I check the oil once a week and I never, ever let the oil level drop lower than halfway down the shaded area of the dipstick! In other words, I have never needed to add more than 1/2 quart of oil at a time. I would have to be a complete idiot to let the oil level drop so low that the light/warning chime came on while I was driving!

The truth is, I enjoy driving this car so much that I really don't mind adding oil now and then, as long as the rest of the car doesn't start to fall apart.

BTW, I purchased the 5 year/100 K mile extended warranty with the car and I will definitely get rid of the car before this warranty expires! I've owned several water-cooled VW's before this one, and I know first-hand what happens after you cross the sacred 100 K mark!

Bottom line: Vee Dubs are more fun to drive, but the Japanese makes (Honda and Toyota in particular) hold up better in the long run and are unquestionably less expensive to service/repair.

4th Apr 2008, 14:21

Well, I guess you'd have to be a complete idiot to believe what the manufacturer tells you about the facts of the car with regards to oil changes.

Why am I spending $80 for an oil change at MOST 5000 miles? Because VW owners are stupid, including myself. Why not just buy a regular 3000 mile oil change car and pay $20? Or get a BMW and pay $80 for synthetic oil change every 15,000 miles?

I forgot to add that the turbo lag and engine "confusion" (for lack of a better word) also takes some getting used to, which at ~65,000 miles I'm still not used to it. Go 6 speed not manual if you can.

25th Sep 2008, 22:07

When you mention Engine Confusion, are you talking about what I notice on my brothers 2003 1.8T where... if you hit the gas.. but decide not to... and then re-press the pedal... it not only lags.. but sits there for at least 1-2 seconds before it realizes you re-depressed the pedal again? I'm looking at a 2009 GLI 2.0T with Autobahn package, etc.. I love the 2003 my brother has and next to my 2005 Honda Civic LX Special Edition (Sedan), the 2003 1.8T is better in almost every way, with the exception of the cup-holders being above the radio and block your vents/radio when in use. (VERY glad VW changed that design).

After all the options I came up with, MSRP is around $32k (US $) and I'm thinking I can probably get it for around $30k. This is fully loaded with all options but one or two. I have to wait 8-9 months before I can purchase (according to my wife), so I'll be looking at other vehicles, but so far the VW Jetta/GLI has been the best for the $$. I realize I could get a bigger car (Dodge Charger, Nissan Maxima, etc..) for similar $$ or possibly even less, but Something about the GLI keeps me interested. And I agree about the Window switch going up automatically... I was sad when I got back in my Civic and realized I couldn't do that : (

30th Mar 2009, 13:15

A couple of posts up, someone commented that you should "get ready to spend a fortune on tires." That right there sends me a message that some people just don't know how to drive or take care of their cars. The only reason to spend a fortune on tires is if you're peeling out at every stoplight or you buy low quality tires. The reliability of any car is all in how you treat it. Maintain it, and it will last you forever (I've a Jeep Cherokee with 210k on the clock, runs like new). Drive it like you stole it, and you will have all the issues in the world.


11th Sep 2009, 22:09

I just got a 2006 GLI, 6 speed, MT, package 2, very nice car, but the airbag light came on, can anyone tell me about this problem?