7th Feb 2008, 00:08

I have a 2001 VR6 Jetta, automatic transmission.

To all writing about the engine light coming on there was a recall in 2007 (it took them 6 years!) for them to reprogram the engine computer. Don't waste your money replacing all the oxygen sensors and catalytic converter. That is what they try to get you to do.

I had the crayon (plastic off gassing) smell too an that seem to improve when I got rid of the floor mats. The terrible moldy smell from the ac is helped by using the recirculation setting on the air vent. The temporary fix is for them to clean something in the air filter system.

The major problem with the car was the violent shifting going from 2nd to 3rd. Of course it never did it for the mechanics and it wasn't fixed until the transmission completely crapped out at 84,000 miles. They replaced it under warranty. Now at 107,000 miles (23,000 miles on replaced transmission) the transmission is shifting rough again. Now that the car is out of warranty will they replace the replacement transmission? I'll keep you posted...


7th Feb 2008, 15:47

So the MIL light went on on my 2001 Jetta GLX VR6 with about 85k miles on it. Turns out all the spark plugs and wires needed to replaced, not to mention I had the 3 recall issues repaired on it. As much "fun" as this car is, it has needed a lot of work (I bought it new) such as brakes replaced, tires replaced and yes, the smell of crayons! I thought that was unique to my Jetta. Needless to say it's going in next week for a NEW TRANSMISSION. lovely.

13th Feb 2008, 18:22

This is crazy! I have had passengers tell me that my 2001 Jetta smells like crayons too! I am used to the smell by now. I bought the car used in January 2005 and have replaced the battery, transmission, and catalytic converter. I have spent money taking it to the shop when it runs rough and idles weird, only to be told that the mechanic didn't experience that. Now I am dealing with a leak somewhere between the windshield and the roof above the front passenger seat. There was a large puddle on the floor when I got ready to drive home from work today! I see on these websites that leaks are common among volkswagens and I am so annoyed right now! I can't afford to be repairing all of these problems!

11th Mar 2008, 23:06

I bought my car back in 2004 used and since then it's been nothing, but problem after problem. I too have the crayon smell. I also had to get the engine changed out for $3,000 only a year after I bought it. There's been numerous sensors replaced, tires, broken parts (interior and exterior). It runs like a tank now and I'm in need of a new CAT... I can't wait to climb into something better...

3rd Dec 2008, 01:12

My transmission failed at 95K. An independent transmission shop suggested I try getting it repaired under the 10 year, 100 K warranty. The dealer & VW of America refused since I bought the car from my son-in-law & daughter (change of ownership = 60 K mileage limit). Naturally I filed a complaint with BBB (see your owner's manual), you too can complain. At this time that complaint is unresolved. In parallel I reported the problem to California division of motor vehicles (complaint department). They have requested a copy of the warranty, denying the claim was improper. So, now I'm searching for a copy of the VW Jetta, 2001 warranty, have a copy??

4th Jan 2009, 10:53

I have a 2001 Jetta 2.0. I have had numerous problems. I have changed the water pump which cost me a good $900. I have changed many sensors and STILL have the check engine light on with codes telling me to replace sensors I have already replaced. Now yesterday I went out to start it (after it driving completely fine the day before) and it started to shake and misfire. We haven't diagnosed the problem yet, but I am sure it will be costly cause what isn't on the VW's. If I didn't owe $2500 more than this car is worth, I would have gotten rid of it a LONG time ago. It's not worth my time, effort, or money.


5th Jan 2009, 16:37

We bought our 2001 VR6 Jetta new, and most of our problems have actually been caused by the dealership. (We've been to four, across different states.)

First, the plastics in the car are garbage. The floor vent on the left side of the passenger seat was broken from the beginning. I noticed it as we were driving off the lot.

Since then, our glove box door has had to be replaced once and is currently broken so bad that when you open it, it falls off in your hand. We open that glove box on average of three times a year. I have no idea how it breaks this easily.

The center console lid has been replaced twice and is currently broken off and sitting in our back seat. This we use frequently, but I can't understand why using it means it should break like this. We are never abusive with our stuff. And when we neglect our girl, we always take responsibility. There's just no excuse for poor plastics in a nice car that cost us 27 grand 7 years ago.

Moving on, someone hit us when they were pulling out of a street parking spot (talking on their cell phone). It wasn't a bad hit, but the dealership took a long time fixing it. After they "fixed" it, the car had minor leaking problems and much higher cabin noise from then on. A week after the fix, the car stopped working, check engine light came on. The dealership had misplaced an engine hose when fixing the car, and rubbing had caused it to sever completely.

A second car accident from hydroplaning on the turnpike did a lot more damage to our girl. The dealership kept the car for over a month, apologizing profusely. The mechanic was a really sweet guy, and I feel bad complaining, but the car came back really jacked up. The trunk lid doesn't fit squarely. The doors are slightly off. The cabin noise is bad. Just general ambient noise from driving keeps us from talking to each other sometimes.

From the beginning, the check engine light has blinked off and on for no reason. The dealership guys told us to ignore it. We couldn't three weeks ago when an ignition coil went bad. They told us we needed to replace our spark plugs at an additional $200+ dollars. I pointed out that we had just had them replaced 12,000 miles ago and certainly shouldn't need to replace them again. (Thank God for having a mechanic for a brother, eh?)

Coming home from Christmas vacation, our girl was slow to start and chuggy. The check engine light blinked on and off several times. She shuddered a bit going up a hill. Looking for instructions on how to change my spark plugs for myself, I found this page. Glad to know I'm not alone. But also glad to not have the problems of the people here. Relatively, it seems we could have faced larger problems.

I'd like to also note that we use premium gas in our car and take her for tune-ups on time. At 7 and a half years old, we have only 52,000 miles on it.

She's never left us out in the cold, and she's seen us through some rough terrain on occasion. In spite of the problems over the years, I'm obviously quite attached to her. I just wish VW would go back to making the tough, smart, reliable German machines we've come to respect. They're ruining themselves with bean counting. (That's for stupid American companies, guys. And look where it gets us. :) )