20th Mar 2007, 20:26

Well I have to say that I've read all of these negative comments on these 2001 Jetta's and I'm shocked.. I have had my 01 Jetta Vr6 since it was new and I have not had any problems at all! I still love everything about the car! Maybe it is how you maintain the vehicle.. Most of the complaints I've read have been about recalls.. I received notice on all of these recalls and had them done immediately with no problems! I will always purchase from VW and I'm a loyal customer.. I would definitely recommend the Jetta!

21st Mar 2007, 08:59

Surely a recall is good? In the UK, a recall is no bad thing - it is the manufacture admitting there is a design fault and therefore bearing the cost of rectifying the fault. In most instances a fault that can only occur over a period of time. This has to be better than saying nothing, letting the potential item break and the customer bearing the cost? PS, I think the Jetta (Bora) is great!!!

22nd Mar 2007, 13:51

Our 2001 Jetta 1.8T, purchased new, has been back to the dealer over 12 times. The seemingly infinite problems (some covered under warranty, recalls, & service bulletins, and some paid for by us) far outweighs the 'fun factor' of the Jetta. I've never had so many problems with a new car, or a used one for that matter.

12th Feb 2008, 21:55

I bought a used 2001 jetta gls 201.000 km 4 months ago and now I have 210.000 and it still runs like new no problems.

1st Apr 2009, 20:32

My 2001 Jetta has been in the shop non stop and I have in the last year replaced the catalytic converter, timing belt, water pump, window that went off the track, motor for power windows (very expensive) and CHECK ENGINE light never seems to get fixed. I have spent over $2200 in the last month for repairs and just got it back and CHECK ENGINE light on again. I will never buy VW again. My daughters older Altima has been a blessing no major repairs. The Jetta is a constant repair nightmare.