13th May 2008, 22:55

I purchased my GLI in March 2007. I now have 33000 km on the engine, and have noticed that my car is burning oil. I am less than one week away from my first major maintenance, and am not happy that my dipstick is reading low. However, my car didn't start to noticeably burn oil until I was over 20000 km. Over the past 14 months, I have had my stereo bass volume dramatically increase as I am decelerating (and this is not due to a settings), squeaking/rattle in my dash, and the concern with the oil. This is the 2nd Volkswagen we have owned, and these issues are minor compared to our 2000 Golf TDI. Not sure if I will purchase another Volkswagen, but I wasn't sold on the Acura TSX either.

26th May 2008, 04:29

Regarding oil consumption. I had this problem once and it turned out it was due to improper installation of the oil filter. The VW service center I went to was horrible. The people didn't even know where the pollen filter was located.

So I drove back to Western NY leaking oil the whole way. Luckily the service another VW dealer is amazing. They fixed the problem and only charged me for the oil, no labor. I normally change my oil ever 5000 miles, which is actually indicated on the service list from the VW site. I thought it was every 10k too at first, but go check it out, the service list says 5k. Even though the oil is rated for 10k.

Other problems with the car... Airbag light came on around 35k. I am having a problem with the driver door not locking using the remote. Having that fixed now, all under warranty. Sometimes the electronic start doesn't turn over the first time in the cold or damp. Always works on the second try, I'm not sure why.

If your going to drive yours in the snow, get snow tires. The all season that the car comes with are not really all season.

14th Oct 2008, 21:22

Bought a 2006 GLI new. Almost 30 k on it and I'd say it's been "decent." I like the car a lot but not too impressed with longevity of build quality. I use it for commuting/visiting clients, and subsequently it generally has just a driver and a bag in it, no passengers. Very little interior wear and tear (leather). Despite this, the rear seat has started to completely fall apart. Within the first two months it went in to the dealer three times for not starting. The problem appeared mostly when the weather was very cold or very hot... No real problem resolution.. I live with it. The airbag cable broke under the seat (common VW problem) and that took days for them to fix (incompetent service personnel).

The O2 sensor had to be replaced. Rear brake lights go out every few months.

These issues have all been fairly minor although a "creaking" noise out of the front suspension from day 1 has never been pleasant, and it's been in to get that checked out several times. Always with a "could not duplicate" response from VW.

Just this week I have noticed the fan on the engine (I think) has become very loud and rattles. I first felt it through vibrations on my leg which was touching the interior near the gear shift it was that bad. Lately the car seems to be a bit less responsive and the gears (6 speed manual) seem a bit "spongy."

All in all I really like the GLI. But given that it's had such an easy existence so far, and all these weird quirks are popping up, it's making me wonder if I shouldn't change my original plans to make this a "long timer."

The general unavailability of service appointments with dealers, and the way they "rush" through things is a turn off too. I've had a couple of other Jettas in the past, and don't recall it being that way. I guess the brand wasn't as popular back then...

All in all a good car, great to drive and all around pleasant to own. I expected it to be more resilient in the "wear and tear" department.

Reliability might be a bit dubious at this point though. I hope not...

I don't regret buying it, and hope to keep it as a reliable and pleasant daily driver for several more years.

20th Oct 2008, 20:04

I have a 2006 Jetta 2.0T with DSG since August'06. It's coming up on 48,000kms (30,000miles). In terms of drivability, it's the best I've had. Great power and handling, fun to drive, and I like the quality of the interior.

In terms of dependability, I've had better. Nothing dramatic but annoying for a $30,000 new car. Besides an annoying rattle coming from inside the dash since I've had it, an ignition coil needed to be replaced at about 40,000kms-25,000miles (under warranty), the brakes don't last long (rear pads replaced at 32,000kms-10,000miles) and I recently realized it guzzles oil like crasy. Over the last few days, the oil warning light came on 3 times while cornering and then turned off. When I checked the oil, the dip stick was clean. I added over 2 quarts of oil before finally getting a reading on the stick. My neighbor has a 2.0T Passat and he has the same problem with the oil on his.

I've never had a car use oil that fast and that includes a 12 year old diesel Passat with over 350,000kms on it. From what I'm told VW thinks this is normal.

I'm having second thoughts as to long term dependability of this vehicle and I'm glad it's a lease. I guess the reliability issues aren't a thing of the past at VW after all.

24th Nov 2008, 14:56

I've had my 2006 GLI with DSG transmission since it was brand new. Initially is had no problems, I had a few minor issues including a door lock that didn't work and an airbag light that came on. Today I was driving and the car just turned off! I put it in neutral and restarted and drove, then the same thing happened again within 1 minute. I had minor starting issues in the past with the car. I would have to turn the key and let the electronics turn on before starting the car or it would not turn over. I tried to have the dealer look at this but it would never do it when I brought it in so it was never addressed. Any one else have a simlar issue?

13th Jan 2009, 14:42

I have a 2006 VW GLI 2.0T, I love the car and have since I bought it.. I also have had the oil light come on in cornering, but this also only happens when I am cornering real hard, and am close to another oil change.. The only real problem that I have had recently is just about 2yrs and 1month my turbo blew, it was covered under warranty, but then 1 month later it went out again.. And then last night, I believe it died again, so this will be #3 turbo. The only mods I have is a cold air intake and exhaust.. I have already contacted the cold air intake company, and they can 100% prove (if need be) that their product is not causing the turbo failure. Some people are telling me to get involved in the Lemon Law.. I'm not sure at this point, but some thing has got to be fixed with this damn turbo.